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  1. Sauve850

    DEN-CHI CHI-NOL Roundtrip

    As I recall there was a second guy in the hall. It was in the Reno area.
  2. Sauve850

    DEN-CHI CHI-NOL Roundtrip

    I was riding the CZ a few years back on my way to EMY from CHI. Single guy in a bedroom with a backpack and a small suitcase. Somewhere along the way a knock on the door and a badge was flashed. Asked if he could enter and I said no. Told him to go get my SCA as a witness and he could come in. He said never mind and left?
  3. I agree with your post(s). And the whining and complaining here gets so old with just the slightest changes before anyone has a chance to experience them.
  4. Sauve850

    Amtrak Announcements

    Yes 6pm is not 6pm unless they announce it. They repeat that very thing often but I guess people miss it and head down to the diner instead. I generally tune out the announcements till its close to my time then I pay attention.
  5. Sauve850

    New Menus on #8

    I owned a decent sized company and my motto about savings no matter how small was "it all adds up". And over the years it was significant to our bottom line and a benefit to all our customers and employees.
  6. Sauve850

    Best Bedroom on a Superliner

    Great information as lots like to know which way they will face while riding. I dont much care which way I face as I mostly lay on the bedroom couch with a bunch of pillows and watch it all go by. Im just happy to be on a long distance train.
  7. Great trip report and pics!
  8. Sauve850

    Tipping question (station agent/staff)

    This has been covered in depth on AU for years . I travel long distance trains primarily in a bedroom and some in roomette. Im a low maintenance passenger. If the SCA helps me with luggage boarding (rare) or detraining ( most of the time) I factor that into the tip. I usually ask for some ice each day and expect my bed to be put down or up in a reasonable time frame that I have already discussed with the SCA. I usually hit the call button when heading to breakfast as a heads up. And usually have bed put down when at dinner. Seems to work for me. I think 5-10 per day per person is ok. I have had SCA's that come in and clean my room (vac, empty trash etc) each day and that warrants more of a tip. If you have meals in your room I would tip extra at the time service is received. I never tip in advance for service not yet received. As far as the dining room meals I tip as I would in a restaurant. It depends on the service I receive. Can range from little to 20+%. Service in the dining room is all over the board at times. Some people tip heavily at breakfast thinking that lunch and dinner service will be much better. Ive seen little success with that strategy. I dont use Red Caps so cant help on that one.
  9. Both have great scenery. Odds are better west to east for on time but.... I would prefer the longer overnight from Denver as even nighttime has great scenery looking at the stars and the small towns as they go by.
  10. On my way home to Florida each year from out west I take whatever train to Chicago and overnight there. I do it specifically to have a Chicago "thin crust" pizza from a place called Pizanos. So good.
  11. Possibly most wish to be away from horn. No matter where you are on the train even if you don't hear the horn you may hear ding, ding, ding, as you pass a road with crossing gate. I have traveled so much Im sure i just got used to it.
  12. I agree with you. Grew up next to the tracks and loved the trains. I just don't notice the horn that much no matter what sleeper i'm in. And I carry ear plugs just in case but have only really used them for neighbor type noise.
  13. I like the idea of more items for dinner but trying to envision breakfast items set up on a table and self service? People putting food on their plates and heading for a table while others going back for seconds in opposite direction? Hmm. Buffets are notorious for health issues mostly because of people handling the same serving utensils, etc. Ill certainly be interested to hear comments after this pays out for a bit.
  14. I think 3 is fine. Ive been it almost all the rooms and no complaints.
  15. Sauve850

    EB or CZ bedroom to Chicago

    $763.00 for a bedroom SEA-CHI ? Ill look again I guess. Tks.