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  1. Looking at Amtrak's train status page, train number 8 has arrived in Seattle on time and even early over the last three days. Winter weather on the Northern Plains can play Havoc with the schedule and having an extra day in Seattle might be your best bet. If you're going to try to make travel on the same day, be sure to have travel insurance to cover the cost of your flights if you are delayed.
  2. Although I have made several trips on Amtrak LD trains to the west, next week will be our first time to New Orleans from Chicago -round trip in sleeper. Any thoughts, comments or advice is appreciated. Thanks
  3. mlant552

    Question about Empire Builder

    Agree with Maglev, you can spend time in the observation car and see all directions.
  4. With a 6 p.m. departure, do you have dinner served that night on board leaving Los Angeles?
  5. mlant552

    Southwest Chief

    6PM departure in sleeper from LA, I am wondering if I will have dinner on board or should I dine before we depart?
  6. Make that Fargo, North Dakota Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  7. Looking for any information in and around Fargo South Dakota area. Heading west out of Fargo to
  8. My daughter boarded, says train is very crowded due to reduced number of coaches? Any info? Sent from my SAMSUNG-SM-G920A using Amtrak Forum mobile app
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    Empire Builder MKE-PDX late October

    Thanks for the info.
  10. mlant552

    Empire Builder MKE-PDX late October

    That would be great!
  11. mlant552

    Empire Builder MKE-PDX late October

    Thanks, I will. Never traveled west of Whitefish Mt.
  12. Going coach, it's been a few years since my last trip on #7. Crowded? Any new twists or issues I might want to be aware of? Thanks
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    I am arriving on CS late in evening. Plan to take Fly away shuttle to airport in AM. Is area around Union Station safe at night? Any cheap lodging recommendations? Thanks