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  1. Yeah well, I have a job to get back to...
  2. Just rode the CL back east today. Breakfast boxes are so...disappointing for me. I have a fairly sensitive stomach in the morning and the fruit can make it cranky. The muffins are dry and frankly not all that good. The yogurt is fine and a good place for me to start. I usually hold the Kashi bar til later. I miss things like eggs or french toast. For lunch/dinner, vegetarian options are...very lackluster in the boxes. With the sitdown menu, there were typically two or three fairly nice things to choose from for us, now it's a rather lame wrap that isn't all that good, which is an unfortunate tendency with roast veggie wraps, they tend to roast all the flavor out into a mush then cool them, the resulting fluids end up mushing the wrap and...ew. Also, they collapse vegetarian and vegan options into one vegan option, which leaves the egg and cheese loving folk like me without. They could do a MUCH better job going with a Mediterranean style vegan meal if they wanted featuring hummus, olives, breads, etc. Even with a separated section of feta cheese that could be left sealed for those who don't want it. A 'build your own hummus wrap' sort of thing. Or a Garden Salad with options for egg and cheese wouldn't be too hard to put together either I would think. But they went with "just make some lame wrap for THOSE people" cooking. I went coach for the trip West and carried on my own meal this time in part because it simply didn't seem worth using the points on the room going West if I was going to get a blah mean or pay for my own anyway. I'm uncertain where (or if it's worth it) to provide this feedback to Amtrak...
  3. I took the CL from Waterloo to DC this week. Breakfast was "go to the dining car and talk to the guy at the counter." It was the usual dining car but not set up with cloths or service, etc. At the window station in the center you'd explain you were in a sleeper and there was a ticket to put your car and room number on and sign. Then he'd give you a big ole box and your choice of beverage. The box was more than I could eat that morning. A big plate of fresh fruit. Yogurt with more fruit and granola, a KIND bar, a Kashi bar, a muffin, a slice of some sort of sweetbread (didn't have enough flavor to identify but it was sort of like banana bread.) Maybe some other stuff, I forget. I ate the cold stuff and then stashed some of the other for later on because we were running late and I assumed the usual "no lunch service" on the CL despite the lateness.
  4. KVG_DC

    Waterloo, IN Station Improvements

    Waterloo is my regular stop when traveling home. I'm happy to see it getting more than a bus station shelter! It'll make the waits in the winter much more bearable than the "shiver in the car then start the engine up again." My dad says local TV was saying dedication/ribbon cutting June 24 but they may start using the building as early as late May. Right now it's moved but they need to do foundation work before they set it down. Then sidewalks, etc. They were talking about paved parking lot somewhere too rather than the "ram your car up the gravel hill along the tracks" parking they do now.
  5. Flannel blanket, inflatable neck pillow, thick socks, eye mask, knit cap (i hate having a chilly head). I'm all set for sleeping on the long haul.
  6. KVG_DC

    The Tradition of Named Cars

    Corporate naming right as a fund raiser? "Yes sir, you have seat number 34 on the Leidos car brought to you by Halliburton. We hope you enjoy your dinner at the Kraft Foods table in the Tyson's Food Dining car."
  7. KVG_DC

    Smallest Amtrak station?

    Waterloo, IN is pretty much a concrete strip with a bus stop style shelter. https://www.google.com/maps/uv?hl=en&pb=!1s0x8816194ae0b274f3:0xf412cc5666a40c1b!2m5!2m2!1i80!2i80!3m1!2i100!3m1!7e1!4shttps://plus.google.com/112367498554159941203/photos?hl%3Den%26socfid%3Dweb:lu:kp:placepageimage%26socpid%3D1!5swaterloo+indiana+amtrak+-+Google+Search&sa=X&ei=nOIKVf7qKMevggS45IP4Ag&ved=0CIMBEKIqMAo
  8. I always wonder what's going on inside. Are they sitting down to dinner? Did the kids do their homework? What's on TV? This is me as well. I'll spin stories in my head until I fall asleep as I speed by on the rails. Stories about kids growing up near the tracks who sit on the porch at night when they can't sleep and spin stories about people going by on the train until they fall asleep.
  9. KVG_DC

    SkyMall files for bankruptcy

    This is a very rough time for the printed magazine and catalog business. Not to mention newspaper's and books.... Amazingly, I heard recently that JC Penney was going to bring back their catalogs. I remember when receiving the old Sears, Roebuck, and Company catalog was an anticipated event. Especially for those in rural areas..... Of course! You'd be running out of pages from last years in the outhouse by then. As dad said, the worst part was when there were only the glossy slick pages left in the winter time...
  10. KVG_DC

    SkyMall files for bankruptcy

    The only time I've ever enjoyed the Skymall mag was when traveling in a large group on a long haul flight and we'd get into a group activity to find the most silly thing, the most pricey thing, the cheapest thing, etc. We'd be flipping through it laughing our heads off like some sort of crazed scavenger hunt.
  11. I'm sure they consider the locals a nuisance as well. But tolerate the tourists as tasty snacks!
  12. KVG_DC

    Amtrak trains and snow

    I'm more concerned about the switches in extreme cold than I am the snow for my trip back to WAS on the CL tonight. Oh and being out tonight in crazy windchills to catch the train at Waterloo…heh.
  13. KVG_DC

    Family in coach on EB

    I board at a rural stop on the CL when returning to WAS. I've made a habit of having the Amtrak app going when at the station so I can stay in the car until a few minutes before it's due at my stop then get out and be visible on the platform.
  14. Julie: I'm sorry, caller, I'm afraid I can't do that. Caller: What's the problem? Julie: I think you know what the problem is just as well as I do.
  15. Actually that train is usually pretty full this time of year with college kids doing holiday travel.