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  1. Ronbo

    BOGO Free

    Anyone taking advantage of the Buy One Get One free companion promotion from Amtrak? That being said, I have one companion coupon that is available also. Expires 03/30/19. PM me if interested.
  2. Unfortunate encounter, but I agree, sometimes it is just better to FUHGEDDABOUTIT and move on!
  3. I am curious why you booked the way that you did. Seems like it would be best, maybe less expensive, to just get a Roomette all the way from CHI-GJT? Plus you would get three meals! , and wouldn’t have to switch back and forth between Coach and Room?
  4. All trains into and out of Chicago have been cancelled for at least today and tomorrow because of the severe weather conditions. COLD!!!
  5. So sorry about your current situation! Hope everything works out well for you guys. I was really looking forward to future posts about your journey here in the USA. However....life is like a box of chocolates!
  6. CJK

    Check your messages. I would really like this. 

  7. Ronbo

    10 Companion Coupons available

    Upgrade coupon has been taken, still have one Companion coupon up for grabs! Come on down!
  8. Ronbo

    10 Companion Coupons available

    I have one upgrade, one companion coupon...PM me, first come first served. Expire 03/30/19!
  9. Looks like you might see some snow traveling through New Mexico and Arizona! Hope you’re having a Merry Christmas on the Southwest Chief!
  10. Ronbo

    Need advice on NJ to Rhinecliff/Rhinebeck

    Why don’t you do the booking together, that way she will learn how if she ever wants to do it herself in the future?
  11. How does one go about finding good deals on cruising? Is there a way to get listings of numerous choices in one place, or is it necessary to check out all the individual cruise ship companies?
  12. Here’s an idea if you’re going to stay in the Los Angeles area longer....go to Long Beach and check out the Queen Mary ship there, take a boat ride to Catalina Island. Maybe get to do some whale watching that way, apparently the best time is January thru March. Tours are available from Catalina.
  13. Ronbo

    Denver to LAX

    Here’s another possible itinerary...CZ from Denver to either Sacramento or Davis, overnight there. Next day, Coast Starlight to San Luis Obispo, overnight there, then The Pacific Surfliner to Los Angeles. If you’ve got the time maybe two nights in SLO , with a day trip over to the coast at Moro Bay. Nice! Book it Dan O❗
  14. I realize that this thread was originally about the AGR CC, but I thought that l would add this as more info. Maybe I should start a new topic.
  15. I just read a couple of posts on another board (TO). Two persons said that their AGR Points accounts had been compromised, once where someone was trying to use their account to buy Amtrak gift cards.