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    If it rolls, flies, or floats I can fix it, certified A&P mechanic, builder and crew chief for late model stock car, I ride a 1977 GoldWing and have worked a lot on vintage aircraft.
  1. oldtimer

    Alan Burden (AlanB)

    My wife woke me up to the news. I was stunned to hear about Alan B, I would tease him and tell him I was the real Alan B as I was about 12 years older. Robin and I offer our thoughts and prayers. We wish well to Grace and all of Alan's family and friends (especially thus that were with him) at this time. I know that anyone who has been around A U for a while considers Alan B a friend as he would help anyone. May Alan have high greens and all temporary speed restrictions lifted for the rest of his trip highball!
  2. I am sad to get this news, sorry for being so late but I'm working off a small tablet in Arkansas for the winter. Joe meant a lot to me and was the second A U,er I met. The first was Erik (GG1) 64is way too early. The honored member's list is too long. Condolences to Joe s family and friends. Al and Robin B
  3. I'm a member of both the Will County Model Railroad Club in Joliet IL and the Mountain Home Model Railroad Club in MT.Home Arkansas. I put together almost all of Amtrak's trains, as I began working on Amtrak equipment in 1972 until my retirement in 2008. I have a large collection of Amtrak power and rolling stock. I duplicate almost all of Amtrak's trains , except the Acela. Oneof my latest projects the Veterans unit and it iss the only unit I had someone else install the DCC and sound. My friend runs a small train shop in Central Illinois, he is a Gold Star parent so I didn't just by yhe parts but let him install them also "C:\Users\12-25-12laptop\Pictures\2016-07\IMG_0077 (1).JPG"
  4. I'll be there, both Sat & Sun. I have a workshop at 11am Sunday. PM me and I'll send you my phone #. Al aka Oldtimer
  5. Just wondering if anyone was going to "TRAINFEST"? It is at the Wisconsin State Fairgrounds in West Allis WI November 12th and 13th. It's a great show!
  6. I am at Indianapolis at the NMRA Train show. Are any other AU'ers here?
  7. Eric, RIP, may you have high greens on all journies! It is hard to express my feelings at this time. Eric was one of the/ first AU members that I met in person many years back. This happened in the Metropolitan. Lounge. Eric and I met many more times there, AU trip or not. I really appreciated Eric's humor. We also shared a passion for photography and model railroading. Eric motion pictures and N-scale, me still photos and HO-scale. Maybe it was the fact that the first HO engine I purchased was a GG-1 and last weekend our club set up at an outdoor festival under a 120 x 40 tent and the only picture in the local paper was of my PRR train led by a newer GG-1! I know that AU has suffered a loss, but Eric left this world a better place. I hope to join Eric and Patrick for journeys on the other side, please God not too soon. Al aka Oldtimer
  8. oldtimer

    Your funniest Amtrak story?

    The Duck portion of your story really quacked me up
  9. oldtimer

    Your funniest Amtrak story?

    Eric you said "On NJ Transit we were so cynical about management that I suggested an appropriate theme song for them when there was trouble would be " Send In the Clowns. " I was a union rep for a long time and the other union reps agreed that the theme song of the group should be Stealers Wheel "Stuck in the Middle", especially the line "Clowns to the left of me and jokers tothe right"!
  10. oldtimer

    Your funniest Amtrak story?

    My Amtrak career goes back to 1972 and spent many hundreds of thousands of miles in various management and agreement positions including being a field technician in the days of Turbotrains and Turboliners. My story of the day was on a trip on Amtrak 350 using a Turboliner. The crowd was light and the rear coach-powercar was not being loaded. Leaving Kalamazoo I walked through the train and went back to ride in the rear powercar cab. Before we were into Battle Creek I came out of the baggage section into the coach. Lo and Behold I encountered a monkey wearing a dress , the beast was swinging from the baggage racks and the seat tops. Not seeing or hearing anyone in the car Isaid out loud WTF but using the full words. All of a sudden I hear the voice of a very small and very elderly woman say "Ethyl get back here and away from that nasty man!" Now, the monkey's name may not be right but it started with an E. I had been out drinking the night before but I was sober. I walked past and both the woman and the monkey were curled up in a seat next to a window. I stopped at the seat and they seemed to be cowering in fear, now at the time, I was 120 pounds lighter and skated with the BlackHawk scrimmage squad. All 4 foot 19 inches of me. I told the woman that I didn't think that she could have her monkey of the train. she said that the conductor let her on. Off I went to find the conductor, he told me that an elderly woman with a beach bag boarded at Kalamazoo going to Detroit. I proceeded to tell him what I saw and he asked me if I was sober! He walked back and asked me to follow and as soon as he entered the car there was the monkey swinging again. He blew his top and told the woman and here companion they were getting off at Jackson and he would give her a ticket good for a refund of her fare. She asked him what should she do as Greyhound would not let her ride. His reply (remember now that he worked for the Railroad, not amtrak, with 45+ years service was "Lady learn ro drive and by a car, maybe the monkey can help you drive."
  11. oldtimer

    Restaurant in DC Union Sta. bites the dust

    Many years ago I had the pleasure of meeting Maya Angelou at the Center Bar.
  12. oldtimer

    AMTK Locomotive 66 Hit semi and damaged

    As a lifelong Amtrak mechanical department employee, now retired, I can tell you that the P40 and P42 Amtrak locomotives are a monocoque design which means that the frame is integral with the body and not a separate structure. It is impossible to determine the actual amount of damage and the repairability without precise measurement and alignment tools.
  13. oldtimer


    Tne United Aircraft TurboTrain used #2 diesel. The RTG (French built)Turboliners used #2 diesel, but in extreme conditions ie below 0 degrees F. #1 was used. The RTL (Rohr built) also used #2. I am not familiar with the Super Steel rebuilds of the RTL's, but they used the same TuroMeca built prime movers.
  14. Wishing Bill a speedy recovery, Robin and I will keep you in our thoughts and prayers.
  15. Normal is a town on the Chicago-St.Louis line. It is home of Illinois State University and the home station of a famous AU'er. All kidding aside best wishes for a speedy recovery Dick. Hope to see you riding the high iron soon!