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  1. Does anyone have the full terms and conditions that were listed underneath the screenshots that have been posted of the offer "banner"? I went through my statements from November and December purchases and while I did get some bonus points, assuming from the 3x offer, I am still missing just under 15,000 points. Want to have all bases covered and the terms and conditions before calling BofA and/or AGR to settle the issue.
  2. The press release says the Philadelphia ClubAcela is undergoing upgrades. Is this lounge still open? I'll be travelling out of PHL next month in a sleeper and so it'd be nice to have the lounge available.
  3. FreeskierInVT

    Multi-city vs one-way booking

    I booked a multi-city reservation on the phone with seven segments about a month ago. The phone agents seem to have a bit more flexibility than the website.
  4. FreeskierInVT

    Checked Baggage w/ transfer at NYP

    Providence could work, but parking becomes an issue. I'm driving down from Vermont on the night I depart and am planning to leave my car at Kingston where there appears to be free parking. My trip back starts at Reno, would I be able to check my skis from Reno to Providence if my ticket is for Reno-Emeryville-San Fran (overnight) - Oakland-Los Angeles-New Orleans (overnight) - New York - Providence? If I checked them from Reno, I imagine my bags would beat me there since they'd probably go the more direct routing of Reno-Chicago-New York-Providence.
  5. Hello everyone, I will be taking the Crescent next month on a long trip back from the West Coast. I called AGR today to modify my ticket (since I used points) to add a connecting train from NYP to Kingston, RI, and was informed that since the Regional train does not have checked baggage (which I knew), I would have to carry on all my bags from NOL-NYP, as well as NYP-KIN. I have a 3+ hour layover at New York, and while the Crescent is often late, there are two later trains that evening if I missed my connection, so I'm not all that worried (Crescent is scheduled to arrive at 1:46pm, I'm booked on train 96 at 5:25pm, and there are trains to Kingston leaving NYP at 7:30pm and 9:00pm). However, I am still rather confused why I wouldn't be able to check my bag from NOL-NYP. I am travelling with skis, and they definitely would not fit in a roomette. The agent I spoke with had no suggestions except to not travel with skis (the whole point of my trip is to go skiing out west). I have no issues carrying my ski bag onto the Regional train. Anyone have a suggestion on what I should do?
  6. FreeskierInVT

    Next cut: Amtrak Dome Car Ocean View (??)

    Has there been any official announcement from Amtrak? All that is said in that article is: Far from being concrete info
  7. FreeskierInVT

    Great Dome on the Downeaster

    Monday-Friday it is scheduled to be on trains 680, 681, 686 and 687. Saturday on trains 690, 691, 698 and 699. Sunday 692, 693, 696, 697. The schedule may change after September 3rd, however. http://amtrakdowneaster.com/dome-car
  8. FreeskierInVT

    Companion Coupon

    If anyone has a spare companion coupon that is expiring soon, a few friends of mine are planning a trip on the Vermonter next week and would gladly take a coupon. Feel free to PM me. Thanks in advance!
  9. The last few runs of the Canadian seemed to be closer to on time than the last month or so. 2(22) even left Edson, AB a few minutes early, but then sat at Edmonton for 5-1/2 hours. It arrived to Toronto just under 10 hours late but its turn for 1(26) is estimated to leave 3 hours late, better than the 12 hour late departures out of Toronto in weeks past. During my trip last summer I allowed for an extra day in Toronto after coming east. I had lost my first day in Vancouver due to delays from wildfires in BC but wasn't making a connection there. I also had a (forced) overnight in Jasper connecting to the Skeena, though I would've built in that day anyway with the frequent delays. Many of my fellow Youth 150 passholders weren't expecting delays like we had, with some trying to make connecting bus transfers at Jasper with as few as 10 minutes between the Canadian's scheduled arrival and the bus departure. Needless to say, that connection didn't happen. One person I talked to who tried this was stranded in Jasper overnight, with no available lodging in town.
  10. FreeskierInVT

    Amtrak/Camping Sites

    Little River State Park is 5 miles from the Waterbury, Vermont station on the Vermonter route. A beautiful spot in the Green Mountains with tent sites, lean-tos, remote boat accessed tent sites and cabins. https://vtstateparks.com/littleriver.html
  11. FreeskierInVT

    NEC and Long Distance Trains

    That is what Amtrak does with the Palmetto these days. Also (I believe) what they do with the Vermonter at New Haven. Occasionally they'll send a sixth car all the way to St. Albans but it's rare.
  12. FreeskierInVT

    Capitol Limited delays

    They may have held the Cap since both the Zephyr and Builder are arriving into CHI rather late (nearly 6 hours late on the Zephyr, 3+ hours on the Builder)
  13. Came across this tonight... apparently one passenger was angry enough over a 19 hour delay, they created a website to vent their frustration. http://thecanadiantrain.com/ When I took the train last summer, we were 8-12 hours late. It does reach some fast speeds through the prairies, but I didn't feel unsafe at any point of my 300+ hours on the train last July
  14. FreeskierInVT

    51 Cardinal west bound - meal questions

    When I took it in January from NYP, we were served breakfast both mornings, even with a late departure from NYP.
  15. Now looking like 2021 for the Ethan Allen to be extended. This, plus a rendering of the Ethan Allen using Superliner equipment... https://www.sevendaysvt.com/OffMessage/archives/2018/06/06/study-suggests-burlingtons-union-station-for-overnight-train-storage