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  1. Bill Haithcoat

    New Orleans to New York

    There is a good size tunnel between Birmingham and Atlanta. Closer to Birmingham.
  2. It looks like the more detailed timetable that you were able to obtain does list several other intermediate stops on the NY-LA run. Most of them are similar to today's 3/SWC train…..btw… also read that then 20th Century Limited,back in the days of steam locomotives, was able to continue without stopping for water by making use of water pans. Basically long metal troughs laid down between the rails on long stretches of straight track. They would lower a scoop of some kind and the high speed would allow the train to suck up water from the trough without stopping at a traditional water tower. I found that info to be quite ingenious for the times. As the comparison of the two linked timetables shows....when a railroad showed stops on a connecting railroad, the connecting railroad's timetable was almost always a 'condensed' version of the full timetable.... Yes if a train was operated by several railroads you usually had to get a complete timetable from each line to get the full schedule. And the equipment could be off and on down the line-- not all of it listed on each railroad, And not each station had a timetable for each railroad in the U,S There was no national timetable except the very bulky Official Guide. I know you are speaking of connecting trains but this could be within the same train itself also,
  3. You might want to change the typo from PRO to RPO. Lots of folks today do not know that RPO means Railway Post Office
  4. The Commodore Vanderbilt was also all pullman for years
  5. Bill Haithcoat

    Viewliner vs Superliner Roomette

    Persons who have to ''go' rather quickly and perhaps more frequently than most do appreciate in room toilets. Of course I could not possibly mean myself!!!!!!!!
  6. I agree with zephyr17 on the above as usual. Some of us remember the cruel and stupid case of the L&N discontinuing the Cincinnati to New Orleans Humming Bird in 1969 while passengers were on board in Birmingham eating breakfast with what should have been several hours to go At least the transition to Amtrak was handled with more class than that,
  7. Bill Haithcoat

    How viable would an Amtrak line be from Chicago - Florida?

    Of course within Chicago to Florida might be Chicago to Atlanta. At one time a very fine train known as the Georgian ran in addition to Florida. George Harris has already mentioned itt. Northbound it left Atlanta at 6 pm EST then Chicago next morning at 8.25 am CST Stops Chattanooga,Nashville Evansville,split to St Louis.. Southbound it left Chicago 4 pm CST arrive Atlanta 8,35 an EST. It had three coaches, a diner, a tavern lounge and three sleepers from Chicago to Atlanta. It also had a through coach and sleeper from St Lous to Atlanta. And a diner from StLouis to Evansville and a sleeper which went northbound only from Nashville to Chicago It was widely advertised as a business person's train because of it's overnight schedule. Today it would provide a much needed connection between the southeast and west coast trains.
  8. Bill Haithcoat

    Eastbound or westbound?

    The best scenery in the US is---hands down---the westbound CZ. shortly after leaving Denver.
  9. Did you google? You will find some photos that way.
  10. Bill Haithcoat

    How viable would an Amtrak line be from Chicago - Florida?

    For historical reference there used to be about six routes from the northwest to Florida points,most with more than one train they were Chicago Evansville Nashville Chattanooga Atlanta FLA Chicago Indianapolis, Louisville Nashville Birmingham Montgomery FLA Chicago (St Louis) Champagne Carbondale Birmingham Columbus FLA Detroit Cleveland Great Lakes Cincinnati Lexington Chattanooga Atlanta Macon FLA Detroit Chicago Cincinnati Knoxville Atlanta FLA Kansas City Springfield Memphis Birmingham Atlanta FLA and for good measure there was a train from Ashevlile NC to FLA and also from New Orleans to FLA
  11. Bill Haithcoat

    What is your mileage?

    Any chance your Southern experience included The Tennessean? I have an equipment question if so.
  12. Bill Haithcoat

    History Question

    To the second question, a clear yes. Union Station downtown served Louisville & Nashville, Nashville Chattanooga & St Louis Attantic Coast Linr,Georgia rr Terminal served Southern,Seaboard,Central of Georgia and Atlanta West Point Not much was said about suburban stops, not like Peachtree. Some would be Marjetta chamblee norcross, emory university austell there was no massive commuter train feeling at all but a number of small stops did exist mostly for mail handling I guess,
  13. Bill Haithcoat

    History Question

    Yes that is all that was left. Both downtown stations had been torn down, The various Southern RR trains that went NYC, WAS ,ATLanta NOL all stopped briefly at Peacthree and then downtown for the long station stop at Terminal station Those were also the only trains that stopped there..The Southern trains from Cincinnati to Jacksonviile, for example,did not go that way. Through the better days the trains that stopped at peachtree were:L Crescent nyc wash atl montgomery mobile nol Piedmont Limited same as above Southerner nyc wash atl birmingham meridian nol Peach Queen nyc wash atl Wash atlanta new orleans express wash atl nameless local wash atl The Seaboard also ran the Silver Comet and two locals but not through Peachtree Statiion l
  14. Bill Haithcoat

    What is your mileage?

    Timetables. I have them from way back.