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  1. KnightRail

    Kingston, RI Track 3

    It is currently and has been in service for quite some time now. Operating conditions just don’t warrant its regular use at the moment. When operations are running smoothly there’s really no need to put a train over there under the present timetable. It also has a much lower maximum speed, want to say 45mph, but don’t have a book accessible right now.
  2. KnightRail

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    The answer is yes, confirmed by a post/photo on Metra’s official FB page. One of the ex-Cascades units was photographed as the trailing unit on a test train. It retained its Cascade’s brown and off white colors but the green was covered over with Surfliner blue and then patch logo-ed like the other units done so far.
  3. KnightRail

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    That sounds right. 458 is one of five still on the West coast.
  4. KnightRail

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    *Unconfirmed* new METRA numbers: 73(450) — Retired, METRA Patched Surfliner 74(451) 75(452) 76(453) 77(454) — Retired, METRA Patched Surfliner 78(455) 79(456) 80(457) — Retired 81(458) 82(459) 83(460) 84(461)— Retired, METRA Patched Surfliner 85(462) 86(463) 87(464) 88(465) — Retired 89(466) 90(467) — Retired 91(468) — Retired 92(469) 93(470) — Retired
  5. KnightRail

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    None of the six Cascades F59PHI remain in the Pacific Northwest. Only six of the fifteen Surfliner units remain in California. The rest have all assembled in the Chicago area. Multiple have been retired and stricken from the roster. One or more are already in the hands of Metra and/or Progress Rail. Their retirement is moving right along.
  6. Don’t drink the trainDISorders kool-aid, it’s toxic. Total fake news, as usual.
  7. 1st off, the discussion about a certain member’s posting activity or lack there of is extremely inappropriate, unprofessional, and uncalled for. What’s even more disconcerting is that those comments have been allowed to stay here and haven’t been deleted. No member should have a spotlight shined on them like that for simply not posting. The real answer is ITS NONE OF YOUR BUSINESS. MYOB! For the silent majority who’s benefit is reuined by the obnoxious few, Tomorrow: Dover & Frankfort
  8. KnightRail

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    Metras FB page on Thursday shared a photo of the first F59PHI patched with Metra logos and was renumbered 84. It is an ex-Surfliner unit but not exactly sure what its former number was.
  9. KnightRail

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    I have been informed by someone that all Acela Trains during the Thanksgiving period will have assigned seating. Perhaps this is what youre seeing? That is correct about the Thanksgiving period, those should already be turned on in availability. November 19th is the day the launch of the Acela First class program should be completed and in full force.
  10. KnightRail

    Seat assignments (Acela pilot Feb 2018)

    November 19th should be the first day where 100% of Acela trains will have assigned first class seating.
  11. KnightRail

    Boston South Station

    Renovations were already in the pipeline. The burst pipe fast tracked those plans. Seems the goal is to try to have the new Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge ready for the Thanksgiving rush.
  12. KnightRail

    Boston South Station

    There was word that when reopened, there would also be a name change and rebranding. That is all but confirmed now as the Club Acela signage has been replaced with Amtrak Metropolitan Lounge.
  13. KnightRail

    Amtrak Equipment for Sale 2018

    All Horizions listed have defects such as strike damage, freeze damage, derailment damage, etc. None are revenue service ready. P40s, unknown what kind of trucks they are even on now. Years ago when there was a truck shortage, they were all robbed of their trucks to keep P42s in service and were placed on shop trucks. Those have been sitting for many years. Total overhauls needed to get those in service. Similar situation for the F40s. Years ago it was publicly known that there was desire to keep retired operational passenger equipment out of other operators hands. This still seems to be the case with no heritage diners offered. The parlor cars being an exception since their application is so limited. They are high level, needing a transition car to use with any other single level equipment. They are not ADA compliant or wheelchair accessible. Most other offerings like the baggage cars are maybe candidates for work trains or for scrap.
  14. You are thinking of the new baggage-dorms, which are half baggage car and half crew dorm (eight roomettes). I don't know exactly what a "secure cage" is, but the bag-dorms seem just as secure as a full baggage car. Translation: Gun locker