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  1. Birmingham has a brand new station now with Amtrak and Greyhound under one roof. The old underground station is no more.
  2. merkelman06

    Hurricane Florence 2018

    The Crescent is cancelled as well according to the website if you try to book a ticket, yet it is not listed as cancelled in the service alert.
  3. I am booked on a round trip on the empire builder the week between Christmas and New Years. I was originally booked in cars 0730/0830. I just received a new ticket in cars 0731/0831. Wonder if they are removing the 30 car or why would they move me? No reason was given in the email with the new e ticket, nor did the phone rep have an answer.
  4. See Trains News Wire article: http://trn.trains.com/news/news-wire/2018/08/27-amtrak-says-it-will-not-run-trains-on-routes-without-ptc
  5. According to Amtrak Alerts Twitter, there will be no caretaker and passengers will not have access to the building. https://twitter.com/AmtrakAlerts/status/1031977600023977987
  6. merkelman06

    Empire Builder Timekeeping Struggles

    Im on 7 (21) we were 35 minutes early into Minot yet will be several hours late departing waiting for the inbound crew off of #8 that will be almost 13 hours late. We were moved off of the main line onto a side track where we sit waiting on a new rested crew.
  7. merkelman06

    Memphis Amtrak Parking

    Just a note to those that utilize the Memphis Amtrak station, upon leaving this week there was a note on the door saying that the parking lot will be closed and all cars must be moved by 7/29 or be towed at owners expense. There was no indication as to how long this is supposed to last or if this is permanent. No info on where Amtrak passengers are supposed to park in the future. No parking lots anywhere around the station really for long term parking.
  8. merkelman06

    New Amtrak Alerts Twitter

    Looks like Amtrak has launched a new twitter page for delays and service disruptions for LD trains and other service outside of the Northeast. https://twitter.com/AmtrakAlerts
  9. Wonder if this would be why Amtrak is running its first ever sleeper sale that I can remember? They know the fallout that would happen and want to lock in as many reservations as possible before the announcement.
  10. Anderson has said in a he past that Amtrak needs to be a good steward of the money it receives from congress. Yet they spend millions on 70 baggage cars then immediately start eliminating checked baggage stations. Spend millions on 25 new diners. Yet immediately removing full service dining on several trains. Doesnt sound like being a good steward of resources like he claims.
  11. merkelman06

    Change means cancel

    I guess that means when you call in and request specific rooms or two roomettes across from each other or three people in a bedroom or routings that are not on the website etc... it will cost more. If that is going to be the case, then the website is going to have to be greatly improved from its current state. Many tasks and request cant be made on the website in its current state.
  12. merkelman06

    Empire Builder in July

    I have a reservation leaving PDX on July 27 and I got a new e-ticket indicating a new arrival time into CHI of 4:55 instead of the usual 3:55. No reason why and the phone rep did not know either. I have a connection to train 59 in CHI. She the 4 hour connection has been reduced to 3. Does anyone know why the arrival time would be pushed back an hour?
  13. merkelman06

    Empire Builder Cancellations 4/12-4/14

    I also like the wording in the service alert that Amtrak posted on their website: "Customers with reservations on trains that are being modified will typically be accommodated on trains with similar departure times or another day. Amtrak will gladly waive additional charges for customers looking to change their reservation during the modified schedule by calling our reservation center at 800-USA-RAIL." Well the Empire Builder is the only train for 98% of the route with the exception of CHI to MKE so how can customers with reservations on trains that are being modified be accommodated on other trains with similar departures? There is only one Empire Builder am Amtrak chose to cancel it. So somebody going from WFH to MSP can't book another train with a similar departure time for example. They have to wait for three days until the Builder comes through again.
  14. Here we go with more cancellations. Thursday and Friday eastbound and Friday and Saturday westbound. This is getting ridiculous. These cancellations over snow are gonna kill this train.
  15. Was checking the price on an upcoming trip in May and noticed that business class is not listed as an option on the Crescent after May 1. Last day available to book is April 30. I am booked in business class to NOL on May 25th and returning a week later in business class. Was wondering if it was a glitch or is business class being removed?