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  1. ParanoidAndroid

    Business Class in the west?

    I think you're talking about the one Superliner car in between the other Surfliner cars. That car is now *sometimes* in business class now. In recent times, I've only had it be in business, though a few times it's in coach.
  2. What if, for an early morning shift (say NE Regional 190 or Pacific Surfliner 759), one of the key employees like the engineer sleeps in and doesn't show up on time? I'd doubt there's just an idle engineer sitting around the station at 3 or 4am, and I don't know what else they'd do.
  3. ParanoidAndroid

    Bend, Oregon?

    I'm dreaming/thinking/considering a trip to Bend using the bus from Chemult. What are some fun things to do around town besides the Deschutes River and the nearby Pilot Butte? I won't have a car then, so I can't go far outside of town. By the way, does Chemult have anything to do in it?
  4. https://www.ridecabin.com/ There's now on overnight bus from LA to San Franfrisco at a moderate price. It's time for Amtrak to step it up and bring back the Spirit of California. Preferably from San Diego to Sacramento along the coastal route.
  5. Wonder if there would be support if it ran daily or even better twice daily on mirror schedules? Everything would be more popular if there were more frequencies!
  6. Wow. I did not think a 1/2 inch of rain from a dying hurricane could flood a place or kill anyone!
  7. https://asm.transitdocs.com/train/2018/10/3/4 By analyzing the train tracker data I linked above, it stopped for 8 hours just past a crossing west of Kingman, and that's also where a siding is located, so I'm speculating that (1) it ran someone over there (and possibly a fatality, because it was delayed for so long), or (2) a freight train broke down there. It had the same issue in Seligman, where it got delayed 4 more hours. It then sat in Gallup, NM for an hour and a half, then got delayed another 2 hours (minus some padding) into Albuquerque. Go figure, probably a crossing incident or a broken down freight train, possibly multiple, and regular train traffic of course. Another member will probably have the real cause of the delay. I doubt it's inclement weather, it only rained a little bit that week in the area. Also, if you didn't know this already, note that this is just a forum for Amtrak riders and enthusiasts, and isn't affiliated or endorsed or supported or whatever by Amtrak itself.
  8. ParanoidAndroid

    New Canadian Schedule Effective 6/26

    Take a look! The westbound 1 has been many hours late the past week or so! The new schedule doesn't seem to be helping on some runs that much. https://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2018-10-05 https://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2018-10-02 https://reservia.viarail.ca/tsi/GetTrainStatus.aspx?l=en&TsiCCode=VIA&TsiTrainNumber=1-&TrainInstanceDate=2018-09-30 1. Originating Toronto on Oct 2 is currently 13.5 hours late in Alberta. As far I see, this is the latest of the trains in the past week. 2. Originating Toronto on Sept 29 arrived Vancouver 8:45 late, even with all the padding 3. Originating Toronto on Sept 27 arrived Vancouver 4.5 hours late. Delays mostly occurred in Alberta. This seems to be just starting recently, but I fear another cycle of "Oh, let's lengthen the schedule again" after having done that a few times already by significant amounts. Combined that with the horribler schedule coming up, this just might be the last straw for the Canadian. Or at least among the last few straws. As long distance trains are in the Americas.
  9. ParanoidAndroid

    Railway Age Article: "The Amtrak Era is Over"

    We'd need Amtrak to overthrow the government and seize all the railroads for a UK-style train system to happen.
  10. ParanoidAndroid

    SW Chief odd Train Number

    I think the Kingman stop before the change is 12:28am, but 11:28pm after, so that'd mean an Amtrak 3 would depart Kingman twice in a day, so the second is numbered 1003. Trains 1, 2, and 4 don't have this problem because they don't have a stop in Arizona between 12am and 1am before the time change.
  11. ParanoidAndroid

    Amtrak Ending Service to Carlsbad Village (CBV)?

    They still stop pretty frequently through Orange County at Irvine, Santa Ana, Anaheim, and Fullerton though. Carlsbad Poinsettia would be a nice middle point between Solana Beach and Oceanside, which are 20 mins apart by car (15 by train).
  12. ParanoidAndroid

    Which would you take? SWC or CZ?

    The lounge has bigger windows, so I'd try to do that either way.
  13. ParanoidAndroid

    California Zephyr still running three sleepers after Labor Day

    If I can be cynical, then what if they're stealing sleeper cars from the SWC to depress its ridership, this giving them more evidence to be able to mess with the SWC?
  14. ParanoidAndroid

    Surfliner Business Class Questions

    You could have just bought a Coaster ticket at the station. Coaster is the local commuter rail service. Amtrak accepts Coaster tickets between San Diego and Oceanside on 561/1761, 567/1567, 573, 595, 584, 590/1588, 792, and 796 (not kidding). You won't get business class, but it's a whole lot cheaper at $5.50 one way.
  15. ParanoidAndroid

    San Diego Question

    They seem to change the stuff in the box every once in a while which is nice.