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  1. seat38a

    New Menus on #8

    Then obviously you'r not doing it right, you'r NOT charging enough, or you'r doing it for charity. As someone who works with graphic designers daily, in both web and print, they would HIGHLY disagree with you.
  2. seat38a

    Pere Marquette changes

    Well the better question is, whats going on with ridership the days you all are not riding. I see this kind of posts on airline forums all the time when a route gets cut. "But the plane was full when I flew blah blah blah." The better question to ask is whats going on the other 364 days when one of you are not riding the train.
  3. seat38a

    Emeryville to SFO

    Why don't you just book your trip to one of the San Francisco stops? The Amtrak busses will take you into San Francisco from Emeryville.
  4. seat38a

    United Airlines Lithium Battery policy?

    If you got enough discipline to follow the rules to the letter than yes its a badge of pride I guess. But based on United's last financial report, more and more people are paying up for ancillary so the question is, what was the TOTAL price one paid in the end after you add in all of the fees and stuff. From my own experience at the airport, I've seen many Group 5 people forced to check their bags and pay for it because its not a personal item. Generally, there is no gate check waiver for Group 5 passengers so you'r going to be forced to pay for anything that does not conform to United's policy of "personal item." So now, its a choice between having saved $10 dollars and paid $30 dollars to check your bag or you paid the $10 dollars and gate checked you bag for free or got it into the overhead bin. Personally, I think I got a better deal by paying the $10 extra dollars which also comes with the ability to select your own seat. Just because you saved $10 dollars up front does NOT always make it a good deal in the end after every dime has been added up.
  5. seat38a

    United Airlines Lithium Battery policy?

    Not sure about DL and AA but UA makes it VERY CLEAR that your in basic economy with bright orange mobile boarding passes. Some people on the airline forums have alluded to United using the bright orange as a badge of shame.
  6. seat38a

    Pin cards not accepted...

    You CAN'T. Just because we are talking about "Credit Card Logo" (Visa, Mastercard etc.) does not make your "Debit Card" a "Credit Card" or the other way around. It just means if the merchant can accept your card for payment or not. So when you see this sign: https://www.mysecuritysign.com/american-express-discover-mastercard-visa-logo-decal/sku-lb-2219 It means the merchant can accept your card if it has one of those logos on it regardless of what type of card it is. The system does not care if your card is a debit card, credit card or a gift card. It will go through.
  7. seat38a

    Pin cards not accepted...

    Go to this site (Barclays UK) and look at the card picture. It has the Visa logo on it. That is what they mean. https://www.barclays.co.uk/current-accounts/debit-cards/
  8. seat38a

    Pin cards not accepted...

    Well I guess the question that needs to be answered is does the OP have a Visa/MC logo on his debit card? If so, this sounds like this is a non issue. The station will swipe it or use the chip reader as normal and have him sign the CC slip. Now if it is a debit card without one, then it is most likely equivalent to our ATM card which Amtrak does not accept nor do I now many business's that do(Correct me if I'm wrong). OP is going to have to get cash out at the ATM and purchase with cash. I've run into this whole pin vs sign issue going in reverse where I've contacted my CC companies to get a PIN for purchases in Europe. Chase told be VERY CLEARLY that under no circumstances should I need a PIN for use with my CC unless its to take out a cash advance and any transactions that do use it will accrue fees and interests accordingly. I got back from 2 week in Europe yesterday. Before going, I read A LOT of info regarding how blah blah blah in Italy, blah blah blah in Germany for gas, tolls, and parking so bring cash if you don't have a PIN with your card. Well, I took out 300 Euros for "Just In Case" and my PINLess CC was declined ZERO times during the trip. Either the terminal prints out a slip for me to sign (Restaurants/Hotels) or like on the Autostrada and other payment kiosks, it just does not ask for either. OP's best bet is to contact his bank and see how transactions will clear in the US where PIN isn't used. Only the financial institution that issued the OP's card can give him definite information.
  9. So how does this affect United Club members? I wonder if UC members will still be limited to the former Club Accelas.
  10. seat38a

    Austin to California and back

    Interesting that they still have Asbestos inside the train. And instead of proper signage, someone wrote warming on it with a pen.
  11. Sleeping car passengers have priority so you might not get a reservation if busy. This happened on the Coast Starlight last winter.
  12. I'm hoping if it goes through, the cars will be spending some time at BeachGrove.
  13. I hope LOSSAN/Amtrak at least updates the seats on these trains and NOT keep them in commuter configuration. I'll take a Horizon car before taking a train with the uncomfortable seats they have on Metrolink.
  14. seat38a

    Business Class in the west?

    Sounds like you may have had just a lazy attendant. If something goes wrong, normally they will open up the supply of "delay snack packs" and hand those out.
  15. According to LOSSAN's latest business plan, LOSSAN is negotiating with Great Lakes Central Railroad to lease two bi-level trainssets to hold them over until the new single level railcars arrive. Can anyone shed more info regarding these equipment that Great Lakes Central Railroad owns? http://www.octa.net/pdf/LOSSAN_Business_Plan_FY_18-19_and_FY_19-20.pdf