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  1. SCbogey

    California Zephyr in March

    Check out http://trainjam.com
  2. #8 hit by semi 4/6/18 near Columbus WI. http://host.madison.com/news/state-regional/semi-hits-amtrak-passenger-train-in-south-central-wisconsin/article_119b76b5-9502-52c8-92d3-6ea0aae0c309.html Cars 3 (baggage) and 4 damaged.
  3. SCbogey

    The Canadian: Winter vs. Spring, 2018

    We will use this information in planning our father son bucket list trip on the Canadian, probably Vancouver-Toronto during the off season. Thanks for the help.
  4. SCbogey

    The Canadian: Winter vs. Spring, 2018

    Superliner upper berths are not easy entry nor easy sleeping. How do the upper Section berths on VIA Canadian compare to Amtrak Superliner upper berths?
  5. Would that certificate be 3/7 the size of the LSL certificate?
  6. SCbogey

    Pacific Parlor Car Fire 11/9/15

    No activities in the Parlour Car after fire. No wine and cheese, no movies, no bar service, no passengers sitting in the car. Of course, the sleeper passengers needed to pass through the darkened PPC to get to the dining car. Luminous strips were used to light the way thru the dark, cold car. Sitting in the car resumed the next day, without service, but I could still smell the smoke. The WiFi was moved to adjacent sleeper. Very well handled by the entire crew. Passengers evacuated from the dining car were later served their interrupted meal.
  7. SCbogey

    Pacific Parlor Car Fire 11/9/15

    I have been offline since the router went out in #14(9) Parlour Car Monday. I was eating lunch in the PPC as we pulled into Santa Barbara. As soon as we stopped, a cloud of smoke engulfed the chair end of the car and started filling the interior with smoke and have. Immediately, the attendant evacuated the four or five passengers to the SSL, and also evacuated the dining ing car to SSL. The staff clearly reacted well,as trained, to the incident, and I never felt endangered. The Santa Barbara Fire Dept were there in a few minutes Specifically, the PPC is named "Willamette Valley".
  8. SCbogey

    Amtrak Rider Surveys

    With arm rest or barrier between adjacent seats, yes. Without arm rest or barrier between adjacent seats, no.
  9. SCbogey

    Who in the world are you???

    Great to have another SC AUer aboard. Historic Summerville and the Flower market are interesting.
  10. Amtrak is federally funded public transportation. Other forms of public transportation are funded by various public government sources. As to "losses": Does the public sidewalk in front of your home, office,or business make a profit? No! Does the public street,roadway or interstate highways in front of your home, office, or business make a profit? No! Does the bridge, overpass or tunnel you travel make a profit? No ! Does any passenger train make a profit? No! Does any form of public transportation make a profit? No! Therefore the question is: Should all forms of 'money losing' public transit, trains, sidewalks, roads, bridges,highways, rapid transit, metro subways, city bus, etc, subsidized air routes, airport facilities, and annual maintenance of these entities, in front of your home, office, or business and used by your family, friends, and clients-customers be cut or fares raised?
  11. SCbogey

    Route map gone??

    Here is the interactive route map. It shows routes and trains by name, and can show fares by date.. It does not show up when searching Amtrak.com, or asking Julie, and does not appear on any Amtrak.com page that I can find. A web search will find it. Useful for planning LD trips. http://www.amtrak.com/interactive-route-atlas
  12. And it is not "fixed" yet. The TAG is for the Southwest Chief, not for Sunset Limited.
  13. SCbogey

    Amusement Parks visable from Amtrak?

    On CZ near Glenwood Springs, CO east of Amtrak station, there appears to be a small amusement park with bungee or swing jump, chair swing, and another ride, maybe others, all on top of the north cliff along the Colorado river. The rides seem to swing out over the steep side of the cliffs, offering 1000+ foot open air vertical under the amused rider. There is only a quick vertical glimpse of the park from the train. I don't recall its name, and don't think the park was there 10 years ago when I stayed in GS several days for rafting.
  14. Cross posted as above. But yes, the UP engine went to Chicago.
  15. SCbogey

    Union Pacific Leads Amtrak #6(17)

    I was in Car 0632 that trip. The #6(17) slowed several times then stopped for a 'reboot'. Apparently, the lead engine was the problem. We continued to Grand Junction CO and waited there for a while. Within an hour, UP engine was hooked up and led the #6 all the way into CUS. The engine was not swapped in Denver, as speculated by some. Speed appeared to maintain less than 79 mph. The SCA indicated the Amtrak train crew was operating the UP equipment. I can't confirm that statement.