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  1. punkrawker4783

    Amtrak Conductors in Los Angeles

    It does, a little. I didn't realize the Amtrak routes were split in LA like that, in Seattle and Portland the Cascades, Starlight and Builder all fill off the same board. In Portland, two of the bids is Starlight one way, Cascades the other (at least it used to be). Being away from home one night is ok. There are pros and cons to each, Metrolink is mostly commuters, better clientele, but commuter service tends to have a lot of split shifts, look at Metra, Sounder, etc, while the Surfliner is likely a round trip in the same day, but it can pick up some winners. The LD runs can pick up some *real* winners!! There is so much Amtrak has changed over the years that used to be helpful in providing info on the jobs to help make these decisions, but now it seems the interview is the only opportunity and there are questions you *shouldn't* be asking in an interview (your supposed to sell yourself, and looking needy with all these questions that cater to me, well....). Thanks for the info.
  2. I am curious if anyone on here has any experience working for Amtrak in Los Angeles. I have noticed there are two postings for ACs in LA, when searching the zip codes, one includes LAUS (Amtrak Crew Base) while the other includes the Metrolink yard just north of DTLA. Are ACs hired for Amtrak OR Metrolink, or are they interchangeable based on needs? Anyone know what work schedules are like for both sides, which side you prefer? I understand a new AC would start on the Extra Board, but knowing typical schedules helps make a deciding factor, like are a lot of ML schedules split shifts? Are most Surfliner schedules one day trips? Etc. Anyone with info or experience your info would be appreciated. I am looking to apply with Amtrak in LA soon, and I know getting a hold of anyone in HR to ask these questions is nearly impossible. Thank you in advance!
  3. punkrawker4783

    Looking for a Companion Fare Coupon

    This was me, didn't realize i wasn't signed in.