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  1. Look at the bright side. At least you still have your contemporary dining service to look forward to. I think that should be a slogan. Amtrak's Contemporary Dining! It's better than the stew!!!
  2. I guess he thought the guy was going to move. Well, that is the operation of the AEM-7DC and unless something dramatic occurs, we've seen the last of the ALP-44s in operation. Well, at least we'll have a few years of AEM-7AC operation out west.
  3. They've done it this way for years. I'm not saying it is the best execution but I suppose they want to center the pieces. If you want to complain about something, complain about that $15.00 toll and the fact that off peak hours have gradually disappeared. Petition that!!
  4. https://www.wthr.com/article/holland-tunnels-holiday-decorations-nightmare-those-ocd So, now there is a poll to decide whether or no they should adjust the decorations. My opinion is to keep your eyes on the road and the surrounding traffic. Then, you won't have to worry about causing a collision.
  5. Thirdrail7

    Solari Board at PHL

    Airports, airlines and roadways typically receive a higher priority when it comes to funding so that helps when it comes to modernization.
  6. Thirdrail7

    Solari Board at PHL

    I don't think this is just about railfans. In general, people like comfort and there is comfort in familiarity. When I'm in NYP, people STILL look for the "big departure" board (that has been gone for quite some time ) as a landmark and reference. It is familiar to them.
  7. Thirdrail7

    How early should I purchase an Amtrak Bedroom?

    I don't want to be mean to you, but you seem to react to the posts before you digest posts. I don't know if you're just eager, which is nice since you have a genuine desire to help and participate or you some times miss the subtleties. To answer your question, yes..the LSL typically operates with two sleepers from NYP to ALB and I am well aware the third sleeper comes from BOS, which is why I chose my words carefully: Using the coach NYP-ALB to a sleeper ALB-BOS is a viable option to consider when you are looking at availability and costs..particularly if you're waiting for a lower bucket to appear.
  8. Thirdrail7

    Solari Board at PHL

    Indeed....and there was talk of doing just that..particularly in NYP. However, by the time you do all of that, find space to accommodate the new board, consider the cost of maintaining both systems, especially when you consider this: Amtrak decided to just replace the boards with a new, modern system that also made its own robo announcements.
  9. So, did anyone go? Are there any pictures or ride reviews?
  10. Thirdrail7

    Amtrak's Roanoke-New River Valley Extension

    Based upon this statement: I'm thinking a rough timeline is not available. Virginia has whipped CSX into some sort of shape. I'm sure that if necessary, they know how to approach NS when the time is right.
  11. Thirdrail7

    Solari Board at PHL

    They have scrolling announcements that correspond with the information to assist the hearing impaired. The Solari board does not have any of those features.
  12. Thirdrail7

    How early should I purchase an Amtrak Bedroom?

    It would help to know what train you're riding. I'm assuming you're riding the Lake Shore Limited, which gives you more options for a bedroom. If you're riding the Cardinal, there are only 2 bedrooms on the train at that time of year. That cuts your availability by two thirds for most of the trip. So, if you're on the Cardinal, I'd consider booking now.
  13. Yes, because they've done a WONDERFUL job at enforcing the carry-on policy so far.
  14. If you look at that thread, you'll see I had it wrong as well. To me, no change fee should mean no change fee. If there is a refund, involved in my change, why should I get charged a fee for it? Seemed pretty cut and dry to me. There may be other agents that may have thought the same thing, since the policy was new. It wasn't until KnightRider appeared and slapped us around (asking if we were qualified....which I'm not) did it even occur to me that there was another possible interpretation. It was confirmed by the subject matter experts and while some agents may still not have a firm grasp (even though it has been clarified), you have still gotten on the board, pushing incorrect information....and insulting people that have attempted to do their jobs correctly by following policy., when it actually the people that are giving you the break that are incorrect. That's typically how it happens though. The only reason I said something is this the second thread in a week where you have adamantly declared the information wrong even after Neimes asked you for a reference which, of course you couldn't supply.
  15. I'm going to wade into this thread here and try to shed a little light on this matter because Cpotisch has gotten into the awful habit of playing jailhouse lawyer, and he's leading people down an incorrect path. Above, you once again take a barb at the agents, saying they get the most basic. stuff wrong. Cpotisch then proceeds to attempt to interpret policy...which he doesn't understand: Maglev, what is happening is Cpotisch is conflating two policies....the refund policy and the change fee policy. They are two different things and Maglev, you are unfortunately completely correct that a 25% refund fee can apply. I know this is true since we covered this in the Change means cancel thread (the link starts at my errant post.) Knightrider came in and correctly clarified the policy. I was confused and after this thread appeared, i ran it up (and I do mean UP) various flag poles and it all led to what KnightRider stated: Some places and methods of transportation supposedly charge a "fee" for merely changing or altering your reservation, order etc. In other words, if you called to change your seat, seat number or date, there could be a fee just for PERFORMING that transaction. At Amtrak, there is no fee for performing the transaction. However, if you receive a refund as part of your change, you now fall under the policy for refunds...and that means the particular refund fee for your situation will be applied. Just as if there is a price increase as a result of the change, you'd have to pay it. This is how the policy is supposed to be applied and that is why agents often impose fees. Personally, I don't like it and I think it is terrible. However, not too many people really give a rat's a(censored) about what I think is right or wrong....and A lot of the people that did, have been demoted. So, pay no attention to the jailhouse lawyers that do not have the application or interpretation of the policies, Maglev.