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  1. I enjoy time on the train which is why I ride for no particular reason other than to ride the rails. I traveled the TE once last year from LAX to CHI. This March I am traveling CHI to LAX on the TE. I am planning a trip on the CZ and EB for 2019. I hope you are enjoying your time on the train. I am looking forward to my trip in March. BWI to WAS on the NE WAS to CHI on CL CHI to LAX on the TE and LAX to SEA on the CS.
  2. When fire rescue is searching and clearing structures or vehicles in mass casualty situations, they are marked as to not duplicate effort.
  3. Medic981

    On Board and Germs

    I would at least wipe down the table and door handle, both inside and outside the room, as well as the lock. These are the objects most likely to be contaminated. Your daughter has the right idea.
  4. Medic981

    On Board and Germs

    Actually, an antibacterial wipe such as Lysol should be used in conjunction with washing your hands. If a surface has bacterial contamination on it and you do not decontaminate that surface you will need to wash your hands after every time it is touched. I prefer the use of bleach wipes such as Clorox. Bleach kills more effectively, however, can only be used on hard surfaces due to the obvious bleaching of most fabrics. Norovirus is spread through contaminated surfaces from people not properly washing their hands after having a bowel movement. So many infections are spread through fecal contamination. The cruise ship stomach virus seen in the news from time to time is the Norovirus. The most common cause of gastroenteritis is Norovirus. If someone you love is puking at one end and squirting at the other, they most likely have been infected by a strain of Norovirus. Both vomitus and feces can transmit the virus of someone infected. Door handles are an effective vector to spread the virus. That is why before I go to the dining car I wash my hands for 20 seconds with soap and water. I then use my foot on the kick panels or my elbow on the push buttons to access the dining car.
  5. I ended up going to Amtrak.com and modifying my reservation. Instead of trying for a refund, I paid $29 to change my CHI to STL coach portion to CHI to LAX in a roomette. This did change my room assignment from roomette 2 to roomette 8, not to the lower lever roomette I was previously quoted. I called reservations and was able to get my assignment changed back to roomette 2. My reservation number didn't change.
  6. Last July I need to unplug to study for my nursing boards and I traveled in a roomette CHI to LAX on the SWC spent the day Santa Monica Pier and returned LAX to CHI via the TE. I enjoyed every minute of it. When I got bored studying I could look out the window and watch the scenery. When I got bored watching the scenery I went back to studying. When explaining my trip to fellow diners in the dining car I always got funny looks. I guess only train aficionados understand. My vacation this March is flying to BWI and traveling from BWI to WAS via NR, WAS to CHI via CL, CHI to LAX via TE, and LAX to SEA via CS. I am looking forward to again travel in a roomette with nothing to do, unplugged from the world.
  7. I have a trip from CHI to LAX via TE booked for March 2018. CHI to STL in coach and STL to LAX in a roomette. When I booked this the fare was $509. Today the fare is $451 and straight through in a roomette is $538. I called to modify my reservation and the agent stated that my original reservation would have to be canceled and I would have to rebook in a roomette on the lower level to get the new fare. What the heck!?! Any suggestions???
  8. Medic981

    SEA or PDX?

    Thanks for all the suggestions. I will post a travel log and let you know which route I decide.
  9. Medic981

    SEA or PDX?

    I will be traveling in a roomette. The purpose of the trip is to ride the EB. The origin city and destination city is just a bonus. As I want to ride the length of the route, I have never given a thought to getting off at SPK. Detraining at 0200 just does not appeal to me if I can avoid it.
  10. Medic981

    SEA or PDX?

    I am making plans for a trip westbound on EB this January. I am trying to decide between ending in SEA or PDX. With only $1 difference in the destination, I am curious what the forum thinks about the differences in the trip between SPK and the respective destinations. I have visited Seattle and Portland previously, so I am more curious as to the differences on the respective trains.
  11. There's a permissions issue with the link. Sent from my iPhone using Amtrak Forum No problems here viewing the links.
  12. Is the H room over the trucks on the viewliner as they are on the superliner?
  13. Depending on which way the Viewliner is hooked up, one of the Couches will face forward and the other backwards. Otherwise theyre the same. Actually the H Bedroom on a Viewliner is the Best Sleeping accommodations that Amtrak offers. Why do you consider the H Bedroom on a viewliner the best sleeping accommodation Amtrak offers?
  14. Medic981

    Roomette 02 is in a lower bucket?

    Ryan, After I posted I got to thinking about if I did occupy the roomette in CHI, how would I get the conductor to scan my ticket to STL so as to not loose my entire reservation. You make a valid point about "stealing" however, I am not sure if I see the difference between riding from CHI to STL whether it is in 421 coach, 321 roomette, or the SSL. If I have a ticket to be in the roomette after STL and no one is occupying before STL I don't see the injury done to Amtrak. This is probably not a good analogy, however, would I be "stealing" from the airline if I paid a coach fare and for whatever reason, the flight purser offered to upgrade me to business or first class after take off? This happens all the time on airlines for various reasons. Again, Ryan, I see your point, I just don't know what Amtrak's policies are regarding this matter.
  15. Medic981

    Roomette 02 is in a lower bucket?

    Bob, get out of my mind!!! I was thinking about each and every one of the points you brought up. Thanks for pointing these out to me!