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  1. George K

    Companion coupons for sleepers accepted now?

    Pardon my ignorance: How does one apply a companion coupon to an online reservation? I'm looking at some trips I have planned and paid for this year, and I'm wondering if I can snag a discount.
  2. George K

    Companion coupons for sleepers accepted now?

    Interesting. Once the ticket is credited, validated, or whatever, is there any way they can say "Whoopsie! We made a mistake! Our bad!" and charge you for the seat?
  3. My World Card posted the points plus the two point bonus on the 18th of December - I expect to get a similar bonus for money spent between the 18th and the 31st as well. I used to pay my real estate taxes for next year. My Platinum Card posted points plus the two point bonus today (closed on the 28th). That card goes back into the drawer. I used to pay my estimated 4th quarter income taxes a few weeks ago. Yeah, I paid the fee for using the cards to pay taxes, but was a lot cheaper than buying points.
  4. Here's a screenshot from PRR60's link:
  5. This promotion was too good to pass up. I spent a lot of money on non-perishables, buying through the portal whenever I could. I also (ahem) paid my 2019 real estate taxes and (ahem) my estimated income taxes using the credit card. Yeah, I had to pay a "convenience fee" for those two, but it was cheaper than buying points outright, and through all these purchases, I accumulated enough points for a bedroom in one zone travel. Oh, wait....
  6. George K

    Is this a good deal?

    I just got my AGR statement and my World Card statement. I got a *ton* of points.
  7. I was there last Thursday (6 days ago) and was impressed with what I saw. The new pictures are even better.
  8. George K

    City of New Orleans

    Kevin was the SCA on my 2nd trip on CONO. Great guy. I'm traveling in March of next year, and hope to have him again. He and Rion (who's no longer on CONO) are the best!
  9. Yep. I offered to bring her breakfast last year, and the staff in the dining car (politely) explained that this is the SCA's job.
  10. I've always felt guilty doing that. I'm fairly able-bodied, even at my advanced age, and negotiating those cars is not an issue for me. However, Mrs George has had a total hip, both knees replaced (most recent in November) and a total shoulder replacement (April). She' just uncomfortable with all the distance, especially going over some rough track. Empire Builder is not too bad, but when we ride CONO...yikes!
  11. Yeah, but we're spending 3 nights in Oregon, at Cannon Beach, so... I get that. I'm saying that you could take the EB to Seattle, and then transfer to the Cascades or Starlight to Portland. PDX-SEA is about a three hour ride, so unless you have a really tight schedule, you should have time for it. I looked at that, believe me. But Mrs. George wants to simplify. The thought of moving her rock collection luggage an extra time....oy!
  12. Yeah, but we're spending 3 nights in Oregon, at Cannon Beach, so...
  13. Nice. Mrs. George who has had both knees and one hip replaced finds that the hike to the diner on #27 is more than a bit onerous will be happy to hear this. Two cars are fine. Five...not so much.
  14. Not really. Thank you! Currently, we're booked in car 1130 on the Coast Starlight. I assume that's the car closest to the head end, amirite? On the Zephyr, we're in car 0632. Is that the 2nd sleeper from the front?
  15. I just booked our annual trip to the West Coast. CHI -> PDX. PDX -> EMY. EMY -> CHI. We're traveling at the end of August next year (CZ the first week of September. I've seen pictures of the consists for the CS and CZ. Are they still accurate? Mrs. George, who HATES walking through 5 cars on the EB to get to the dining car, wants to know. Last time I rode the CZ (September 2014), our sleeper was at the rear of the train. Also, is there an easy way to tell, from my reservation, which sleeper I'll be in on the CS and CZ?