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  1. WindyCityTexan

    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    If you are still looking for accommodations in NOL, I absolutely love The Okra Inn. I originally found it on Airbnb. It's an older duplex that has been opened up into one space, totally charming, very comfortable, and easily runs half of most hotels in the area. I took the Canal St Streetcar to all the sights. The stop is a short block away. www.theokrainn.com or via Airbnb.com
  2. WindyCityTexan

    CHI Legacy Club Closed, Metropolitan Lounge now $25

    I've heard it will become event space, but I have no confirmation this is factual.
  3. WindyCityTexan

    CHI Legacy Club Closed, Metropolitan Lounge now $25

    Yes, the Legacy Club offered day passes for $20 regardless of class of service, and was also open to Metra commuters, and priority boarding on Amtrak. I believe it also included a few alcoholic beverages, which the Metropolitan Lounge has on a pay per drink basis.
  4. UPDATE, GOOD NEWS on the closing of the Legacy Club at Chicago Union Station: The Metropolitan Lounge is now accepting ANYONE willing to pay $25 for a Day Pass. I'm posting this from the Metropolitan Lounge, where I'm waiting for a friend to arrive. This information comes directly from the Attendant at the front desk. Again, Day Passes at the Metropolitan Lounge are now $25, down from the original $50 per person. As always, passengers in Business Class and Sleeper accommodations have complimentary access, as do AGR Select Plus and Select Executive members regardless of ticket class. Amenities include snacks, beverages, hot showers, business areas, TVs, comfortable seating areas, a children's play area, and preboarding.
  5. WindyCityTexan

    Question about Empire Builder

    IF, and ONLY if, the Sleepers are oriented correctly, the even numbered Roomettes will be facing north and the odd numbers facing south. The north side is best as you pass Glacier National Park, and east of MSP as you pass Lake Pepin and follow the Mississippi River to look for bald eagles. Otherwise, both sides are lovely.
  6. WindyCityTexan

    Business Class in the west?

    Very small and cramped, but clean restrooms, great snacks (better than CHI), and preboarding. Sent from my XT1635-01 using Amtrak Forum mobile app
  7. WindyCityTexan

    Trip Advice Needed

    The PDX section of the Empire Builder will get you OR, WA, ID, MT, ND, MN, WI, and IL.
  8. I usually sleep through SAS, but when I'm up my destination is Mi Tierra! A quick Lyft or Uber ride, in the downtown area but a long walk. It's open 24 hours, awesome margaritas and Tex-Mex. It's a San Antonio legend.
  9. WindyCityTexan

    Texas Eagle getting "Contemporary Dining?"

    Thanks, I know my trip will be full diner. But it's incomprehensible to think the southbound TE could end up with four boxed meals, and the northbound with five! That's a long route to have boxed meals the entire time.
  10. I've been seeing posts on social media that Dining Car staff on the Texas Eagle are getting termination notices, and starting this fall the TE is getting boxed meals. These reports are coming from passengers on board the TE, who are getting their info directly from the DC staff on board. Has anyone else heard this? I'm on the TE this week and will find out more.
  11. WindyCityTexan

    Yesterday's 22 (8/5) just now leaving Texas

    There was a sinkhole between Dallas and Mineola. The tracks had to be shored up. http://m.kltv.com/kltv/db_330566/contentdetail.htm?contentguid=oRgfRSFy
  12. WindyCityTexan

    CL from SOB to WAS (more questions)

    Sorry, just saw you're on the CL. Even better, the Dining Car is now a Lounge for Sleeper passengers only. Definitely the place to take your son if necessary.
  13. WindyCityTexan

    CL from SOB to WAS (more questions)

    If your son wakes up early and is vocal, you can take him to the Lounge Car. There may be Coach passengers sleeping in there, but they're not supposed to. They have seats for sleeping.
  14. WindyCityTexan

    CL from SOB to WAS (more questions)

    The bedding can be oriented in whichever direction you want. Just let your Attendant know if you want to sleep head first or feet first in direction of travel. I personally don't care about direction, I sleep with my head next to the steps as I use them as a bedside table.
  15. Call Amtrak directly. It may not have to be a physical "open" ticket. Last August I found out a friend was on the CZ with me from CHI to LNK for the Eclipse. I was in a Roomette, she was in Coach. We called Amtrak and had her added to my Roomette, and she got a $60 refund AND a steak dinner!