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  1. From what I've read and heard, most of it has died down. They do have a celebration with parade in honor of Bella's birthday and they do have a "Stephanie Meyer" day. I read that one of the main businesses that was all Twilight related recently (within the last 4 months) burned down or had a fire or something. The building itself is up for sale. They do still try to hold tours, but not as many people are coming anymore. Other than that, I don't keep up with the Twilight happenings as that wasn't any part of my considerations. We like the movies, but preferred the books.
  2. Thought I would update. Just heard from the Chamber and the town is dying and does not look like it will fare well anytime soon. New foreclosures and such. We were advised to check more into Sequim as they felt it would fit our needs as well. Have to talk with hubby, but that will be tomorrow. He is getting ready for his overnight job.
  3. Thanks all - we are looking forward to it. We know that most would not consider going to that area and it's not a good fit for most, but I like that we are different and in some people's eyes "a little odd". My husband is a firm believer that to make things work in a town that is going down, it take people who are willing to help. Now, maybe Forks is beyond help in some people's eyes, but I really don't think a town is nonredeemable. One big help is to become active and participate and with a larger city, it's harder to do. Maybe we are thinking wrong, but I'd like to think we can only try. This forum has been very supportive and I am truly thankful. I know there is a lot of time between now and when we can go, and a lot can happen in that time, but hubby is already looking at ways he can help. My daughter, while not really wanting to do this, has thought she's like to open an animal shelter if there's a need. This is something big for her, as she normally stays to herself and works with beads for therapy or plays computer games. My son says it will be so much better for him that he can finally enjoy the outdoors again. Four years staying cooped up inside is not good and he's done this from ages 14-18 already. The only one I truly worry about is my mother. However, she is looking at this as her last grand adventure. She says, if she dies shortly after getting there, she is prepared. If she lives for another 20 years, she's prepared. She is getting warm clothing for herself and preparing the best she can. She was raised in Northeastern Ohio. She has lived with us for the past 20 years. This, she can handle. I have already spoken with her doctors today. They think it will be great for her and will begin getting her files totally up-to-date (they already are) and will provide us with digitized records and will also forward the same records up there. They will work with her insurance company to get her the right doctors for her care. I spoke with hubby's cardiologist this morning. He said that hubby was released except for once every 3 years a heart catheterization, but, since he's doing so well, he's not worried. He will do a full work-up before we leave. Thank you everyone!! Oh, Deacon says thanks for every one thing he's so beautiful. He likes to think so as well. And, in case I did not mention it. Deacon is in training to be a hearing assistance dog. He already has taught himself to do some balance and mobility help for me.
  4. Thanks for the info. Medical isn't really a major concern. Mother does have a terminal illness and we are prepared for what we need. Mainly, she wants nothing and only has to have blood work checked every 4-6 months for now. Very simple. The cardiac issues are totally taken care of with the aspirin and diet, we just need to cut the heat. Husband's coronary artery disease was actually reversed and they find no traces of it now and it was done with diet. The cardiac issues they have is normal, it seems, for tall people. I should be under a doctor's care, but, since I am allergic to medicines, they can't help with with my fibro and such. With having family in OR and CA, hubby wanted to be far enough away that they would not be on the doorstep that often and the one in CA finds that an 8 hour drive is just too easy and would be there. His family really made his life very hard, so he has as little to do with them as possible to maintain his sanity. It's very hard for him living next to his mother. Our lots right now are next door to each other.
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    Seattle, WA

    Saw the pictures of the seafood and are already making plans to go there every three months and get seafood. Son started salivating while looking and it's gonna be 5 years before we are there.
  6. Good thing 3 of the 5 of us love coffee. 2 full strength and 1 decaf.
  7. Wow!! Just looked at the WHOLE gallery of pictures. That was fantastic!!
  8. I kind of guessed what you meant. Thanks for the info. I'm glad I got my facts straight as to the reasons. We have been watching youtube videos of the area and hubby actually said he wished his mother would hurry and kick the bucket. Not being mean. I told him to be reasonable and to remember that we have things to get done before we can go. We will have: Hubby who is currently 55 myself at 50 my mother currently 74 daughter currently 19 (learning disabled) son currently 18 and Deacon currently 19 months. For the ride over to check it out, just found that it will be hubby, son and I. Will have to make arrangements for mother and daughter as neither cook.
  9. JimHudson - We can no longer take the massive heat. Colorado and Texas are worse than Florida for the heat. We do not mind, in fact we love cool and wet. The little bit of snow where we are planning will not be too much and better than what we had in Missouri. When we thought all this out, we went with the following: 1. moderate changes in temperature (I have fibromyalgia and the constant temp changes from 60-90 in a 24 hour period just about kills me.) 2. small town with fishing possibilities 3. low crime and safe for our daughter (thinking sexual predators versus a daughter with learning disabilities) 4. very little sunshine for a son with skin issues and eye issues that makes the sun not wanted. 5. very little high temps as my fibro can't handle it and hubby and daughter have minor cardiac issues. 6. not much snow as we can deal with a little, but don't want heavy. 7. have family and friends in OR and don't like what we've seen (sorry OR folks) 8. have family in CA and definitely don't want to be there (sorry CA folks) 9. Lots of trees and lots of walking possibilities for exercise and such. 10. wanted a coastline, but NOT Florida. been here too long and hate it more and more.
  10. Hello all - I was invited by AmtrakBlue after mentioning a desire to get info on a new area of the country. She graciously asked and got some replies for me and so here I am. I am total deaf, married, have 2 wonderful teenagers and am a primary caretaker of my mother. We currently live in South Florida and are planning a move to Upper Northwest Washington State. It will be a few years (likely 5) before we can get there. We have obligations here that we have to complete first. By the time we can go, husband will be either retired or within 1 year of retirement. I am on disability. We are looking at the Forks WA area and have researched a lot of places in WA. We need low crime, low sex-offenders (as best as possible), low housing cost and plenty of fishing and such. Very little snow and sun. We do not mind rain or wet conditions. When we get there, we most likely will have 1 dog at least and if all goes as planned, he will be a service dog. Have to double check the breed specific laws to make sure I will not have a problem. He is an American Bulldog and is my profile picture. That is Deacon. When we travel up there to check out the area, we are planning on our first ever train trip. Hubby is afraid to fly. If you'd like to know more, feel free to ask.
  11. I am very new (as of today in fact) to this forum. I have never been on an Amtrak and am looking forward to my first time soon. I will be looking into going from South Florida (West Palm Beach) up to Seattle, WA then back. We are looking to move into that area. My user name is a combination of my initials (kmb) and hubby's initials (jbb).