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  1. BuffaloBoy

    Late Trains, one major cause

    I fail to see your point?
  2. BuffaloBoy

    Best route Minneapolis to Reno in winter

    I am assuming you are driving an older bus?
  3. I went through this very same situation back in April. Same exact itinerary. I had to call to make the reservation and received it. http://discuss.amtraktrains.com/index.php?/topic/72647-slc-ftw/
  4. BuffaloBoy

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Relax, go have some dinn-dinn!
  5. BuffaloBoy

    Buying Sleeper space onboard...

    On one of my many trips to Virginia from SLC about 5 years ago I asked a conductor on #6 about a sleeper upgrade and he looked at me like I must be from outer space! He just said "no", I never tried again.
  6. BuffaloBoy

    CZ #5 and #6

    Anybody have any idea why the 5 and 6 are 11 and 12 hours late? It appears something happened in Colorado
  7. BuffaloBoy

    Which would you take? SWC or CZ?

    Definitely the CZ! I have ridden it numerous times at different times of the year and it is always spectacular no matter the weather or season. I am biased of course but I would sure love to ride the SWC as I have never had the pleasure!
  8. BuffaloBoy

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    Restricted speed and just doing the math, the situation we are talking about could not have happened.
  9. BuffaloBoy

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    This is the train that was 5 and backed backed to Grand Junction. It is possible that it did run in that reverse order all the way back to Denver. I'm not sure why it was not turned in Denver since there are ample tracks in the yards to allow a reversal. Just my opinion as to how bizarre this whole thing was: The logical conclusion would be that they ran the power around the train in Helper yard as it is large enough to do so. Backing a passenger train or any train that distance wouldn't be something I surely would want to do as a conductor and would probably protest an order to do so.
  10. BuffaloBoy

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    Perhaps due to the difficulty of containment/control, growth speed, and proximity to trackage. The nearest fire to Helper is 30-40 miles from Helper but it is windy so maybe you are right that it could travel fast. Also, GJT station is closed at that time of night, would someone be called to reopen?
  11. BuffaloBoy

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    I am looking at a map of current fires in Utah and do not understand why they would send the train all the way back to Grand Junction from Helper?
  12. BuffaloBoy


    I would be very interested to hear your feedback when you take your first long distance train trip! Welcome!
  13. Just out of curiosity; if the guaranteed connection is missed in Fort Worth and it is too late to transport by bus or limo, what hotel or hotels does Amtrak use?
  14. Right this very moment the #21 at San Marcos is almost 6 hrs late and the #22 at Marshall is almost 4 hours late, so anything can happen at any time!
  15. BuffaloBoy

    Guess who's coming to dinner?

    My most memorable dining experience was with a Mennonite couple and their family surrounding us. A great conversation and they even came out to hang with me at the smoke stops (dirty smoker that I am)! They were just as curious about me as I was about them. That was a definite feel good trip.