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  1. Both my card and my wife's card received all of the points due with no problems.
  2. Tony in Ann Arbor

    30th street updates (lounge and food)

    We were in the Club Acela in DC on Wednesday (14th) where we observed and used the new furniture. The first chair I used had a vinyl or something similar covering and was slippery and not conducive to sitting without effort. A second with a different shape and covering was fine and the third was better than the first and not as good as the second. It did appear new and clean
  3. We parked there in March. It's the same as it has been for years - lighted, safe, and free. Tony
  4. Tony in Ann Arbor

    Colorado and Back

    We have ridden the Zephyr or Chief about once a year for the last fifteen years. I don't remember them backing in at the end of the trip for the last eight to ten years.
  5. Tony in Ann Arbor

    Amtrak's New "Fresh Choices" Dining on CL & LSL

    I have no problem with the dining car personnel on the Cardinal but we have stopped riding it because of the menu selections, quality of the food, and poor planning and stocking practices. I don't care for for the proposed choices (at least the menu we have seen) for the Capitol and Lake Shore, but emulating the Cardinal's menu is only a minor improvement on those choices.
  6. Tony in Ann Arbor

    I'm on my way home, on my way home... LSL and EB

    Enjoyed your reports and pictures, The chance to see the areas in daylight that you did seems to me a fair trade (that I would take at least one time) for the late train. Tony
  7. Re: Dinner on the Coast Starlight We were on the Starlight December 23rd. Even though we ran about two hours late, there were only two (possibly three) dinner times beginning at 4:30. Tony
  8. Tony in Ann Arbor

    Tacoma bypass begins 12-18-2017

    We will be on the Coast Starlight going through the new bypass shortly after the 18th and have received a new ticket and an apologetic recorded telephone call about the change in our itinerary except it is unclear what they are apologetic about. It seems to be about the change in ticket, not about missing one of the truly nice sections of the trip along the coast, or maybe because we are now scheduled to arrive in Seattle 21 minutes earlier.
  9. Tony in Ann Arbor

    Chicago Layover

    We get to the Greek Islands restaurant http://greekislands.net/at least once a year during an Amtrak trip. We learned of it four or five years ago from this site. Great food, service, and atmosphere.
  10. Tony in Ann Arbor

    No smoking at MKE platform, effective May 2017

    On Sunday, May 21st, Milwaukee was neither a smoke stop nor a fresh air stop for train 7 - we we on time or close to it so it was not a timing problem.
  11. Nice pictures and nice exposure for Amtrak in the Denver Post. I did get a bit tired of reading the distance and time of the trip under each picture.
  12. Tony in Ann Arbor

    The Accidental Round the World Trip

    Best wishes as you begin a fantastic trip. Tony
  13. Tony in Ann Arbor

    Capitol Limited - current consist?

    CL 29 yesterday (1-26-2017) had one locomotive, coach (for short hauls), coach baggage, SSL, CCC, and two sleepers at the rear. CL 30 (1-25-2017) appeared to be the same.
  14. Tony in Ann Arbor

    AGR site: No transaction found

    Both mine and my wife's are working well.
  15. Tony in Ann Arbor

    California Zephyr over the Holidays

    Glad you enjoyed your trip. Your photos of San Francisco are very good and very interesting. You made good use of your days in the city, Thanks for sharing.