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  1. Thanks, all! We're going to take the train from NYP to CHI! What do you guys think the weather will be like around then (the first week of April)? I noticed that the polar vortex is on its way back, and such. Any other thoughts on our trip also still welcomed! You guys are amazing. Thanks!
  2. Thanks for all the awesome info! Pondering my plans for NYC-CHI now! All further info is appreciated, please keep it coming! (Glad my avatar was recognised!)
  3. Hi all, Just looking for general tips/advice, and thoughts on a trip I'm doing soon. On April 3 I will be taking the Zephyr from CHI to EMY along with my mother. We're doing some travelling around the US together (we live in Australia). We each have a bedroom on the train, the whole way (it was only $1,500 total, which seemed like a great deal for two bedrooms? so we grabbed it). I'm wondering: a) What can I expect the weather to be like, both in Chicago beforehand, and during the trip? I've heard it's been pretty rough lately. b) Any tips or advice on the Zephyr? I've done the Zephyr in a sleeper with some University friends in the past (but in the opposite direction), so I'm not totally inexperienced, but any tips are appreciated! c) We'll be in NYC the week before we go to Chicago, and haven't yet planned on how we're going to get from NYC to Chicago –– we're currently considering driving, is that going to be wise? (weather?) Is there an interesting train routing you'd recommend? We're not super pressed for time, so we can explore interesting options. No problems flying either, but just feel like something more interesting this trip if possible! d) We're spending a week or so in San Francisco, before heading to LA to go home. We're currently considering taking the Coast Starlight from SF to LAX – is this a worthwhile experience? Any thoughts or suggestions are welcome! Thanks again, this forums is excellent.