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  1. Woodcut60

    10 month old in dining car?

    She's super cute. I would probably plan to hold her on your lap for the duration of the meal. I do hope she has table manners
  2. Woodcut60

    L' Enfant Plaza - flag stop?

    Ah, that's interesting information. Thanks!
  3. I'd start by taking the California Zephyr westbound rather than flying to San Francisco, and the Empire Builder eastbound. I'd also take the Coast Starlight northbound (Emeryville-Seattle) to make it an all-train trip. Enjoy! I did this in 2012 and 2014 respectively.
  4. Woodcut60

    India trip report now updated

    As always Ed, a fantastic and well written trip report with a lot of humour. Love the photographs. I don't think I'll ever ride the Indian trains. All those crowded places and as you said, "no personal space" is very off-putting.
  5. When I was there in May 2012 I had more than enough time to visit the small shop in the station building.
  6. Very nice trip report, and great photography! Love it.
  7. Woodcut60

    Car Attendants

    Every time I've been in a Sleeping Car there's been an SCA in every single car. I've never seen one working the whole train. And I have never seen Coach Attendants on short or medium trains, only on long-distance trains.
  8. Woodcut60

    Pepsi Can?

    Nice pictures!
  9. Woodcut60

    Engineer or Driver?

    When I visited the National Museum of American History in Washington, DC, I learned that the strict hierarchy on board American trains was inherited from the steamboats and ocean liners in the 19th Century. I find that an interesting fact. In Dutch the locomotive engineer is called ‘machinist’. In Swedish he/she is ‘lokförare’. The conductor in Dutch is ‘conducteur’ and in Swedish ‘tågvärd’ (literally, ‘train host’).
  10. Woodcut60

    The Naming of Trains

    Who came up with all the names of the North American trains? I know that Amtrak inherited a lot of names from the freight railroad companies pre-1971, and I also know that e.g. the Missouri River Runner’s name was the result of a competition. And that the Southwest Chief was a result of merging the names Southwest Limited and Super Chief. I’m interested in the history of all those romantic names. Has this disappeared in the mists of Time or do we actually know where all these names came from, as well as when in the history of the railroads? It would be nice to have a comprehensive thread where the origin and history of the names is being discussed.
  11. @cirdan: Interesting! Thanks for posting.
  12. Thought this might be of interest to some of you. And a question: Are there any stations like this in North America? https://interestingengineering.com/this-train-station-doesnt-access-railway
  13. Woodcut60

    #5/6 - Why EMY instead of OKJ?

    Love this thread. Lots of interesting historic information. Thank you!
  14. Well, if this is ever to materialize, I'd be the first to buy a ticket... I'd love to be able to take a train to Las Vegas.
  15. Woodcut60

    Which would you take? SWC or CZ?

    I'd go for the California Zephyr, for all the reasons mentioned above, but I must say, I had a marvelous time on the Southwest Chief as well.