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    Chicago-Rockford Service On Hold

    Greyhound used to operate via Elgin and Rockford to Madison and the Twin Cities. Then they shut down the well patronized Elgin station. Do they even serve Rockford, anymore? Seems they have even, largely, given up on these intermediate stops, along some of the same proposed rail routing. (Elgin/Milw W, for instance, at the same depot as Greyhound was.)
  2. I came across this, today, from a local arts group. An interesting way of awarding a companion trip: https://norasharp.com/amtraklor
  3. NorthShore

    The Amtraklor: an entertaining enterprise

    I think I'll let someone else try Amtrak. I might attend the selection show, though. It's a neat and creative idea.
  4. A fascinating read about how this major intermodal establishment has affected the community in which it exists. https://newrepublic.com/article/152836/elwood-illinois-pop-2200-become-vital-hub-americas-consumer-economy-its-hell
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    Government shutdown impacts

    I was riding the L yesterday (which was, maybe, supposed to be pay day) along with a lot of airport and TSA workers getting off their shifts. One could tell by their conversations that they're very frustrated and unhappy.
  6. NorthShore

    Coach passengers allowed in Sleeper?

    Well, you know, she doesn't look all that great when the makeup comes off, either!
  7. They are expected to know where dozen of streets (roads) are, in order to respond to calls. What's a few more (even if they are rail roads?) Given, someone might not, immediately, remember where some odd half block street that only exists in one neighborhood comes in, exactly, instinctively. But, not knowing what the I.C. is (a road that seemingly everyone who has ever been to the Southeast Side knows) is akin to not knowing what the big interstate highway is that runs through an area. Spend enough time in an area, and it's easy to get to know things.
  8. It's a clear example of why caution should always be used when approaching any tracks. Look. Listen. Live.
  9. Yeah, but at least then it's the criminal that gets killed. :-p I'd still argue that a suspect who runs onto a railroad is stupid, not just for being on the tracks, but for essentially fencing oneself in. As for chases, not every chase is a good chase. CPD's Chief of Patrol said, in passing, "We'll learn from this." I hope they do. Then, the officers deaths will not have been in vain. The era of high tech in which we live, alone, provides a lot of opportunity with an advanced emergency management center. Perhaps, some sort of railroad personnel should be brought into that building for both planning and more effective communications/operations. Though, of course, simple knowledge goes far. As the fire department jokes, now they need a high end computer to do in dispatching what Ken Little had all in his head.
  10. Likewise, in the latter case. Quite literally, a whistle stop! Otoh, there are some great stories from the old North Shore Line, including that of a top executive whose watch was fast and ordered a train to leave early against the conductor's best judgement. (The motorman managed to slow run in order to get back on regular schedule and the executive called to compliment the conductor after having his watch checked.) Another favorite was how a motorman and conductor conspired to make an unscheduled stop at the military base late at night to allow a serviceman to get back where he had to be. They accomplished this by faking train problems, which the conductor decided to jump off and check on/fix at the base stop, announcing his intent loudly to the motorman so passengers would not question the stop. The serviceman was quickly and quietly allowed to jump off.
  11. I've been getting bonus points just fine.
  12. Given. But, then, ought not there be some general familiarity and training about these things, too? Admittedly, the morass of tracks and interchanges in and around Chicago can be confusing, even to a railfan. Still, how does someone who works regularly in an area not know that a certain set of tracks is the old I.C. mainline with six busy tracks or that Metra and South Shore runs frequent trains up there? Plus, with information readily available in digitized maps at fingertips of computer entry, ought not an emergency services dispather be able to pull up the appropriate information quickly, with basic street locations? Worst case scenario is that much of the trackage in the city has some sort of Metra service on it. Contacting their police department or dispather ought to assist in sorting such things out.
  13. NorthShore

    Schenectady, NY

    What's there to do in Schenectady all day? Trying to decide if an Ethan Allen with a several hour layover or the Adirondack with a three hour wait is the better option.
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    Well, at least it's the right color!
  15. NorthShore

    Over Night parking glenveiw IL

    As I recall, it used to be that the station agent could give you a parking placard. But, now that there's no agent, I'm not sure how that operates, anymore.
  16. The promotion runs through Dec. 31, yes?
  17. The Springfield track relocation project is a bunch of bs, imo. Why relocate the tracks from where everyone wants to go to the fringes of downtown, several blocks away from everything? As far as buying the line, remember this state is practically bankrupt and deep in pension debt. As is Chicago. Though, there is a need for another infrastructure program. Which is why there's talk of raising the state gas tax. At least Metra has released a five billion dollar Christmas wish list, explaining how they'd spend the money, if they had it, for improvement. Which is more than we can say for Amtrak.
  18. Indeed! https://www.chicagobotanic.org/walk/wex https://www.washingtonpost.com/local/one-mans-dream-becomes-a-big-apple-institution-naturally/2015/11/25/10546a38-8fe1-11e5-ae1f-af46b7df8483_story.html?utm_term=.286ef4b12c0a
  19. On Sunday, in Chicago, an armed robbery offender attempted to escape by running down L tracks. He was apprehended by officers - after the electricity to the third rail was shut off and trains stopped.
  20. There has been a telling development via the charges not filed against the accused suspect. While he has been charged with gun offenses (he admits to finding a gun and firing it to see if it worked) he has not been charged with felony murder. Under Illinois law, if anyone dies in connection to the commission of crime (even if not the doing of the criminal) prosecution can place this charge. It is regularly employed in the state, and many serve additional time for it. Such charges might have been expected in this case. So, it's sort of surprizing that they weren't. The police union is pushing for more significant charges to be added. I think that's a mistake on their part. If either felony murder or even the lesser charge of tresspassing upon railroad property were employed, it would force the defense attorney to outright attack the police actions, arguing that their deaths are their fault alone. Even charging the accused offender with tresspassing exposes the fact that no one belonged on those tracks. The state's attorney has done the police officers and department well in declining to press such charges, allowing them a burial with greater public respect and reputation. But, it also tacitly tells us that they recognize the reality of where fault was in their actions.
  21. Are they to be converted office spaces from the existing building?
  22. I realize I wasn't in their shoes. But, I mourn two dead officers...who should be alive, but for their own actions, which ought be questioned for best practices and safety. To not do so is, essentially, to tacitly approve of their deaths with the idea that the cops are always acting rightly and in best interests. The matter deserves a full and transparent investigation. A suspect was not even apprehended until hours later. Would it have taken that much effort to use their radios to contact the dispather and pause while other officers helped monitor the embankment until train traffic halted? And, minimally, I'd hope this spurs a department in a city with so much rail traffic to have all officers sit for an Operation Lifesaver session, learning to, "Look Listen Live!"
  23. Further reports have it that they were hit from behind, and never saw the train coming, as they were dodging another oncoming train (which may have been sounding its horn and drew their attention.) Not to sound harsh, but apparently rail safety needs to be taught at the academy. Obviously, the officers were in pursuit of someone with a gun, but to run out onto busy tracks at rush hour without ensuring that trains have been stopped is inviting tragedy. Not a word, yet, about the engineer/motorman. That poor person is going to have to deal with being an inadvertent cop killer, and the scorn it entails. I don't mean to sound insensitive. Yet, while these officers will likely be honored as heros, I just don't understand how one can be serving public safety by outright disregarding public safety. Officers, truly, need to be better trained for the good and safety of all: police and public.
  24. Sounds similar to the Christmas train display at Chicago Botanical Garden, with representative sculptures of many noted Chicago area buildings made of natural materials incorporated.