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  1. So now that the Northern Spirits have returned to Churchill this week, it is that time again for speculation of travel through Canada. Since I only get 30 days of vacation at a maximum (unless I have rollover days), I may have to split the American rail journey to the US rail journey and the Canadian rail journey. I'm thinking about entering and leaving via Vancouver BC because of the preclearance (unlike going to Montreal or Toronto). Thinking about going from either SEA or PDX to VAC, taking the Canadian to Toronto, Corridor to Ottawa and Montreal, the Ocean to Halifax, back to Montreal then Toronto, Canadian to Winterpeg, Northern Spirits/Hudson Bay to Churchill and back to Winterpeg, Canadian to Jasper, Skeena to Prince Rupert and back, Canadian to Vancouver, and Cascades to PDX or SEA. Here are the classes that I might be taking: Biz Class on the Cascades, Totem Deluxe (Touring class) when available on the Skeena, Prestige Class on the Eastbound Canadian, Roomette or Bedroom on the Westbound Canadian between Toronto and Winterpeg, Winterpeg and Jasper, and on the Northern Spirits, Berths on the Canadian Westbound between Jasper and Vancouver, and Sleeper in the Ocean. And is it advisable to spend nights between trains, and the selections of the classes (I am leaving off Abitibi and Saguyney for Canadian adventure part deux with going in/out via Adirondack and Maple Leaf), and how easy is it to enter Canada by way of the Cascades (Not worried about getting back in as a US citizen)?
  2. In December 2016 I was on the eastbound EB that had three P42s that left Portland and Seattle on December 10, 2016. After the merger in SPK, it was of the following consist, as I recall: 3 P42's, Viewliner baggage car, Trans dorm, 2 Seattle sleepers, Diner (Seattle), 2 Seattle coaches, Lounge (Portland), Portland coach-bag, Portland coach, Portland sleeper (in that order). It was particularly snowy during my trip.
  3. The EB runs (at least in the past) with 3 engines east of SPK. Where do they get the 3rd engine in that case? And when the EB runs with only 2 engines east of SPK, where do the third engine (either one of the SEA engine or the PDX engine) go to? And how do the switching work at SPK (I've seen the ALB switching, but slept thru the SPK switching)?
  4. bmjhagen9426

    P42 Shortage?

    I'm guessing that it was possible due to reserve stock not usually touch. As for the beef stew, I'm assuming Dinty Moore (the kind you can find on some vending machines or at Dollar General).
  5. bmjhagen9426

    P42 Shortage?

    If that is the case, what about the freight engine in the lead if there are enough locomotives?
  6. My college's finance guy once said "We can't cut our way to success". This can also go against the principle of .99999 uptime rule (downtime less than 315.16 seconds out of 31536000). At least I can still buy my tickets at my local station (My local station is SAC, which is 2nd busiest in California).
  7. When I had issues with my Debit Card (I have Chase/JPM), I only had to call in to the fraud department to confirm that I made the suspicious transaction. My cards were yanked on the following occasions, and a grace period was given prior to it being yanked: 1. Mastercard to Visa switch (2014) 2. Magstripe only to Magstrip+EMV Chip (2016) As for bank verification, not familiar with that, and not aware of secret codes to email.
  8. bmjhagen9426

    Business Class in the west?

    On the CS, Biz Class is somewhat useful, but not all that useful. Seating (which may or may not be all brown leatherette, but only 34510 seems to have non-leatherette seats), bottle of water, $6 voucher (usually useless for overnighting), WiFi (where there's cell phone service) access to Metropolitan lounge in LA and Portland, and non-assigned seats (when Business Class is less than half full, or 30 or fewer seats sold). During the times when Business Class is less than half full, it is useful for overnighting, because more often than not, you'll have two seats for yourself. I have taken advantage of this fact when I used to frequently travel between KFS and SAC (but when 11 is late into KFS, no use for that voucher unless it gets into SAC at 7am or later), and great way to avoid the Boy Scouts crowd during the Scouting season. Travel between KFS and PDX is great as well, due to (usually) lower occupancy, a chance to use the voucher at the Cafe or Diner, and access to the Metropolitan Lounge. Same goes for CS BC travel within CA (LAX-SBA and points north).
  9. bmjhagen9426

    Crescents 11/10/2018

    It is still worth asking why the Crescent lost so many hours, though, despite the error in reporting.
  10. I have traveled with "too many bags", but this was never an issue to me. Having a lot of bags (more than 2 bags but less than 6): No big deal/check one or two bags when necessary Bags too big: Never happened Overweight: Repack and rearrange Too much bags (more than 6): Pay 20 bucks each to check the extra bags
  11. bmjhagen9426

    CZ #5 and #6

    How were the missed connections for the NB CS handled?
  12. bmjhagen9426

    CZ #5 and #6

    As of few hours ago, the status board at Sac Valley station showed #5's arrival (that was due today) at 2:53am.
  13. bmjhagen9426

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    Looking at the sources that you provided, it looks like there are two fires near that area: the smaller Bald Creek (18000 acres), and the larger Pole Creek (98000 acres), of which the latter is the more concern. The Pole Creek, as of yesterday, is 32% contained, and Highways 6 and 89 have reopened. Forests are closed, but residents may return home but are in pre-evac status.
  14. bmjhagen9426

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    That would belong in bizarroland. Only way to confirm/deny/debunk these claims and speculations is to check with the powers that be within Amtrak (e.g. conductors, OBS crew, and engineers that worked for the said trains).
  15. bmjhagen9426

    Utah wildfire disrupts the Zephyr east of SLC

    Perhaps due to the difficulty of containment/control, growth speed, and proximity to trackage. The nearest fire to Helper is 30-40 miles from Helper but it is windy so maybe you are right that it could travel fast. Also, GJT station is closed at that time of night, would someone be called to reopen? According to my source article, the fire was just east of Provo.