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  1. I renewed in November and had the same thing happen, despite seeing the points listed on the page where I selected the membership level!
  2. nti1094

    #1 LAX Arrival

    Also it is up to the sleeping car attendants to turn up and make the beds with new linen for the train so it has that ready to go for its turn. I guess the car cleaners do not make the beds.
  3. I guess that’s what you get with the design by committee (PRIIA) I just hope the high boarding and trap doors don’t slow the boarding process to the point of hurting running times. There is no way in hell BNSF or UP will allow high platforms without gauntlet tracks, and I don’t see the state spending that kind of capital. Not to mention incompatibility with everything west of Chicago.
  4. nti1094

    Winter Park Ski Train Experience

    I was on the express the first weekend it ran this season and enjoyed the enthusiasm and friendliness of the staff. When the conductor scanned our tickets (3 of us on same itinerary) he paused and asked which of us was the 3 star Amtrak customer. I guess that was a reference to my guest rewards level? He thanked me and shook my hand. I never had that happen before or even knew they had that happen before. On the Sunday return I was sure they would shove the late running Zephyr ahead of us but they held them at Frasier and hurried us on board at at Winter Park so they could get into the tunnel and off the mainline. The Zephyr chased us all the way into Denver, as we zig zagged down under the tunnel district I caught glimpses of it heading opposite directions every switchback. It wasn’t completely sold out, but very full. I really enjoyed the narration and commentary from the volunteers and even the conductor. I actually learned a few things I had missed on my many previous trips on that line.
  5. A conductor on Wednesday’s Sunset Limited complained about the baggage cars being removed from some trains. I pointed out that I noticed that they were very lightly used and he said that people are checking less bags than before, but are starting to bring more and more unboxed bikes on the train to hand up to the conductor in the baggage car. He also complained that the extra distance away from the loco made for a quieter and more pleasant ride with less diesel fumes. I personally have not had a problem with the fumes but I can say that a recent trip down on the CONO in the dorm car was very noisy, and I usually barely notice the horn. He was under the impression that it was a seasonal change and that they would be back, or at least he was told they would. But he also said that it would not matter if that was the case or not, they always say that and rarely restore cuts or keep them in the loop. I had forgotten about the bike access changes made recently, but when I think about it I recall seeing many bikes being passed up to baggage cars in Chicago. Nothing like the numbers in California, but a lot more than I expected. That is a good reason to keep the cars on all long distance trains I feel.
  6. nti1094

    Why do they call them "motors?"

  7. nti1094

    Sunset Limited canceled (2/25/19)

    On my recent trip on the sunset, the crew heard rumors that the train would be out for two months for major UP track work.
  8. nti1094

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    I have heard that they are a little better than genesis locomotives and that it has a lot to do with choices made in emissions management that offloaded some of the hit in efficiency, mainly the after exhaust treatment of urea to almost eliminate NOX emissions. It was a design choice that made the engine more efficient and less complex, at the slight additional cost of frequent light maintenance (refilling the urea reserve tank) I’m sure that cycle is about as frequent as refilling sand, so it can’t be that bad. I wonder if they will just let an engine go out of it isn’t done or is it bad-ordered? From my understanding it’s not mechanically required to operate, it’s an after treatment. I guess that depends on local air quality regulations. Just for reference the genesis locomotive use about 2.2 gallons of fuel for one mile on average across the amtrak system. It’s in their detailed monthly reports, and since until recently their fleet was homogenous a pretty good average. The p-32DM’s only drop their overrunning shoe a few hundred feet from Penn Station (all of MNCR territory is under running) the electric pickup has a negligible benefit to overall efficiency. If I remember from seeing them, the NJT dual modes actually power down the prime mover when switching to the pantograph. I should also add that, although I think they are all gone by now, the P-42 is 4250 HP, the first Genesis locos (P-40) 250 HP less... And P-32DM 3,200 in all diesel mode. I have heard the F-40’s gulped a third to half more in fuel. They were older and things improve, and also in providing HEP they had to run at a constant high RPM whereas the Genesis locos throttle down. That alone save a lot of fuel. As much as the Genesis made for more quiet running, I noticed at Hanford a couple of days ago as the train pulled at accelerating rapidly you could barely hear it as more than a gently idling engine as it passed me while pushing the train south towards bakersfield. I would even say it was more pleasant than the sci-fi like noise you get from inverters and rectifiers and other electrical noise on some electric motors now days. (yes despite amtrak’s own press, electric engines are “motors” and not “locomotives.” Those are very specific terms and not interchangeable. Even more specifically, old timers call themselves “motormen” not “engineers.”)
  9. nti1094

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    Hahahahahaha.... tumbleweeds and shopping carts! Any idea just how and why tumbleweeds are an issue with the plow? Also just what kind of design differences are there for primarily handling snow as opposed to any general debris? I always figured it was all good as long as the plow doesn’t totally fail like that junk metrolink got from Hyundai-Rotem. Except in that one in a million circumstance like the Bourbonnais CONO tragedy, a plow should never fail.
  10. That said, I would add that actually the brightline trainsets are uniquely comfortable compared to any single level stock in American railroad history. And they even seem spacious and uncluttered inside. It helps however to not have to lug stuff up and down a trap.
  11. Wow... so sad because I fear the end of the bi-level era is at hand. I can fondly remember as a child using the Amfleet equipped San Joaquins and being in awe at the sight of superliners at 16th and Wood. To me those were the “real” trains. Nothing beats the smoothness and the visibility from up there. To me the worst ride on any train is found on Talgo trains. Aside from not riding comfortably, especially on American track, sitting that low just feels wrong. we should fully take advantage of the asset we have in American railroad infrastructure, what with its near-universal H, F, or even K loading guages.
  12. Link to article: http:// https://www.crainsnewyork.com/icymi/amtrak-falls-below-trump-governors-pecking-order My thoughts on this: While Amtrak’s gross mismanagement of the NJHSIP among other examples does no favors for them, letting a Trump appointee manage any project is an invitation for corruption and cronyism. At least there is discussion on this, better than in the recent past.
  13. nti1094

    Amtrak Equipment for Sale 2018

    It sees Amtrak is planning to sell surplus equipment including the old santa fe high level lounges! http://trn.trains.com/sitefiles/resources/image.aspx?item={AF1D1ADA-E66A-4917-B40E-BE933F24599B}'> http://trn.trains.com/sitefiles/resources/image.aspx?item={AF1D1ADA-E66A-4917-B40E-BE933F24599B}
  14. nti1094

    Amtrak Coach Safety Concern

    About 3 years ago while traveling coach from NYC to Toledo my travel companion (sitting aisle) had his iphone stolen while we slept. The crew said it was almost unheard of, but it happened.
  15. Last September I rode the TE from Dallas to Los Angeles, and we had a regular full menu diner right from Dallas. When did this get replaced by the CCC?