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  1. Seaboard92

    President H W Bush Funeral Train mini-trip

    We were stuck in Magnolia/Pinehurst for a full hour. Should have went straight for Navasota
  2. Seaboard92

    President H W Bush Funeral Train mini-trip

    Thank you for the nice comments. Yeah some time those of us who work with these things forget we have all sorts of lingo and terms that those who don't work don't use. I'm sure in England there are plenty of terms I don't understand. And you were right EHBowen. We underestimated those roads like crazy.
  3. Seaboard92

    President H W Bush Funeral Train mini-trip

    The Pickens Belton Job at Belton. The Greenville & Western leaving their Belton Yard which is above average for the size for a shortline. Two of South Carolina's shortlines in one shot. The Greenville & Western irregular local running on their Ex Piedmont & Northern main. The Greenville & Western passing under SC-20 for the first time. The Greenville & Western operating on the former Piedmont & Northern Interurban. The Greenville & Western crossing a small creek in Williamston which has set up their water front park with a Christmas display. The Greenville & Western at their interchange with CSX in Pelzer. The Greenville & Western entering a rather odd concrete cut near downtown Pelzer. The Greenville & Western siting at the interchange with CSX under an abandoned water tower. The CSX local rumbling along the Broad River at Pelzer. Three massive GE's and four cars round the curve in the cement cut. Those engines look like they barely fit. For some odd reason CSX left two GEs at the interchange siding. My first college dorm Bailey Hall at Presbyterian College. Neville Hall at Presbyterian College. The flagship building which has language, history, and English classes. Built in 1907 and under renovation to its original state. Here is one of the major topics of conversation between Ryan and I.
  4. Seaboard92

    President H W Bush Funeral Train mini-trip

    Both Trains at Westfield Auto-Rack Facility. The Pilot Train west of Spring, TX from the TX-99 Toll Way. The Funeral Train passing our CBS Cameraman west of Spring, TX. Union Pacific 4141 on the best picture I think I managed all day. UP City of Portland. My personal favorite car on this train but I'm bias. President Bush's casket on the Council Bluffs with an honor guard. The rear end of the Funeral Train with the Presidential Seal on its drumhead. The Funeral Train at College Station while the fighters perform a missing man salute. Union Pacific 4141 with a Secret Service Agent on the pilot. Amtrak No. 19 the Crescent running southbound on Track No. 1 passing the new platform in Clemson at track speed. Eventually Norfolk Southern will relay the now Track No. 2. Back when I was here all the time it wasn't a high level platform, and there was only one track in the location of the Track No. 2 bed. FRA Inspection Car running ahead of the consist with an FRA violation by leaving the trap open at speed. Someone there must love the Pennsy. The Crescent Running South at Clemson. Tillman Hall at Clemson University. It hosts education department classes and was built in 1893. Anderson City Hall. The Pickens Anderson job departing an industry at the south end. The Pickens entering the former Charleston & Western Carolina Anderson Branch. The Pickens heading towards Anderson. Ryan using his telephoto lens to shoot the Pickens. The Pickens pulling a 20 car freight over some of the foothills of the Blue Ridge. The Pickens rumbling up their mainline with twenty cars. The Pickens rounding a curve under the dilapidated Anderson Mill. The Pickens heading towards the former Passenger Station. Switching the Yard in Anderson which is really just a siding. The eastbound Anderson job rounding a curve by the abandoned Anderson Mill. The Anderson job passing the site of a house where all that remains is a chimney.
  5. Trip Development I heard the news that President Bush had died when I was watching House of Cards on Netflix late into the night and didn't think anything of it. Later that day because I didn't get the news till way after midnight I learned that there was to be a Funeral Train operated by the Union Pacific Railroad passenger fleet powered by UP 4141 painted in honor of President Bush. So I called my good friend Ryan and convinced him that we should go chase it because it was a piece of history. And for me it would also serve as a research trip to see how large scale trains for politicians work as I've been selected to help with a campaign train in 2020. So I booked Ryan and I on Spirit Airlines from Atlanta-Houston Intercontinental nonstop on Thursday the 6th. Total fare $150 a person. The next day I had the idea I should email my news media contacts and see if any would be interested in buying pictures/videos of the event. So CBS responded positively and assigned us a cameraman who would just ride in our chase vehicle instead of us submitting. So Day 0: Going to Hotlanta Seeing I was only planning on being away for two nights, and sleeping in an airport for both nights I didn't actually pack much. Just my camera bag, with odds and ends that I thought I would need. I left my house and drove to Ryan's so we could carpool In what we've nicknamed Hotel CRV. After we met he hadn't had dinner yet while I had so we went to a local pub in Columbia so he could eat before setting out on the road around nine. Most of the way we discussed various chase plans for the next day, the disbelief that we were being paid to do something we normally do for free, and sang Beatles songs off a playlist. We arrived at the Airport at Midnight and parked Hotel CRV before walking to the terminal. It took us about thirty minutes to figure out security was open because it didn't appear to be open at first. We rapidly passed by security and went to our gate E6 where our plane was already at the gate. And with the PlaneTrain running at reduced service we chose to walk from the domestic terminal to Concourse E. Along the way we made sarcastic comments about the artwork on display in true fashion to ourselves. We passed multiple gates that we're all devoid of life till we reached ours where there were two others also awaiting the flight five hours before boarding. So we both made ourselves comfortable and attempted to sleep next to the window. I believe I did manage to sleep some till I became too cold, and the annoying TV that just kept broadcasting. Day 1: The Funeral Train Chase So we eventually just gave up on sleep at five and prepared for boarding our A321-200 service to Houston. Boarding started on time at 0545 and we were on our way. Ryan was asleep before the safety demonstration, and I followed soon after take off. We landed a few minutes early which was all the better and met our friend Bill who rented a Mercedes SUV at the airport. So we went over to get breakfast with EHBowen from AU and we're almost late because we got sidetracked by seeing the train in the yard. And because finding parking in Historic Spring Texas is harder than one imagines. We had a lovely breakfast at Ellen's Cafe mostly talking about trains before we went out to find our Cameraman. We found him and then decided we would start our chase from further from civilization and close to a freeway Ramp. We were several hours early and made friends with a local road construction group who let us park in their closed lane. We hadron go back to get the camera mans rain gear right as the Pilot train went by. And later returned to our spot. We ended up in a large crowd of people who were way closer to the track than the distance the police let the professional media in which was a bit of a pain. But we met several cool people who had come from as far away as California, Washington (State), Kentucky, and all over Texas. The train was supposed to be doing 30 mph during its trip however it blasted by us doing full track speed at 60 mph. We quickly made it back to our car and got on the freeway. Unfortunately the road on this chase really wasn't parallel to the road and had one large bottleneck known as Magnolia, TX in the way. So we chose to go that way instead of heading straight for Navasota on the four lane divided road. We had a slowdown for a section of Road Work before we reached Pinehurst where the road started to parallel the track into Magnolia. Well the train beat us there and the resulting exodus of people created a traffic jam these roads had never seen before. So we got stuck and for whatever reason Bill chose to follow a secret service motorcade which the rest of us all disagreed with before we turned on a back country road. We trusted our GPS which took us into Magnolia where we managed to get stuck for an hour. So we basically gave up on the chase as there was no way but Bill wanted to see it in College Station. I was getting nauseated from eating a small breakfast, not using the restroom, dehydration, and lack of sleep by the time we reached a service station in College Station. So I had a bag of chips to tie me over as that was the only option. We went over to the train where Ryan and I rapidly ran around taking photos from a distance because of an excessively large security buffer zone. I handed my camera up to a guy on top of a traffic box who took photos of the train while the Air Force did a missing man formation over the train. Meanwhile Bill called to get us back because he had illegally parked. So Ryan and I ran back to the car where our CBS guy was mad at Bill for how unprofessional things were. Both Ryan and I apologized in texts to him about how bad it was. So we eventually make our way back to where the cameraman had left his car dropped him off and went back to the airport with less then an hour till Bill's plane took off. Bill had bought bottles of water for our chase that he attempted to hand out to anyone in the rent a car return who would take it. Ryan and I then had to pressure him into giving up so he would make his Spirit flight back to Detroit. We took the shuttle to the Terminal and checked Bill and ourselves in before we went to security. After security we rushed him to the gate to make sure he would arrive in Detroit and not spend the night in Houston. After he boarded Ryan and I went to an airport bar where we edited out photos some and submitted them to various publications. After that we boarded our flight to Atlanta which arrived at 12:20 AM the next day. Day 2: Shortlines of the Carolinas After we arrived at 12:20 AM Ryan and I decided instead of another night in the loud Atlanta Airport we would spend the night at the Clemson Amtrak Station so we drove from Atlanta on 85, and 985 to Gainesville before taking US 23 and 123 the rest of the way to Clemson. Clemson itself is a very special place for Ryan and I because of our shared memories, of the town. As many of you know I once got engaged on the Clemson Platform, used to watch trains with that girl the entire duration of our relationship at the Clemson Platform. And we would oftentimes camp out in her car or in a Tent at the end of the platform watching trains till one or two in the morning till going back to her apartment. After I broke up with her he dated her. Which is when him and I had a feud but we've since patched things up. And honestly things are better than before. So even though I was beyond tired at Toccoa seeing Clemson woke me up especially with the massive amount of development that has occurred since the breakup in 2016. Him and I just talked like brothers about passed relationships, current ones, and a bit of everything before sleeping in Hotel CRV in the parking lot. We awoke around eight AM and watched the Crescent Pass by At track speed from the now High Level platform. Wow how things change in two years. After that we drove down to Anderson, SC to check out the local Pickens Railroad company. Which operates on ex Southern Railway, Piedmont & Northern Railway, and Charleston & Western Carolina Railroad lines around Anderson, SC. We found the train at the industrial park on the furthest east section of the C&WC and chased it to Anderson across farmers fields, and past abandoned dilapidated textile mills. It was quite the congregation of people who came out to watch the five man switch crew do the interchange with Norfolk Southern. At 11:30 we went over to the Greenville & Western Railroad who doesn't always operate daily. But we ended up being lucky and managed to see a four car Train with a GP9 getting ready to depart. So we chased it all the way to the former mill town of Pelzer. With some unique shots taken by both of us on the way to Pelzer. We watched them have a headlight meet with CSX at Pelzer before heading for home. We followed US 25 and US 76 to my former college in Clinton, SC. We both are lunch at the McDonalds on the former site of the Clinton Hotel next to Clinton Connection between the former Columbia, Newberry & Laurens and the Seaboard Airline To Birmingham. After that we drove alongside the CN&L on US 76 the rest of the way into Columbia. Where I picked up my car at his house and battled rush hour traffic. I made it home by six thirty and I was in bed by seven and slept till ten am the next day. All in all it was a good trip. Ryan and I were able to bond some, we participated in history. And we worked on our little project that when the time is right I'll tell you guys. Was it our worst train chase definitely, but would I do it again. Most definitely. Photos in next post.
  6. Seaboard92

    Food Problems on Coast Starlight

    My most recent Amtrak dining car experiences they've not done reservations for any of the services. But the last time I took normal Amtrak was in February on the LSL (before diner removal), and the CZ.
  7. Seaboard92

    Crescent Accident in Hattiesburg MS (12/5/18)

    I have witnessed someone be hit and killed by a train before. But like ThirdRail said it was because I was in an open vestibule looking forward at the time. It's stuck with me. But I've sort of blocked it out with great effort.
  8. Let him have his fun because life is a long boring event. It's always nice to have a highlight. Even if it didn't actually do anything.
  9. Seaboard92

    Pacific parlor car

    I'm unaware of who bought them. I haven't even heard any talk about it which means they went to someone who wants to stay anonymous. You can cut a car in OAK but you can't add one there. So you could send it out over the CZ to Chicago and back to LAX on the SWC. PDX is also a stop long enough for a cut but Amtrak doesn't allow it. Some of us are still mad about that. And frankly I'm sure the cars aren't Amtrak certified because of a lot of Amtrak cars wouldn't pass a PV inspection by Amtrak inspectors.
  10. Seaboard92

    More Amtrak Railcars for sale

    Would you like me to put a bid in for it for you? I can probably find a dinner train start up that could potentially use it by next year.
  11. That explains why I don't remember it because I was probably cleaning the inside of the car at the time. I remember seeing the Acela one though. And that isn't on the wye.
  12. Seaboard92

    Silver Stars on A-Line 12/5/2018

    I still haven't figured out what CSX managed to mess up.
  13. I've been in the DC Wash. I'm trying to remember where exactly it is. But I don't think it's on the wye.
  14. Which airport? Kennedy, Liberty, or Laguardia? If your flight is from Laguardia you can take the Long Island Railroad to Woodside and get the Q70SBS to LGA from there. Or to Kennedy take the Long Island Railroad to Jamaica and get the air train. For Liberty get off the Meteor in Newark and take New Jersey Transit to EWR.
  15. Seaboard92

    Australia's OVERLAND train

    I'm afraid that's what's happening to the Canadian. Too much emphasis on foreign tourists and little focus on Canadian mobility.