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  1. Seaboard92

    Empire Builder February 2019 delays

    I'm hoping I make my connection next week to the Capitol Punishment in Chicago. I'm trying to make it from Seattle to a wedding in Charleston. (Yes I know it's a two hour drive from where I live. But I had an interview at SEATAC)
  2. Seaboard92

    76/77/79 Delays 2/14/2019

    For whatever reason it's always seamed like the Nc trains are hitting things. Even though the state invests a lot of money in grade crossing removal.
  3. Seaboard92

    Airbus to Halt A380 Production

    One of my friends actually designed the folding wing for Boeing. I love the A380-800s in my experience they are some of the smoothest birds in the sky. And I always spent the extra money except for my most recent flight to get 76A which was a double exit row in economy. I will definitely have to plan a few more A380-800 flights before the end arrives. Good thing I love Lufthansa.
  4. Seaboard92

    Viewliner side for the Hudson

    Back when it was the New York Central all bedrooms were to be oriented on the river side. Which meant when the Century came into New York the observation cars were wyed, as well as the Diners. But the sleepers were not.
  5. Seaboard92

    "Park Car" - Under Cover

    I work with one of two park cars in the USA on a regular basis and the only one that still operates. It still lacks HEP. But the owner did recently restore it to Canadian Pacific livery.
  6. I wish I still had the after affects of a Budd diner that road a freight train after New River that we had to do a renovation on. There is one company offering insurance now to the operators that claims to be at Amtrak levels. And that is United Shortline. I do not know however what the cost of it is.
  7. Seaboard92

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    From talking to my contacts at New River which is the last group I actively work for. If we can't get 380k were not running. But also from talking with them they think Gardner would be the death of the whole industry. We're dead in the water. And unless we find that money were dead. If you let Gardner in were all dead.
  8. New River Train will not be running unless the organization can find 380k. So while Anderson and Gardner can cozy up to politicians. They can't cozy up to small businesses. Nor do they care about all of us who are unemployed because of their actions. And we're the ones who are successful in getting multiple first time riders on board. Unlike a political train on the corridor where they likely use it already.
  9. Seaboard92

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    I agree OBS need a private place to have a break. I spend most of my time in the kitchen when I'm on duty where you can get away with more. Generally after we finished meal service we all sat on milk crates near the open diner door.
  10. Seaboard92

    Current Leadership Letter

    Please help the PV owner-operators.
  11. Seaboard92

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    611 has quite a few issues other than NS preventing it from running. Currently the Roanoke chapter is building a PV storage yard because it's an approved point. So they will end up lucky in that regard. But they can only take one car in at a time however.
  12. Seaboard92

    Southwest Chief News & Future Operations

    I can't imagine what their storage bill must be.
  13. Seaboard92

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    The track is owned by CSX actually. NS owns the former N&W main that skirts the WV/KY border region for awhile. I don't believe there would be an FRA issue because they are a common carrier. The bigger issue is one must possess a large liability insurance policy that most PV owners, and charter train providers can't provide. However that might be changing with the new policy by United Shortline Insurance. But it won't help us because to put it mildly were broke.
  14. Seaboard92

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    We need a lot of things but mostly a leadership change of heart. The lack of the HUN switch seriously impacted The Last New River Train because we had to assemble all of the cars in Chicago prior to the operation. However they claimed they were "too busy" to accommodate all of the cars to assemble on one day. Instead they wanted each day to move no more than two cars. Now when Manchin got involved in that Amtrak was forced to allow larger cuts in and out of Chicago. Keep in mind there were 7 cars from MSP, 9 from New Jersey, 1 from SAV, LAX, PHL, and 6 from Chicago. So that would have taken ten days. Then remember you have to pay $170 something a night to park a car in Chicago. And you are paying for more more moves at 3.67 instead of the additional car rate of 2.81. In years past we've put the PVs on the rear of the Cardinals and it was significantly cheaper than what we did this year. This year they required us to run a special move from IND-HUN and HUN-CHI. And what I find really funny we cut Amtrak Coaches from the charter and the price went up. If the switch is restored that won't save CP Huntington. Unless Richard Anderson wants to donate some of his 72 million dollars for all of the damage he's done to a non profit. That could significantly help. But that won't happen because he doesn't care.
  15. Seaboard92

    Senator Manchin (D-WV) writes letter to Amtrak

    Yes CP Huntington