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  1. Most towns have more than one bar? Have you traveled out West in the wide open spaces?
  2. Actually, it was railroad.net, but thanks anyway for the advice. The trainorders poster took his cue from the railroad.net poster I think.
  3. Works for Amtrak, apparently. Said he: "when we know [about delivery], you'll know..."
  4. I don't think having a sleeping car in the consist is a prerequisite for having a dining car. I rode the Merchants Limited loads of times in the late 60's and very much enjoyed the dining service on it. Parlor car was very good too. But: that was then, this is now. Trouble is, Amtrak is probably unwilling to try and experiment with anything these days that would enhance the customer service. Along with the airlines, it's a race to the bottom, it seems.
  5. I read on another forum that these cars are billed to go to storage. Not surprised, if true.
  6. I know that; but this discussion is about Florida to Maine, not Syracuse to Boston.
  7. When you get past the age of 70, see if you're still singing the same tune. There are LOADS of senior citizens who like to travel by train have dispoable income, and who cannot--for one reason or another--handle their own luggage. Airlines have realized this decades ago. Amtrak?
  8. Palmetto

    Downeaster News

    IMO Kennebunk doesn't even need a stop. It's only a few miles north of the Wells Station.
  9. And Amtrak, in its infinite wisdom, carries baggage to Boston on only one train per day: the overnight WAS-BOS train. You'd either have to be on that train to get your baggage, or wait in South Station until that train arrives early in the AM. Very poor service.
  10. The Staybridge Suites is right across the street from the station. I've stayed at the Best Western a few blocks away, and it's very good.
  11. More like: being strangled to death.
  12. Doesn't apply to "proprietary information".
  13. Palmetto

    Cardinal questions

    Somebody on another board mentioned that as of November 8, the train goes to/from New York again,
  14. The thurible is off kilter.
  15. And who's gonna go for that? I would. And I'd pay a tax on a ticket, too, just like I do to fly. Or drive on a toll road.