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  1. When I was there in May, the employee at 30th Street let me by after looking at my Amtrak ticket. This was right before the transition, though, so I'd also be curious how this works in practice now. FWIW, this page still claims they are accepted: http://www.septa.org/fares/ticket/
  2. My avatar is from the station in Milwaukee during an extended stop on the Empire Builder. They sent our train out out of Chicago on time, and we waited here for some passengers from a late eastern train to come along on the next Hiawatha. (I was on my way to a cousin's wedding in Seattle. Some of my relatives thought I was crazy to take the train, but I made it on time. My parents' flight got delayed, and they missed the rehearsal entirely!)
  3. River Cities

    St.Louis - Carbondale Thruway

    When I last rode it in March, it was one of these: http://www.vandaliabuslines.com/24-pass.html There were a total of three passengers, so plenty of room to spread out!
  4. If it's the Westin downtown, that's right by the "Stadium" Metrolink station (which is the opposite direction from Union Station starting from Amtrak and the "Civic Center" station). It's an easy transfer--the light rail platform is just outside the station building, and the stadium is one stop east. I'd probably walk that distance, but with bags maybe it's worth the $2.50 for a short ride if they won't come pick you up! When I've needed to rent a car in town, I've often found the best deals to be at the Budget at the airport. Some of the neighborhood Enterprise locations are often good--prices vary a lot even a few miles apart--but getting to one might involve a bus adventure.
  5. Wednesday I got an e-mail with an updated eTicket for my northbound trip on the City of New Orleans (CONO). No explanation accompanied, but I eventually noticed the departure time had been moved back. Yesterday I got the phone call alerting me to the schedule change. Based on searching several dates, it looks like the train now leaves New Orleans at 17:45 (5:45pm) for most of March, but has the regular schedule again in April. I don't see any service alerts for the train on the website. Is this for track work or some other occasion? (In this case I'm sure not complaining about having extra time down south instead of a longer layover in Chicago!)
  6. I've checked bags to Boston on the LSL after riding up to Chicago on 302, but I'd be reluctant to try the reverse. If the train is late you might miss your connection while collecting your bags!
  7. River Cities

    Maglev in the NEC?

    According to this article, sounds like studies are moving forward in part thanks to $2 million from Japan. If it really started construction in three years that'd be pretty impressive! (Even then, how long until we could take a ride on one?)
  8. River Cities

    Bike stuff

    It shows up in the "Service on the Empire Builder®" section of this schedule. Would be nice if it were really true!
  9. River Cities

    Incomplete Route Maps

    Don't know. Maybe someone who live in the area does. Looks like an acceptable route on the FRA map. Northbound Texas Eagle I was on a few years ago took the Track A Train Route over the Merchants Bridge a few miles upstream from the MacArthur Bridge. In my six or seven trips between St Louis and Chicago this year we've been on the MacArthur bridge every time! Last year was a mix of both. (I'm mostly on the Lincoln Service trains rather than the Texas Eagle though.)
  10. River Cities

    How Fast Are we going app

    For just monitoring speed I second Speed Box. To watch speed and follow along on the map, I like to use "maps.me". Click on yourself on the map and it gives your speed and altitude (and GPS position coordinates). I find it easier to follow the rail lines in the maps in this app, too, than either Google or Apple maps. (It does take up a lot of space, though, since you have to download the maps to your phone in advance!)