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  1. Sauve850

    Question about Empire Builder

    I have traveled on both sides in a bedroom east and west and I dont think one side is better than the other. As stated the lounge car gives you all the views. Sometimes its great and other times its a bit of a zoo in there from my perspective.
  2. Sauve850

    Southwest Chief

    As posted you do get dinner but I like the oyster idea!
  3. I have been on Viewliners a lot. Bedroom and roomettes. In a roomette I see no way it interferes with plumbing or electrical. And I would move the bin and take a shower.
  4. Sauve850

    Safety Patrol Train 2019?

    The number of displaced passengers is minuscule this far in advance and they aren't jettisoned without options. Alternate transportation is available on the Silver Star which covers all but 6 Meteor stops. Of those 6 stops, 5 are covered by the Palmetto for travel to/from all points from SAV north. You're only displacing traffic from Florida to Yemassee to Fayetteville. Not exactly a hot corridor with middle of the night stops. At least the Safety Patrol tradition appears to be continuing, introducing the next generation to the possibility of travel by rail. Anderson could have just as easily pulled a Toys for Tots on this train, too. I agree with you. Its a deserving tradition for the children.
  5. I too could not make two weeks. I do travel with a backpack and one carry-on airline suitcase and can do 6 days. I go from west coast to se coast each summer with a stop over for a day in Chicago. I could not do that with several blazers however. My casual wear is Tommy Bahama shorts and a shirt and evening wear is a different pair of shorts and a long sleeved polo type shirt. A pair of jeans in reserve in case of cool weather in Chicago or on the train:)
  6. Nor have I ever heard of anything like that.
  7. Do you recall if your conductor was from Colorado and spoke German? I wish I could recall his name, he was such a card. I think his name was Brad but dont recall German.He was most entertaining.
  8. Well sometimes the food is "meh" and for sure the alcohol is expensive. Carry a small cooler. I travel in a roomette (alone) on Viewliners and they are way better than the Superliners. My last trip I too had great conductor thru Colorado.
  9. Sauve850

    Recent Positive LSL Experience

    For me it's not about insisting on eggs or bacon so much as the poor value of looking down at a single option cardboard box of cold food courtesy of a one way ticket that costs more than flying first class. I didnt mind the food and certainly the dining car itself didnt know if I was eating a cold boxed meal or bacon and eggs. Lots of people sat together like on any other LD train. I didnt miss having a smiling server or a grumpy one. I agree with your post its a poor value looking down at a single option.
  10. Sauve850

    Recent Positive LSL Experience

    Think the point is they had a nice experience and enjoyed the breakfast. I had a similar experience on the Cap from Chi to Was.
  11. What's so special about Johnny Rocket's??? Its a good burger, fries and malt place with of course many burger options and many other menu items. If you are a burger and fries diner type person give it a try. You shouldn't be disappointed:)
  12. Yes definitely store luggage and explore. A whole world of food at the station and food court on all levels. If Im taking the Star to Florida I tend to go to Johnny Rockets which is bad but very tasty for lunch. I pick up a sandwich or salad for my dinner and dessert for the train. Also something for breakfast in my food container which may or may not go in my small cooler depending on my purchase. Going to West Palm Beach that only leaves me to grab something for lunch on the train which I keep very light as the train usually arrives in time to go out to a nice dinner with whoever is picking me up.
  13. Glad the trip is going well. When you get to the station and exit McDonalds is to the left and Dunkin is to the right. Plenty of places for a slightly better breakfast if not in a hurry.
  14. Sauve850

    Menu Capitol Limited?

    While I certainly prefer a hearty breakfast I found for such a short trip this was ok from Chi to Was.
  15. Sauve850

    Silver Meteor Washington to Florida

    I was on a 2 hr late Meteor from WAS last month and everyone got $20.00. And the Acela lounge is just fine.