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  1. I must vote for CUS - I was literally raised there. Creston IA - folks trying to make there world better -wonderful station agent I can also speak highly for the OLD Denver, LAX and NYC
  2. andersone

    Glacier National Park

    She Who Must Be Obeyed and I had a lovely trip to Glacier on the train in 2014. You can view my blog post of it here http://glacier2014esa.blogspot.com/2014/11/the-glacier-journal-somewhat-of.html?spref=fb Although we did not get in until 4 AM, the folks at the Glacier Lodge picked us up and got us to our rooms. In the morning we marveled at the lobby, had a great breakfast, then the rental car folks picked us up and we were on our way. We headed to Two Medicine and took the boat ride, the first of four wonderful water trips. When we finished we headed to Many Glacier for a marvelous room with a balcony on the lake. A grand old hotel, I had stayed there in the 60's with m folks and it was just as marvelous. We had the boat ride not only on Swiftcurrent and Lake Josephine. Even though she had a boot from a foot injury, she made the hike with no issue. The next day we drove down to Lake Mary for another stunning boat ride. We finished it off with an out of the world chicken dinner (Sunday only) and returned for sunset on the lake.We took the Red Bus tour to Logan Pass and loved it. The next day we drove GTTSH and I was out of my element. We survived and had a wonderful lunch at Jammer Joe's Grill a the hotel in West Glacier, although we chose to stay at the Belton Chalet. The meal was very good. I played golf the next day at Valley View and loved it. We took the Trail of the Cedars and loved it. Lunch at the Lake MacDonald lodge was good. We drove back to East Glacier that evening, stopping at the Izaak Walton Inn. Best meal of the trip, but I wish we had stayed there. A final wonderful evening at the Dancing Bears Inn. We dropped the renter at the train station in the morning to get back on the EB for our return. Enjoy your travels !!
  3. andersone

    CONO Sleeper Bucket Puzzle

    Only way I know to get to Memphis.
  4. andersone

    Izaak Walton Inn, Essex Montana

    The NPS Rangers have a safe bear spray training video on YouTube. We carried it religiously in YNP and Glacier. It is outlawed in Yosemite and there is a fine for leaving food in a vehicle there. Enjoy the trip
  5. andersone

    Izaak Walton Inn, Essex Montana

    She Who Must Be Obeyed and I stopped at the Izaak Walton in 2014 for dinner headed for East Glacier to catch the EB. I only wished we had stayed for the night and caught the train there !! She had the Stroganaff and I had a pork chop to die for. You can read my blog of that journey here http://glacier2014esa.blogspot.com/2014/11/day-8-august-12th-glacier-view-golf.html We had a wonderful time on our trip, and the recommendation for the Belton is spot on. GTTSR will be closed but the Red Bus was awesome. Don't miss Two Medicine on the East side. I can also heartily recommend the boat trips. Enjoy your trip, I am jealous.
  6. for the old timers FORGOTONIA UNITE I am showing my age again
  7. andersone

    Trains 5 and 6 in California Jan 20 - Service Disruption

    I have seen Donner Pass with fifteen feet of snow, hope you get to see it as well.
  8. andersone

    Travel insurance?

    I almost always get travel insurance, especially for LD trips. Last year I had a big junket bought and then had a stroke, making travel impossible. My TA took care of many of the cancellations. I had to send verification of my hospital stay to Amtrak and they took care of everything. Some of the hotels were not as kind. If it is available, I buy it for LD trips. Enjoy your journey
  9. andersone

    Christmas Tree in Roomette

    Great idea,, although I will pass on the caroling,, Hope all have a happy holiday
  10. Wrap a yard of duct tape around a pencil. Bring a surge suppressor. Bring a short extension cord with multiple outlets. Enjoy the scenery. Share your experiences when you get back.
  11. An everyone laughs when I ask for a sarcasm font
  12. andersone

    Winter travel:

    I once got to see Donner Pass with 18 ft of snow. I will never forget it.
  13. andersone

    Amtrak Status Maps Milestone

    Well done, thanks for all your work on this
  14. andersone

    Chicago Metropolitan Lounge

    I use a very simple trick,,,, taking wire tires for the zips, i have also been known to wire tire the bag to something fixed. Not that more than a pocket knife is needed (make sure you have something to cut them with yourself) it they tug on one they have to drag two or three. We also have a Kyss back (locking chain in the handle) most often used in hotel rooms, not Amtrak.
  15. andersone

    Midwest corridor rolling stock/motive power replacement

    As an Ohio resident, I cannot absolve Kasich. Maybe they will nominate him for prez and we can say good riddance. I would love to be able to get to Cleveland rather than rely on the 3 day / week Cardinal. I would much prefer a daily Card, but as Mother used to say "If wishes were horses then beggars would ride."