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  1. Doing a little digging, and it seems (at least according to The Man in Seat 61) that if you have your meals in the lounge, you get the nicer meals seen; where as in your compartment it's the boxed meals. Also, the Caledonia should be getting new Mk5 cars this year, so they might be a change in service. peter
  2. PerRock

    Amtrak schedule in a database

    don't know about a database, but there is a pdf of all the timetables. May be able to leverage some software to convert it into a database. https://juckins.net/amtrak_timetables/archive/timetables_National_20180101.pdf
  3. PerRock

    Why do they call them "motors?"

    How about we all just agree to call them "Power Units" ;P peter Edit: come to think of it, the generic term we use at work for any type of construction truck is "Prime Mover" which would work to describe a locomotive.
  4. Aw yeees, the Cup of Noodle is back! Best meal on the train for a budget-conscious traveler. peter
  5. PerRock

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    Here are two "full domes" (or more properly "Super Domes") coupled together on an excursion run. Now I wasn't on that train, but can tell that you don't get a full 360* view becuase there is another dome car right there.
  6. PerRock

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    As would a regular full dome if you put a couple of them together.
  7. PerRock

    Colorado Rail Car

    I made up a table.... https://docs.google.com/spreadsheets/d/11fk4tdiYMe3L8LVCISBpMcK5AGehkTxs-tcwe66jMik/edit?usp=sharing peter
  8. PerRock

    Colorado Rail Car

    AOE cars were rebuilds/refurbs done by Rader/CRC. Not full new cars. peter
  9. PerRock

    Colorado Rail Car

    Rocky Mountaineer uses them, as does Alaska Railroad & the Alaskan tour lines (Princess & Holland), Portland's WES Rail, and VIA. I don't know if Tri-Rail uses any of their 3 different CRC trainsets although if I had to guess they're more for equipment shortages these days. The American Orient Express was CRC equipment, I don't know what happened to those cars after GrandLuxe shut the service--- it looks like Xanterra got most of them, so add them to the list of operators. Peter
  10. PerRock

    Amtrak in Tulsa OK why not

    Amtrak used to (might still) run a bus from Tulsa to KC. (Technically it was an existing trailways route, and Amtrak just sold tickets for it.) peter
  11. PerRock

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    I'd think that actually because of the design of those cars, and the fact that the windows essentially butt up against each other on the ends, you'd still be able to see somewhat, by looking thru your end window, the next car's end window, and then the next car's side windows. But you'd still have a similarly restricted view if you ran a series of older Superdomes in tandem. peter
  12. PerRock

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    You can: (Pictured is the older Colorado Rail Car Ultradome, by the looks of it in the second picture above I posted, the new Stadler ones have the windows as well) peter
  13. PerRock

    Rocky Mountaineer New Equipment

    Looks like they've gotten some. Without any serious comparisons, they look the same as the CRC Gold Leaf Domes. Here is one being unloaded from a boat for RMR:
  14. PerRock

    Amtrak Announcements

    If it's safety things they're repeating; it may have to do with the fact that in US law (I'm not a lawyer, but knowing this tanjunctionally is part of my job) it's the responsibility of the (in my work case) manufacturer (or train operator in this case) to fully inform the user of the safety warning; whereas in most of the rest of the world, the responsibility of is more on the user (my work doesn't require me to know this part yet...) peter
  15. PerRock

    Amtrak Cascades F59PHI's

    Heritage Unit. It's painted in the old Milwaukee Road colors: peter