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  1. That's what I do too. If I have to spend money on something, I try to put it on my AGR card. I even set up some of my other bills for auto payment on the card. I had been waiting to get a new bed, but as soon as I got my card I went and got a new one (a Tempurpedic) and charged it on the card. When I signed up, the promo was 18000 pts with first purchase and another 18000 if you spent $2000 in the first 3 months. Thanks to the bed, got all my bonus points the first month! So far I've cashed in points for 2 1-zone bedrooms and I still have enough left over for a roomette.
  2. Apply for the card. If you get it, then book the roomette with your bonus points. I've tried just 1 night in coach a few times and find it a miserable experience if I have to attempt to sleep there. My 20 yr old bf just took coach from LA to PDX and had a miserable time. Not only could he not sleep in those seats, but he also had his camera stolen while he was in the restroom. Trust me, you will not regret getting the roomette. And best of all, since it's a 3 day trip, sleepers have showers. Coaches do not.
  3. -Jamie-

    Points for shopping - Alaska Airlines

    !@#$%^ I just booked a freaking flight! Grrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!!!!!!!!
  4. That's good to know, since we usually board at unstaffed stations and the machines can never find our reservations. Does that go for coach and accommodation fares on LD routes as well as regular fares on regional lines?
  5. I believe his dad did file a claim with the insurance. Not sure if they'll get anything from it or not. Only time will tell. He just heard back from the Portland PD and they denied his police report. Not sure what exactly that means since I haven't spoken with him about it yet. He said it had something to do with the fact that he was on a train at the time. I guess since technically he wasn't in Portland at the time that the Portland PD doesn't have jurisdiction.
  6. I believe he was in the SSL at the time. That's a very good idea. We'll have to look into doing that if any of us have to ride coach again. My bf mentioned that when the group started doing the drugs that the guy who was staring at them said something to them. He wasn't sure what was said, but was under the impression that it was "don't move". They didn't want to give these guys any impression that they were about to narc on the group, whether they were or not, for fear of getting stabbed or something. That's why it took 5 hrs for them to leave the car. They even missed dinner because of it.
  7. They didn't get up and leave sooner because they were afraid to. And I didn't say that the drug us was going on for 5 hrs straight, it was just the uncomfortable situation and the staring. It took my bf and his friend that long to work up the courage to get up. I don't know what the excuse was, but it was at that time that the car attendant moved them to another coach car.
  8. Amtrak does have a policy! It's called "Stopping at the nearest suitable location - even a grade crossing - and handing the offenders to the waiting Police to deal with"! See, that's what I thought! But the bf kept saying that they can't do anything without probable cause.
  9. While it's true "if they had been watching that group", but why would they watch one group and not another - unless someone mentioned something to a crew member? (And you stated he did not.) I'm certainly not condoning what happened, but it was your bf's fault (at least partially) for leaving it unattended. I doubt if you left a camera on a bench downtown and came back 30 minutes later that it would be still there. I admit I have left my netbook unattended (plugged in and running) in coach when I went to the rest room - but only after I sized up those around me. This group to me as described does not seem trustworthy! I had told him to report it to the conductor or at least the car attendant yesterday, but he never did. I would think the have a policy against illegal drug use on board and would do something about it, even if that something is just watching them. Once again, 100% bf's fault for not listening to me. At least he didn't have his whole backpack stollen. He still had his computer, iPod and cell phone.
  10. I would have just told them what I saw so they could keep an eye on them. I would think if an employee caught them doing something illegal then that would be cause to alert the authorities and have them removed from the train. Then they wouldn't have been around to steal his camera. I don't expect them to stop the train just on suspicion of theft. I'm kind of surprised they even made that announcement. I'm sure the staff did what ever they legally could. Of course, if they had been watching that group the theft might have been prevented. Still 100% my bf's fault for being an idiot though. Too bad there's not a pill to cure irresponsibility.
  11. My boyfriend just got off the #14 Coast Starlight in Portland after the worst trip. He insisted on traveling coach to save money and to avoid TSA, but is now paying for it immensely. It was a great trip until a sketchy group of people boarded his coach late afternoon yesterday. Their coach was pretty much empty other than this group and my boyfriend and his friend. He told me that as soon as the conductor and car attendant were gone some of the group unrolled these mats and started doing lines of coke while the others proceeds to stare at my boyfriend and his friend watching their every move. After 5 hrs of enduring the scrutinization, my boyfriend got moved to a different coach. If that weren't bad enough, today he made the stupid mistake of leaving his $2000 camera in his backpack unattended at his seat while he went to the restroom. When he came back, his backpack was open and his camera was gone. Apparently he had his camera out yesterday taking pictures when the group got on and one of them commented on what a nice camera he had. UGH!!!!!! He notified the attendant and the conductor, but there's nothing they can do without probable cause. They made an announcement threatening to stop the train if it wasn't returned, by can't ACTUALLY stop the train. UGH!!!! I told him yesterday he should have told the conductor what he saw. If he had listened to me maybe this wouldn't have happened. I love him to death, but he really is an idiot sometimes. NEVER leave valuables unattended in coach or out in the open in the sleepers. Just common sense. Sorry about the rant, but I really needed to vent. This is really going to screw up Christmas.
  12. -Jamie-

    8/16-8/17 #11

    Not yet. The boyfriend wanted to do it since he's more argumentative than I am.
  13. -Jamie-

    Viewliner vs Superliner Roomettes

    I wouldn't mind the loss of toilet, but I agree with you on the sink issue for the same reason. If there's only 2 restrooms, I'm going to feel really bad hogging 1 of them for 15 minutes while I get ready in the morning.
  14. -Jamie-

    Viewliner vs Superliner Roomettes

    There is a restroom upstairs Yes, but out of courtesy I never use that one if I know I'm going to be longer than a couple of minutes.
  15. -Jamie-

    Viewliner vs Superliner Roomettes

    I'd need a helping hand to find my way down stairs in a Viewliner,LOL. No offense intended! I, of course, was refering to the lack of these items in the superliner roomette, forcing everyone to go downstairs to find restrooms. Currently in the Viewliner, there are in effect 14 roomettes. Roomettes 1 - 12 are sold to the public. Roomette #13 is given over to the shower and roomette #14 is the sleeping car attendants room. Under the new design, the attendant will be moved to room #12, the shower remains in #13, and room #14 will be split in half to provide 2 public restrooms. There will only be 11 rooms available for sale to the public with this configuration. Thanks Alan. I do fear with only 2 restrooms though, that lines might be a problem at times.