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  1. As long as the train is in a standard configuration, yes the locomotive is on the front when outbound from LAUPT.
  2. If you are facing the locomotive, sit on the right hand side of the car. North of LA, sit on the left side of the car.
  3. So from what I can see, the sidings of marcel and walong were connected, but walong hasn’t been connected to woodford with double track yet.
  4. CCC1007

    Unsold sleepers

    Up until a few years ago, they were sold onboard at a deep discount, and that was very useful.
  5. The other option I can think of for this case would be 10001 Beech Grove, the wreck rebuild that was set up as an office car, made out of an amfleet car.
  6. CCC1007

    Current consist of 48/49?

    I wasn’t aware that Amtrak had any droids in service...
  7. Sorry, you don't get to see the ocean at all on the Starlight north of SLO? I thought it ran next to the water for a pretty good chunk of the ride up to the Bay Area...? The bay area waterline running isn't the ocean, it is along some of the bays in the area. Yeah, I get that. What I meant is that out of the 11 hour run from LAX to EMY, I thought that you got to see the ocean for at least three or four. I wasn't saying that I thought you got to say the ocean from the train in the Bay Area. Does that make any sense? It does, though the area south of SLO is the only portion that has open pacific ocean running. Since the Santa Barbara to San Louis Obispo section is about 3 hours, and there are sections of ocean running south of Santa Barbara, there are more than 3 hours of pacific ocean views.
  8. Sorry, you don't get to see the ocean at all on the Starlight north of SLO? I thought it ran next to the water for a pretty good chunk of the ride up to the Bay Area...? The bay area waterline running isn't the ocean, it is along some of the bays in the area.
  9. CCC1007

    Last printed system timetable

    Like this? https://asm.transitdocs.com/train/2018/10/25/8'> https://asm.transitdocs.com/train/2018/10/25/8
  10. Even if there were an extra Superliner coach or sleeper in San Antonio, the passengers on #422 still wouldn't be on it. I guess people traveling exclusively west of San Antonio wouldn't be affected, but Eagle pax would still be screwed.They could be put on a bus to make the connection...
  11. CCC1007

    Dear Mr Anderson

    You're absolutely blowing my mind right now. And not in the good way either. Your timetable reading skills are almost non existent. Considering you missed an entire timetable that covers only WAS-NYP. There are 6 trains that start in NYP and go to WAS and 8 trains that start in WAS and end their trips in NYP. This is more insane than I originally thought!!! You, sir, are absolutely correct! The insanity part is that Northeast Corridor 2 time table does NOT contain ALL the Amtrak trains in the NEC!!! I have always believed that the Northeast Corridor 2 time table showed all possibilities from BOS to WAS and all points in between. Consider the poor schmuck that, like me, uses printable or printed time tables to plan my travels. Seeing all the options 'at once' makes a big difference! Maybe it's an old geezer thing as I've been using time tables for over 50 years to plan my travels. That way, if, during planning, my original ideas don't pan out, I can come up with a new plan in a couple of seconds having all the information right there in front of me, and see if that all works out. THEN I book the trip(s). Yes, I know that todays' modern travelers will go to the Amtrak screen, enter NYP - WAS and there will be screen after screen to scroll through to decide which train best suits their needs. But what about connecting trains, not necessarily Amtrak. Then it's scroll through screen after screen on the appropriate web site only to discover that there's no connection without having to wait 3-4 hours in WAS, for example. SO, it's back to the Amtrak NYP - WAS screen again, enter the info again, and scroll through a zillion screens again. NO THANKS!!! But then, what's another 5 minutes of scrolling to someone that has their cellphone glued to their hand? My train riding plan since retiring almost 4 years ago is to ride every route end to end of all the east coast subways/elevateds, commuter lines, light rail lines, and street car lines. In most cases, I do it as a same day 'out and back' from suburban Springfield MA. That means I have to catch the last Amtrak of the day home (#148). So, when I want to spend a day on the LIRR, I first look at the routes I haven't ridden yet, and do screen prints of schedules from and to NYP as well as Jamaica and other junctions to the end of the line stations. I then mentally lay out 'here first, then to there, change at Jamaica, then to the other place, then back to NYP, etc. I check the time tables and if plan A doesn't work,come up with Plan B, which often works. But I also build 'plan C' in case there's a 5 minute connection I fail to make, or I arrive at NYP 20 minutes late in the morning, etc. Having the printed time tables with me as I ride the commuter lines has helped me to change plans mid day such as last summer when the NJT line I had planned to ride was closed that day due to a retaining wall collapse in Summit. Try doing THAT when you can't get wifi or cell phone reception or have to spend a lot of time scrolling through screen after screen to figure out what to do next. So, do I anticipate that Amtak will lose any customers due to not showing them all the NYP-WAS trains in the NC2 time table? Not likely. And in having a separate NC1 timetable that shows all the trains, those customers that want to see a timetable are covered. Meanwhile... So how to handle 8 trains per weekday that head to Sunnyside and then flip back to WAS? The more I think about a previous post saying they MUST go through the loop track and after being serviced, go directly to the platform, the more I think this has to be in error. Why??? Answer me this...If Acela #1234 arrives on track 12, and then has to depart 2-3 hours later and it gets put on track 10, for example, or, let's pick 12 again...If it can get to the loop from track 12 AND get to track 12 directly from Sunnyside, THEN IT DIDN"T HAVE TO LOOP IN THE FIRST PLACE!!! The plaintiff rests. At this time, it may be useful to have some images to help with the concept that trains can't get to sunnyside without being looped. While I know that the diagrams I am showing may not be up to date, the general layout hasn't changed, as far as I know, for many years. The first is the diagram of the station, with the tunnels under 32nd and 33rd streets being the ones that are of most interest here. They only have a single track in each direction each. The image below shows the track diagram of the SunnySide yard, as it was in 1956, and the pertinent information of how trains coming from WAS to the yard is shown in the circled area and the train then follows the arrows for the flow into the yard. This yard was clearly designed to be operated in a single way only, and each train serviced in the yard would only be able to be serviced after being turned to face back toward the station itself. Hope this helps to clear up why it isn't practical to have trains not turn in NYC when they are going to travel to Washington, or for that matter, any point other than Boston.
  12. CCC1007

    Dear Mr Anderson

    Not to mention that the servicing of the sets in NYC at sunnyside yard necessitates that the train take a loop to enter the yard or cross all inbound traffic also makes it hard to keep the first class car on a specific end of the train.
  13. It could also be signs of mine sites that may have been there.
  14. Since Amtrak manually enters all connections, there are times when the desired connection isn’t going to have been loaded. I would suggest calling the 1-800 number to ask if it can be added for you.