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  1. I would think the only thing Customer Relations might do is offer a voucher for future service in the amount you lost. It probably isn't what you want. I'm not lawyer nor do I play one on TV so I'm genuinely curious. Since it seems you purchased a tickets (making you a ticketed passenger), would this make it to small claims court or would the whole "binding arbitration" clause click in? The highlighted portions are what I'm wondering if they would apply:
  2. Thirdrail7

    Christie withholds Amtrak payments from NJT

    It looks like everyone is playing nice...but for how long? Please allow a few quotes from: NJ Transit settles back payments with Amtrak for $182M http://nj1015.com/penn-station-upgrades-planned-after-nj-transit-repays-amtrak-182m/
  3. Thirdrail7

    Viewliner side for the Hudson

    What relevance does that hold for a northbound train? That possibility will ALWAYS exist. Train 49 ran away from 449 last week and some passengers ended up without a sleeper. Trains operating into CHi were canceled in their entirety last week. The OP didn't even say when he is traveling and for all we know, the consist may be altered based upon what is occurring at this moment. OP: The bottom line is at this moment, the even numbers are the programmed to be on the Hudson view. Any number of conditions can cause that to change. Any number of conditions can cause the train to not even operate. However, that is the best info. Can it change the day of departure. Possibly, but not probably. Otherwise, cast your fate to the wind and don't move. The choice is yours.
  4. Thirdrail7

    Protect Motor at Secaucus now?

    It typically takes less than two minutes to get the prime mover started and ready for usage in diesel mode.
  5. Thirdrail7

    Viewliner side for the Hudson

    What kind of question is this? Anything can happen. Equipment can get shopped, tracks can get closed and service can get canceled. How certain is it that none of the above will occur and the train will actually run? Dead certain? Quite certain? Real certain? Pretty certain? Fairly certain? Kinda certain? Sorta certain? WE'RE AMTRAK CERTAIN!
  6. Thirdrail7

    AEM7 Retirement

    They are definitely the aforementioned Caltrain units.
  7. Well, because by law, Amtrak must carry insurance. Other carriers aren't necessarily required to carry insurance by law As such, Amtrak is forced to carry it but that does that mean the can sell it to someone else?
  8. Your "speed app" indicating you were traveling at 125mph was probably as accurate as this the speed app this gentleman was using. Before we completely hijack this thread, let's remember they attempted to certify the View Is and a few other pieces of equipment a few years ago. Some modifications are needed (something around the truck area) and the updated wheel profile is needed. However, the current regime is not interested in this right now, so unless something dramatically changes, the View I fleet will remain at 110mph for the foreseeable future.
  9. Thirdrail7

    #1 LAX Arrival

    Unless something recently changed, the NYP Lounge opens at 5:15am for 2103. That also covers the Cardinal, Palmetto on weekdays. It opens at 700am on the weekends for 2203, While that doesn't cover the Cardinal or Palmetto, they probably don't want to expend the funds for the staff, hoping that a day pass holder, or rewards plus member shows up to justify the costs since most of the sleeping car/acela passengers aren't out and about, with the one day exception of 51 on Sundays.
  10. Thirdrail7

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    It means long term out of service. In other words, they've been out for a long time and probably won't be back for a long time...if they come back at all. I do anticipate two of them returning eventually, one of them is questionable and the other is is unlikely. I guess you're not familiar with the old NJT ACES train. Well, the ACS-64 and the SC44 work the same way: ACS-64s are typically stationed at every start/stop point for electric service. Most locations have at least one protect.
  11. Thirdrail7

    Solari Board at PHL

    No one said that ridership declined specifically because of Solari board, flowers or even OTP. What they are trying to say is these things become part of a cumulative effect. In other words, the death of thousand cuts. For some, this is step towards modernization and updating the look and travel experience while for others, it is another brick in the wall.
  12. Thirdrail7

    Texas eagle incident near ft worth

    The lawyers would disagree. It is the railroads fault and they likely blame the company and engineer.
  13. Thirdrail7

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Right now, 4 are down hard. You SHOULD see two of them eventually and you MAY see three of them again. That would leave 69. It basically hinges on how the rest of the sets are powered but I think they could spare 10 engines to leave the corridor. If they could spare 14, we could actually return to one seat NEC-EMP service. Hell, even being down, they leased some to Septa a few years ago and they are now leasing some to MARC.
  14. Who said they are being stored? More importantly, with the winter consist plan in effect, do you really need a separate baggage car for two coaches and a sleeper when a bag coach will do? Why not get caught up on PM work and overhauls? Why not divert some of the cars to axle count (which is paid for by the state) and free up needed coaches? The extra bag on the LSL was a classic example of wasted resources. Not only labor, but wear and tear and fuel must be considered. Additionally, it is REALLY easy to track what goes into the baggage cars at stations these days. It is easier to see what trains are lightly used, how many bikes are checked, what express and.or mail is loaded and removed. The walk up, baggage lite program may not be as easy to track but they probably deduced that a full bag on all trains may not be necessary.
  15. The feds have finally exposed the NJT Lies. Will anyone do anything about it? https://www.nj.com/traffic/2019/02/dont-blame-us-feds-say-nj-transit-can-resume-service-on-suspended-rail-lines-whenever-they-want.html Don’t blame us. Feds say NJ Transit can resume service on suspended rail lines whenever they want.