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  1. The Princeton Township/Borough merger was a setback for the politics of the Dinky, but demographics continue unabated: the political power in Princeton which demands the Dinky is *massive*. I don't think they'll ever be able to kill it no matter how much they want to. Maybe eventually they'll convert it to light rail like they should have during the 1990s.
  2. This is an ongoing thing. There's so much money in the hands of a few billionaires and slightly more multimillionaires, who needs to go public? Staying private is the "in thing" on Wall Street. Honestly I'll probably have to get into private equity soon because the public stock markets are actually disappearing.
  3. There's an interesting reason to finish Merced-Bakersfield first; it's where *all* the opposition is. Popular support for the rest of the route is massive. The NIMBY supply is much smaller. This is another delay, but I expect the Tehachapi tunnel to be built next (despite all chattering to the contrary). There are a lot of interests which want that.
  4. In the spirit of promoting basic economic principles of railroading, I will say that any service to South Dakota should start with service to Sioux Falls, the largest city -- and frankly the only one worthy of service at all. All the other cities in SD are smaller than Ithaca, NY, so give us service first. :-) Agreed that Omaha-Sioux City-Sioux Falls would make sense, and it's pretty much the only route which does.
  5. Newark City Subway, RiverLine, PATH, and the NYC Subway all have interchanges with mainline rail. In NYC, it's generally only used for deliveries of subway cars though. Newark City Subway has freight activity, and RiverLine has *substantial* freight activity.
  6. They won't. Reinventing the wheel is never a good idea. BART ended up having to be redesigned to be more like traditional trains, because the aircraft engineers who designed BART were arrogant idiots. They didn't even understand why conical wheels were necessary and idiotically used cylindrical wheels (something only being fixed today with the most recent car order).
  7. neroden

    BUF - Depew

    Depew's a god-awful location. If you're connecting between the LSL and the Maple Leaf, you should either connect in Rochester (lots in walking distance), connect in Syracuse (lots in walking distance), or in Buffalo, get a taxi downtown and use Buffalo-Exchange for the Maple Leaf.
  8. Demand for sleeper compartments on the Boston side has been perpetually lower than on the NY side. It still makes sense to put a bag-dorm on the Boston end to replace the full sleeper (and raise prices on that side!) while adding sleepers to the NY end. Dunno whether they'll DO it, but it makes sense.
  9. Train wheels are conical, and they're *very specific* conical shapes. The exact shape of that cone is the "wheel profile". As the wheel gets worn down, it no longer fits the original wheel profile, and it has to be ground back into "true". If you're changing the "wheel profile", you do it when you need to "true" the wheels anyway.
  10. neroden

    California Trains?

    So, to take a different interpretation of the original question -- Rail Freak *may* have been wondering "What are ALL the train services in California and how can I use all of them?" For this, the answer is here: http://www.californiarailmap.com/ (It's not quite right. There are two separate Stockton stations, and a few things have changed since March 2017)
  11. Interesting. I'd assume they'd update the wheel profiles incrementally as they "true" them, since that's what you do with wheel profiles. I do wonder what other modifications were deemed to be necessary.
  12. Amtrak uses "Passenger Railroad Insurance, Limited", a Bermuda company which it owns entirely, to provide its insurance. Where do other operators go to get insurance? I've never shopped for it. I really was told you couldn't buy it. Maybe I'm wrong. I mean, *almost everyone in the railroad business self-insures*. What insurance company actually offers these insurance policies?
  13. neroden

    Daily Sunset Limited Campaign

    Think you can get Maricopa, Phoenix, or... I know it's a long shot... New Orleans?
  14. neroden

    "Park Car" - Under Cover

    Yes -- that's actually why they're called "Park Cars", IIRC. They had some formal official name like "observation end car" or something but they all had "____ Park" names so...
  15. Weird. The "new" menu is on the LSL, and thank goodness it is. I guess people going to Florida have different tastes?