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  1. Sleeping car passengers have priority so you might not get a reservation if busy. This happened on the Coast Starlight last winter.
  2. I'm hoping if it goes through, the cars will be spending some time at BeachGrove.
  3. I hope LOSSAN/Amtrak at least updates the seats on these trains and NOT keep them in commuter configuration. I'll take a Horizon car before taking a train with the uncomfortable seats they have on Metrolink.
  4. seat38a

    Business Class in the west?

    Sounds like you may have had just a lazy attendant. If something goes wrong, normally they will open up the supply of "delay snack packs" and hand those out.
  5. According to LOSSAN's latest business plan, LOSSAN is negotiating with Great Lakes Central Railroad to lease two bi-level trainssets to hold them over until the new single level railcars arrive. Can anyone shed more info regarding these equipment that Great Lakes Central Railroad owns? http://www.octa.net/pdf/LOSSAN_Business_Plan_FY_18-19_and_FY_19-20.pdf
  6. Generally, I try to fit a stay or two at Courtyard, Residence Inn, Springhill Suites, Fairfield Inn or TownePlace Suites which all have coin laundry on property. Last trip in May, took a small suitcase and did laundry twice during my 1.5 week roadtrip. There are plenty of hotels that offer coin laundry. The ones I listed are the ones that have them at Marriott properties. For my upcoming trip end of the year, I planned it again with 2 stays at a Residence Inn and another at a Courtyard just for the laundry.
  7. Well, before I make any decisions, I'd like to see a picture of what you tried to take aboard the train. Probably give us a better idea of everyones thought process. I mean in this day and age, even a simple flip phone has a camera. Hard to tell if the Amtrak employees were out of line or not without actually seeing the stuff you tried to schlep on the train.
  8. Maybe they should go a la United and send the passenger to collections for the fare difference. NOT
  9. Mid December. Nope. Never check bags on the train. I was forced to on ViaRail from Montreal to Quebec. Just out of curiosity are you planning to tell the immigration officer in London that you intend to abandon your trip early? If you do inform them it may be seen as cause for further suspicion. If you do not inform them it may be considered as making a false statement to an authority figure. I'm personally doubtful that this particular course of action is likely to cause much of a problem, but I've also witnessed the police boarding European trains and removing passengers in the middle of their trip in order to "discuss" something odd or suspicious. If you happen to have trusted traveler status even a minor immigration related dispute could result in the permanent revocation of your future enrollment. If it were me I'd probably refrain from volunteering any unnecessary information, and wouldn't discuss my savings or intentions with fellow passengers, but if i was asked specifically about my destination I'd be honest in my reply. From my past experience, they are checking for entrance into Schengen and EU and not a specific country. But if they do ask, I'm going to AMS and I just might during the ride have a bigger urge for Pomme Frites than Stroopwafel. Actually, they don't care. I've never been asked where I was going. They take your passport, stamp it and then toss it back to you. All the while the French immigration police is having from what gather a hilarious conversation with his collegue in the booth with him
  10. Well, Eurostar is charging $116 per person from London to Brussels. The ticket for London to Amsterdam, is only $58 dollars per person. The train to Amsterdam stops in Brussels Midi. Does anyone see any issues with buying the Amsterdam ticket and just getting off in Brussels? We are only going one way on Eurostar and heading to Cologne on Thalys the next day so no way for them to cancel the return portion like airlines do. I'm thinking its pretty safe unless anyone else knows something different?
  11. seat38a

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    Plenty of not so bright people in this world. How long do you think before some moron puts their food including the foil and causes a fire or damages? Or puts it in for too long and causes a fire and fills the car with smoke.
  12. seat38a

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Have we already forgotten about this case??? https://www.greatfallstribune.com/story/news/crime/2017/11/27/woman-suing-amtrak-montana-hi-line-rape-case/892758001/ Management fired him and Unions fought and brought him back. If firing is pretty much useless endeavor, who in management is going to do anything about the bad employees?
  13. I never posted the article and pictures earlier since I figured many of you who are bigger diehards than me would have already but I guess not.
  14. seat38a

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Personally, I think the SCAs have much harder job yet I've yet to encounter a surly nasty tempered one which seems to be pervasive throughout the dining car. The SCA's that I've dealt with were 95% exceptional and 5% ok. I mean they make the beds, clean the sleeping car including all the beddings. Clean the toilets and the shower, help move luggage and they CAN'T even get a full uninterrupted nights rest due to having to open the doors at every station. And as someone who worked for 2.5 years serving tables in college, the dining car crew has it pretty damn easy if you ask me. No heavy plates, hell even on some trains no metal silverwares, no plates to scrape, no long distances to walk(the dumbwaiter brings everything up), they don't even have to brew iced tea anymore, side work? Yeah everything stays out the whole trip. Plus full benefits and no consequences for surly bad service, I think they are over compensated.
  15. seat38a

    Amtrak workers fed up too...

    Other than on my first trip on the SL where Alice Wong was working and Veronica in the PPC last year, I've yet to have another dining car staff that I thought deserved a tip let alone their job. Its VERY HARD to feel sympathy for the dining car crew when surely, and "I don't give a $%^&" attitude from my personal experience seems to be the norm. Unless there is a MINIMUM attitude adjustment, don't count on a whole lot of passengers coming to their support.