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  1. Perhaps not on these two particular trains, but if you've never been on a train that encountered a severe sunkink you'll never know what a violent sideways motion can be like. This is most common in the Summer on Western routes with long stretches of straight track. Here's what a sunkink looks like:
  2. niemi24s

    Choosing Roomettes on SWC

    And precisely where can that Amtrak policy (stating that all Roomettes available for a particular booking at a particular point in time are priced at the same bucket level) be found - in writing. As far as I'm concerned, if nobody can provide a reference to that written policy then it's nothing more than a verbal policy (at the very best) and as such is no better than a whim of the agent on the phone.
  3. niemi24s

    Writers' Residencies

    Not only do you need social media skills but it looks like a big part of winning a free trip will be having a huge number of followers: Looks like the winners will be Millenials with thumbs worn down to the bone from tapping on their PDA's every waking hour.
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    New to railroading (Questions)

    This website is useful in taking the mystery out of railroad connections: FRA Safety Map Another good source is a topographic map as found here: Topo Maps
  5. niemi24s

    New to railroading (Questions)

    Here's a link to the Amtrak Route Map: https://www.amtrak.com/content/dam/projects/dotcom/english/public/documents/Maps/Amtrak-System-Map-1018.pdf Once upon a time there was a printed catalog of just about everything there was to know about Amtrak and the 11 X 16 inch route map it contained was annotated with page numbers that identified the train and showed its timetable (aka, schedule). But that printed version was discontinued a little over a year ago and replaced by a PDF version - which was discontinued a few weeks ago. The newcomer to train travel in the US now has to Google up the route map and use the Amtrak home page to see the timetables/schedules.
  6. Thanks for that correction. Not sure how I got its crew size mixed up with its length. <blush>
  7. niemi24s

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    Welcome to AU, Ray! It certainly is a breath of fresh air to see someone who's assertions are backed up by sound empirical data.
  8. Pier 35, in the background of your image, is listed as one of the two cruise terminals on the Vacations To Go website, and from the 2019 schedule... ttps://sfport.com/sites/default/files/Cruises/Docs/2019.pdf ...it appears to be used only when there are too many ships for Pier 27 to handle. Of the 88 dockings this year, Pier 35 is used for for only 12. But the entry door to Pier 35 is only about 375 yards from Thruway bus stop SFW.
  9. It might be best for you, but many folks taking cruises have mobility or other health issues. A 950 yard walk for an octagenarian with COPD and a bad hip dragging a big 50 pound suitcase is not something to look forward to. Just sayin"
  10. Thanks for all the info. Looks like the best choice for link between a cruise and Amtrak either way is some combination of Thruway stop SFW and a taxi of some sort. I'll modify the image in the first post to show that.
  11. niemi24s

    Amtrak website glitch

    Thanks for confirming my suspicion. <sigh>
  12. niemi24s

    New Menus on #8

    Sounds like you are somehow intimately familiar with the preparation methods of the thousands and thousands of restaurants that serve French Toast? Or are you just. . . . . .or, never mind.
  13. As big as that one (the Star Princess) seems, it's actually a small to medium-sized cruise ship for about 2600 passengers and 951' long. On April 30th the Norwegian Cruise line ship Bliss is scheduled to pay a visit there and it's 80% 15% longer at 1,716' 1094" and can carry 4,000 passengers. But back to the map. I had initially thought the map below (showing city bus routes) would be more useful to forum members cruising in or out of San Francisco, but then had second thoughts. I think most folks going on a cruise usually have at least one huge suitcase in tow and a city bus might not be the best choice to get from a Thruway bus stop to the cruise terminal. But then again, maybe the buses that do Routes E and F are like the big intra-city buses with cavernous luggage compartments at ground level. But never having been to San Francisco, I've no real idea. And not knowing whether buses E & F enter the terminal area so as to drop passengers off right at the terminal (as opposed to dropping them off outside the terminal area at street side) perhaps a taxi from the SFW Thruway stop might be the best way to do it. Q: Anybody know if the buses on Routes E & F have street-level luggage compartments? Or if they drop off passengers right at the terminal building on the pier? [edit] Just stumbled across this that shows the bus going right to the terminal building. But I wonder if it really does. https://moovitapp.com/?from=Beach St. %26 The Embarcadero&amp;to=Pier 27&amp;fll=37.808383_-122.40968&amp;tll=37.804618_-122.401383&amp;customerId=4908&amp;metroId=22&amp;lang=en&amp;ref=1
  14. In an effort to familiarize myself with the locations of Thruway bus stops and Cruise Terminals I annotated a map showing the layouts of the three remaining bus stops and the two piers used as cruise terminals. Others not familiar with the area may find it useful: Pier 27 seems to be the one most suitable for cruises according a Google search. Please let me know of any errors or omissions. [Edit: Note: Original image modified to show the the best way to get to Pier 27 based on subsequent responses.]
  15. niemi24s

    Emeryville to SFO

    According to the BART Map, the Red Line is still there but it doesn't go to SFO (according to the map). It gets close to SFO, but only the Yellow Line goes right to SFO. But all I know about BART is what's on that map. Maybe the map's wrong or maybe I don't know how to read it.