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  1. No, the toilets are a maintenance nightmare, they will be removed from the V-1s
  2. Does it? I thought it had been removed at some point. Even so, does it need a full one? Or could a full one be better used elsewhere? I honestly don't know.
  3. BTW, I got thinking, I think all the bag-dorms are "spoken for" (for example probably on 448/449) but I wonder if that's a better choice on 66/67 instead of a full-sleeper, or in addition to. Honestly, there need to be more baggage options in the Northeast.
  4. So back to the question at hand: I'd wait until the first 3 ViewSleeper IIs come out and assign a pair to 66/67. This is a train that really needs a sleeper back. 1 in each direction and a protect. Now, you could probably then assign say one round-trip a week to whatever train needs another sleeper. I'm guessing this time of year it's a Silver Service train. Remember, you don't need to add it to EVERY trip. So even if some days you had 2(3?) sleepers and a couple with 3(4?) you've added revenue. Now, your can use your 1 extra ViewSleeper for protect and if you have to use it, comp the one room inconvenienced, or use a ViewSleeper I as a protect and if you use it, sell the last room at a discount. After that, I'd wait I'd probably for another 3 more, and then do the same thing as above 2 a second train (i.e. additional cars on the busiest days that make the most sense). At some point, you can then finally go to extra cars on every day of the week. Only when I've got somewhere between 15-20 VIIs on property would I start to refurbish the VIs. At least that's what I would do, but no one at Amtrak is taking my calls.
  5. I'm hoping that's a poor analogy, since as we all know how well that particular pursuit went!
  6. Provide and Raleigh is what some are guessing.
  7. StriderGDM

    Amtrak ending BC on AT and Crescent May 1st

    BC on the Crescent the one time I took it was worth it. Definitely quieter and more room. That said, a 2+1 would have been far more preferable. Or include meals. It wasn't a great upsell, but was nice. I'll miss it, but won't mourn it.
  8. StriderGDM

    Amenities that have disappeared from Amtrak

    Whining about a flower? I didn't read that as a whine as much as an example of a tiny detail that didn't cost much, added a nice touch of class and yet is gone. That said, the thing I miss on Empire Service trains (beside the cafe entirely!) is you could ask for a little package of lettuce and tomato to go with your sandwich. Granted most now (when you can get them) are a bit better or may include such, but for a long time it was a little known fact that they kept a stash in one of the fridges.
  9. StriderGDM

    Roomette upper bunk?

    On the Superliner, there's no real advantage since it just tilts up out of the way. For the Viewliner, I have definitely given myself a 2 room "apartment" with office, bathroom and upper bedroom by keeping the upper bunk down. But I will often put it in the 1/2 down position, made up, so I can move it down to take a nap.
  10. I'm a huge fan of the LSL and from Erie, if it were cheap enough would spring for a roomette, if only to nap a bit. Last year I road the LSL for the first time in over a decade. The first round trip, honestly, the food in the diner-lite was horrible. BUT, on the one way trip later in the year from Chicago to ALB it was very good. And you might even luck out and get a full diner.
  11. Two roomettes? My understanding is one roomette was replaced with 2 bathrooms.
  12. So if I'm following the logic here... because a 100-200 passengers a day may be forced to change trains in ALB, Amtrak should scuttle this plan and more inconvience the 1000s of commuters going in and out of NYP every day. And as has been pointed out, some of the work is to be done on the Spuyten Duyvil bridge. Amtrak should postpone that to what, the winter? You know, I suspect if as much time spent hand-wringing over this was spent on lobbying for more money, Amtrak would be flush with cash.
  13. That is true. I can safely say I've never seen anyone, including myself, ride the Empire Builder! :-)
  14. BTW... unless you want all your passengers taking a pretty long walk... ALB can't do Superliners anymore (I mean in theory it could, but it'll be a walk along the brand new high-level platform to a ramp to the cars). And again, this is all mental masturbation.
  15. StriderGDM

    Winter Storm Riley 3/2/18

    What Ryan said. Winter storm names are purely a marketing thing. For tropical/hurricanes, the status does matter (as folks here in upstate NY found when Irene flooded them, but wasn't a hurricane in status. They were outside flood zones, so no flood insurance, and since it wasn't a hurricane, insurance wouldn't cover it either.) So 10,000 point demerit stands. And we were getting along so well today. :-)