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  1. Anderson, great work in tallying all of that! Very interesting results-- I'm particularly surprised that the weekend ridership is so much higher yet the frequencies are much lower; as you've alluded to, it seems like they would benefit from more weekend trains. I've been trying to replicate Brightline's forecasted financial statements using the various reports out there today; once I get that in a better position, I'll share the Google Sheets link on here. From my preliminary analyses, Brightline is aiming for a ~62% load factor and ~$1.02 per passenger mile. This is (I'm sure not coincidentally) very similar to Acela's 61% load factor and $0.92 per seat mile last year. Brightline also has some ramp up assumptions in their reports so I'm expecting that I can derive some estimate of load factor and revenue per seat mile within the initial stages as well to see how it compares with your sample findings. Though Brightline doesn't need a 60%+ load factor to succeed, it does seem like they are still a far cry from reaching those types of numbers on a consistent basis.
  2. If I recall correctly, I believe that the Eastern Flyer got delayed once Iowa Pacific won the Hoosier State service. I can't seem to find the article that I remember but here's one link that talks about why it was delayed: http://www.tulsaworld.com/opinion/readersforum/bob-d-rounsavell-is-the-passenger-train-just-around-the/article_d6e71b71-09fd-5396-8a0b-8dd833b4d436.html