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  1. The SW Chief is the last of the Western trains to depart Chicago. How about the riders who had reservations on the Eagle,Zephyr and Builder? The timekeeping on 29 and 30 has been abysmal. I took 29 a week and a half ago into Chicago connecting with The Eagle. If I missed that connection my entire train vacation would have been ruined. I had three non refundable hotels and sleepers on every leg. If I had to be downgraded to Coach I would have been pissed. We are taking 29 connecting with 5 in April. I think I will arrive in Chicago the night before spend the night and take the next days train. I just dont trust 29.
  2. benale

    Business Class in the west?

    Very nice. Its upstairs from the rental cars. You can store your luggage. Muffins,coffee and juice in the morning. Snacks,sodas in the afternoon
  3. benale

    Business Class in the west?

    One of the only benefits to riding CS business class overnight is that you will probably have two seats to yourself
  4. Sometimes unsold roomettes will go to low bucket a day before your trip. I did a rail pass last year and grabbed great roomette prices at the last minute for sections of my trip.
  5. Coach the entire trip is tough. Keep checking roomette prices. A roomette for part of your trip is a good break and meals are included.
  6. One addition. As others have mentioned if you can break up the trip. Boarding in Toledo if on time you will get on around Midnight. Maybe a roomette to Pittsburgh, Coach to DC,sleeper from DC to Jacksonville,Coach to Tampa. This way you have a sleeper on the two overnights. You will probably be on the Silver Star which does not have a diner so if you book early enough a roomette would be under $200.
  7. Nothing is more uncomfortable than sharing a seat with a stranger overnight. If you were guaranteed two seats to yourself overnight Coach would be semi tolerable. If you can afford it a sleeper is the way to go
  8. benale

    Unsold sleepers

    When I rode Coach most of the time I would get a call from Amtrak to upgrade to a roomette for a very attractive price and I always accepted. I take it they dont do that anymore. The night before the start of a trip Amtrak knows how many unsold sleepers there are for the journey. Ive read all the comments and again.. If Amtrak knows a sleeper will remain empty the entire trip or a portion of it why dont they sell them at a discount to fill them? As I said a discounted sale is better than no sale. This seems so simple and straightforward!
  9. benale

    Unsold sleepers

    And again the woman calls the 800 number and is quoted a ridiculus fare to upgrade to a sleeper. So the sleeper remains empty. Again WHY? .
  10. This began November 5th I m travelling Amtrak through the 15th I paid for this trip with my card two months ago so I got triple points for Amtrak travel and it is still during Double Days. This is the first bit of positive news since Anderson became CEO Time to buy stuff.
  11. benale

    Unsold sleepers

    Exactly. Thats my point. A discounted sale is better than no sale. Make coach passengers aware they can upgrade.
  12. benale

    Unsold sleepers

    Again...a discounted sleeper when you want to upgrade from Coach is better than the room remaining empty. Just dont get it .
  13. benale

    Unsold sleepers

    Everytime I ride I notice many empty sleeping compartments. Why doesnt the conductor sell them on board? Im sure there are many Coach passengers who would jump at the chance to get a sleeper for the overnight portion of their trip. I never heard any announcements ever about sleepers being available and probably most of passengers in Coach arent even aware you can upgrade. So a lot of sleepers remain empty adding nothing to Amtraks pocket I am probably naive about this but isnt a discounted sleeper better than having it run empty producing no revenue at all? Im on the Texas Eagle now and many rooms are empty and have been empty since we left Chicago yesterday. What am I missing here? As mentioned,if the sleepers were offered at a discount and maybe without meals wouldnt that be better than an empty compartment? .
  14. benale

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    Sleeper passengers still have to pay for stuff in the cafe car. As I posted the breakfast box is very average and is a poor substitute for a hot meal in the diner. No matter how fly boy Anderson spins the new menu on the CL and LSL it is a major downgrade. For the price people are paying for sleepers its a downright insult
  15. benale

    Fall Back

    I was on the Capitol Limited last night. First post 2AM stop was Cleveland. They just stopped for an hour at the station until time caught up. They were actually on time in Toledo at 5,but lost an hour getting into Chicago. Thats not bad considering 29 is routinely 2 hours or more late into Chicago