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  1. Are the other Amtrak trains being diverted back to the original trackage around port defiance?
  2. edjbox

    Trump and Amtrak/Budget cutting funding

    I could see some of the states and localities getting more involved in helping to fund the LD routes, kind of like what's happened with the SW Chief
  3. I wish those viewliners can be used for revenue baggage service along that route. It's a good way to get extra $ for amtrak and they could use the extra cash.
  4. There won't be a need for the Hoosier State train and all this trouble with INDOT at all once the daily Cardinal debuts.......
  5. I remember last year Iowa Pacific was mentioned as being a candidate to operate the Heartland Flyer service that Amtrak operates now. That route I believe might be a better candidate for Iowa Pacific than the Hoosier State was, since it is a daily route, tracks are better, etc. Also, the current Amtrak Superliner equipment and locomotives could be better used somewhere else in the system rather than being stuck in Fort Worth (where no other trains terminate/originate plus only one other train passes through). Perhaps Iowa Pacific wanted to end their contract on the quad-weekly and slow Hoosier State in order to look at making a serious bid on a train like the Heartland Flyer. Unless Iowa Pacific is really in trouble (as mentioned earlier in this topic) they could make their Heartland Flyer work.
  6. Also in addition to discontinuing service to Newark, Southwest Airlines also discontinued service between BWI and New York LaGuardia in 2013. Right now there are no regularly scheduled commercial flights at all between BWI and LGA.
  7. Southwest Airlines discontinued their BWI to EWR flights back in 2012 due to NEC train travel
  8. Indianapolis (8400) was on train 98 on 12/4/16 on the NEC along with 4 private railcars Video is on the fb group Amtrak Northeast Corridor Railfans group Also mentioned on the trainorders passenger discussion for 12/4/16
  9. Indianapolis was seen in service on the Northeast Corridor on December 4th, along with 4 private cars on the rear of the train
  10. Any pics of the new diner in revenue service?
  11. Someone posted pictures of the move on another rail forum; "Annapolis" is the name of the dining car
  12. I believe most of the GE locomotives for the North American market are built in Texas now, while many locomotives and kits for the international market are built in Erie
  13. edjbox

    Heartland Flyer à la Hoosier State

    http://discuss.amtraktrains.com/index.php?/topic/67187-heartland-flyer-should-be-contracted-out-while-still-operating-under-amtrak-see-hoosier-state/ This was discussed earlier this year before this became official
  14. http://www.news9.com/story/32440060/changes-could-be-coming-for-the-heartland-flyer-service
  15. edjbox


    Anyone have a link to all of the FASTLANE grants from the DOT?