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  1. Great, another pilot weirdo. Don't we have enough of you people?

    Ningbo to Nanjing

    I just finished my trip and I have to say the Chinese trains are quite impressive. They were fast, smooth, and on time. The biz seats were nice too. Now if only we could have this in the US... When we got down to the platform one of my first officers stated we must not be on a high speed since all the track was just simple steel rails. High speed trains after all have to float on magnets. I had to go all AU on him and explain curvature and grade seperations and all that. I definitely got to fly my train geek flag.

    Ningbo to Nanjing

    I’ll have a biz class ticket since this is a business trip paid by the company. I’m sure after this the Cascades will never again measure up :-(
  4. I’ll be deadheading tomorrow from Ningbo to Nanjing, China via one of the high speed G trains. Anyone here with Chinese HSR experience have any tips or useful knowlege to share for a first timer on this system?

    Are You Afraid Of Flying?

    A few months back I was on a double crew with a check airman and his student. One our first leg, IST-KWI, the student had a hard landing. And when us pilots say 'hard landing', we mean it was hard enough that the ride along mechanic has to inspect the aircraft to make sure nothing cracked or fell off. On our second leg, KWI-DWC, another very firm landing. At this point the mechanic and loadmaster are getting visibly annoyed at having to suffer through these controlled crashes. So here comes the third leg, DWC-IST. We're coming in and I'm in the back since as a relief captain I did most of the enroute flying, and I look over and the mechanic and load are holding on for dear life. Well it was a perfect smooth touchdown. 'Finally' the load yells. I didn't want to but had to inform them it was the autoland. It is a requirement to do at least one during training.

    Checklists are for wimps

    Can't speak for the 73, but on the 74 no action at all is required to set the pressurization. (except turning the packs back on after engine start, but in India you'd notice quick if you left those off) Now if there's a switch out of its normal position when the crew arrives (say outflow valve set to manual and full open) then that could be missed if they were rushing through their cockpit setup and not paying attention to their flows. But even then, the EICAS (airplane computer that warns you of danger) will tell you if you're in a nonstandard configuration like that.

    Stolen and crashed Horizon airliner

    There was another incident a few years later where a man flew his airplane into the IRS building in downtown Austin.

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    You're talking to the wrong people in the wrong segment. For those of us who fly business, and for those businesses who employ us, this is a huge deal. Or go ask anyone working in the tourism industry what it means to a city the more connections it gets.

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    Are we talking most travelers, or just you and where you want to go? Because a lot of travelers like going to/from Europe and last I checked doing it in two legs (direct LHR/CDG, then connect to the rest of the EU)is definitely easier than three (EWR/JFK/ORD/IAD, then LHR/CDG/AMS, then connecting). Something I was going to add before this started going off topic, but both LSE-ORD and MSP-MKE are single airline routes.
  10. XHRTSP

    Stolen and crashed Horizon airliner

    We in the industry would refer to the Q400 as a turbine, not as a jet.
  11. XHRTSP

    Advice for First-Time Flyers

    No we don't do that, that's not how noise abatement works. If there is a large noticable thrust reduction, followed by a spool up back to climb power, it's due to a momentary level off. That could be for airspace considerations, crossing traffic, or other reasons, but not noise abatement.
  12. XHRTSP

    Advice for First-Time Flyers

    It is perfectly acceptable to let the ticket agents, TSA, gate agents, flight attendants, etc know that you are a first time flyer. If there is any confusion as to where they need to be going, or what they need to be doing, they should just speak up. Everyone who flies has a first flight, people understand. On the return leg, SEATAC has some great restaurants. Try Anthony's, Beecher's, Dilettante...
  13. I always get first on my carrier, but all we have are first class seats and bunks. When deadheading international legs greater than three hours on passenger airlines we're contractually obligated to business class or better. This particular flight on Delta was LAX-SEA, so it was my status that got me the upgrade. A few times when jumpseating I've managed to get first class. It's been more likely on RJs, but at least twice on mainline when the load was super light.
  14. What is this 'line' you speak of? Where I am you basically bid what days you want to work, and if you're lucky where you start your trip from. Now that I made captain and am at the bottom of the list again, I can barely manage even that.
  15. If you're still interested in hauling boxes, we're still hiring like mad on the 74... Interestingly, I got upgraded to first on my commute home today. Never had to bribe anyone and didn't even find out until I scanned my boarding pass at the gate.