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  1. Was there no better known river to name the car after? How about Shenandoah? P.S. I vote for Boozy Creek for a new "First Class Lounge" (aka a diner).
  2. Holly crap . . . . it's actually happening!
  3. Exactly. And how else are you going to build these new rail routes? It's probably easier to create a flying train . . . oh wait!
  4. We have discussed this idea on other threads and sites and I think the Delta One setup would be perfect on the rebirth of a "Night Owl" sleeper service. BTW - The FAA would not allow full height walls. Even allowing doors was a major accomplishment. Amtrak would have full height doors and walls for complete privacy and noise reduction.
  5. Yup, yup, yup . . . easy peasy. Just remember how well the NEC Futures Plan to build a high-speed bypass through Liberal Connecticut went.
  6. Agree (and maybe the best bet for a Delta One lie-flat seat experiment) BUT . . . does anyone think it would be better to rearrange the routes south of Richmond and run the train to Norfolk instead? Some population info: Norfolk (242,070) + Virginia Beach (454,846) + Petersburg (31,396) = 728,312 Newport News = 181,345
  7. Yeah, I had a speed app. I remember we were eating breakfast so it was northbound in the morning. I have never eaten in a Viewdiner. It was before their time. It was anywhere up to 10 years ago now and definitely north of D.C. We didn't maintain the speed for very long. I remember my coffee was splashing around and the staff had difficulty serving since we were bouncing around so much but they didn't appear to be concerned. I was very surprised since I was aware of the speed limit for these cars.
  8. Don't remember where it happened, but it did.
  9. Don't forget that the Viewliners ran with the heritage diners which were limited to 110 so that limited the entire train. BUT I was on a northbound Silver Meteor a few years ago eating in the diner and we were hitting 125 mph on the corridor north of D.C.! Apparently they can run that fast but we were bouncing all over the place and the ride was incredibly rough so it's more of a passenger comfort thing.
  10. cocojacoby

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Amtrak would have full height walls which are not allowed on planes. So along with full height doors, you would have full privacy and sound blockage.
  11. cocojacoby

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    The pending Car Length Over Couplers DCR has been withdrawn. "Single Level Car Review Panel Report commented that (there is) the withdrawal of the car length DCR" Any thoughts of what this is about?
  12. cocojacoby

    Cafe on the Star gets 5 stars

    Maybe they could at least give sleeper passengers a voucher for say $10 to use to purchase food. That wouldn't break the bank and would be a nice amenity.
  13. Yeah, I thought the concept of a Bag/Dorm was a brilliant idea. Get the crew out of revenue space and greatly increase revenue. This is just unconscionable. What the hell are they doing all this time?
  14. Actually cool to watch the freight drilling across the tracks.
  15. cocojacoby

    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    Do you remember the South Carolina Star crash? The way that Amfleet II Cafe Car bent in the middle caused many to ask if there is a weakness in the Amfleet frames that might be emerging due to their age. Never heard anything more on it but I've never seen a car bend like than. If there is a structural concern then it may be time to replace all of them (Is and IIs).