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  1. I actually think the opposite. Michigan has been trying to lease the updated cars to make some money while they try to figure out what to do with the Chicago to Ann Arbor line. My guess is they finally found a taker. MDOT doesn't really have much say in what happens to the cars really; they're owned by GLC... they may be able to say that they have to be kept in-state due to them possibly helping fund the upgrades (I don't have the paperwork here in front of me that says who paid for the updates). I do know that the non-updated cars were listed for sale on one of the RR Car sale websites (Sterling I think...) Those cars are still at GLC, so presumably haven't been sold; it would make sense that GLC is still trying to get rid of them. There also isn't much figuring out what needs to be done for the Michigan Line. MDOT is actively updating a the line, installing more PTC, replacing track, etc. Stations from Ann Arbor to Detroit are in various stages of being updated, if needed. I believe the big hold up right now is just the Ann Arbor station. peter
  2. Correct, GLC has 2 different Gallery car sets... not sure which LOSSAN is considering leasing; one set was updated for use as commuter cars here in SE Michigan, the other set had been updated yet, and GLC was looking to sell them. My guess is that it's the latter set LOSSAN is getting. Peter
  3. PerRock

    New Memo on private car movements by Amtrak

    It sounds like Amtrak is opening up PV movements across the network again. peter
  4. PerRock

    German & French trains

    That would be because the Thalys trains are just TGVs. peter It's a separate operator though, right? Whoops. Just did some looking and realized that TGV refers to the equipment, not the operator. Yes, the "TGV" most people think of is operated by SNCF, the Thalys is operated by SNCB. "TGV" does refer to both the equipment (ie "Superliner") and the class of train (ie "Empire Builder"). There are then subsets of TGVs based on the equipment and route. peter
  5. PerRock

    German & French trains

    That would be because the Thalys trains are just TGVs. peter
  6. PerRock

    German & French trains

    Since you're planning on going from Hamburg to Paris, you may want to detour a little bit and hit up Wuppertal to see/ride the suspension monorail there. I'd also recommend springing for the behind-the-scenes tour of the Miniatur Wunderland. They offer tours in English & I found it quite interesting, if you're lucky you'll get the same guy I got, who was the author (or did something with it) of the article on the Wunderland when it appeared in Model Railroader. It's not mentioned nearly as often as it probably should around here; but The Man in Seat 61 is a great resource for train travel information (especially in Europe) peter
  7. Yes, they call it "Registered Luggage" or EuroDispatch: https://www.eurostar.com/uk-en/travel-info/travel-planning/luggage/luggage-services peter
  8. PerRock

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    The FDA prohibits passenger microwaves. The FDA???? What would their interest be? I can see if it was the NTSB or another "safety" org, but the FDA???? Why would the Food and Drug Administration care about passengers using and sharing public microwaves? Think about it. They're fine with me sharing a microwave with my coworkers. It's probably more that some state's health departments don't allow it & since Amtrak rotates cars around, they can't guarantee that the cars with microwaves won't go thru states where it's not allowed. peter
  9. PerRock

    Viewliner Sleeper NB on 98

    Yes they were, but they may have not had their names visible in the latest paint jobs: http://on-track-on-line.com/amtkrinf-viewname.shtml peter
  10. PerRock

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    There are no microwaves for passenger use on any Amtrak train. At one point, Amtrak toyed with the "Automat" car, which was essentially a canteen on wheels: vending machines & microwaves. peter
  11. PerRock

    Pepsi Can?

    The "pepsi can" locomotives however can get difficult tho... as they have a couple different names. GE calls them either Dash 8-32BWH or B32-8WH, Amtrak calls them P32-8, and some folks call the P32-8WH. Personally I prefer the call them via the GE name, B32-8WH as it keeps confusion down with the P32-ACDM. peter
  12. PerRock

    New Siemens Charger locomotive.

    Normally a "Hybrid Locomotive" means that the locomotive can use 2 different power sources to power the motors. Usually that is a diesel engine & a battery bank, but could also be a 3rd rail instead of the batteries. On bigger locomotives, the batteries supplement the diesel engine, but on smaller switchers they can sometimes run just on battery power. peter
  13. PerRock

    Pepsi Can?

    And for reference, #511 today: peter
  14. PerRock

    Railway Age Article: "The Amtrak Era is Over"

    It would take a big push in government, but I still think the US could pull of the UK-style rail network. Where the infrastructure & dispatching is owned and handled by the government; and the railroads lease/bid to run trains on the tracks. peter
  15. PerRock

    Railway Age Article: "The Amtrak Era is Over"

    We do have a Federal Rail Administration it's called, get this, the Federal Railroad Administration. Different directives. Amtrak is required to transport passengers, the FHWA, FAA & FRA are required to set the rules (and enforce them) to allow for safe transport. peter