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    RFP issued for Amfleet I replacement

    How would Amtrak fund the Amfleet replacement? RRIF loans?
  2. Andrew


    Quad tracking Newark, NJ to 10th Avenue. It would be interesting if the Block 780 station gets built without the Bergen Loop. However, if both the Bergen Loop and 7 Train to Secaucus gets built, than property values in Northern NJ will really increase!
  3. Or maybe instead of the 7 Train to NJ, new hudson tunnels won't terminate in Block 780. Instead, the concrete casing can act as the Penn Station connector, but the new deep tunnels can continue to 42nd street and 6th Avenue or near Rockefeller Center?
  4. What happens if Block 780 can't get acquired? Could tunnels around 100 feet deep be bored under 30th street, and then connect with the hudson tunnel near 12th Avenue? (I just don't realistically see an entire Midtown city block be demolished)
  5. I am optimistic that 2 new Hudson Tunnels will be bored into Penn Station. But I would like to get your thoughts on why or why not the Bergen Loop should get built?
  6. What do you think is not happening anytime soon?
  7. What are the arguments for and against building the Bergen Loop?
  8. Why do you think it is unnecessary to build the Bergen Loop? And if 7 Train to Secaucus gets built, what are your thoughts on building some stations between Secaucus and Hudson Yards?
  9. But wouldn't 2 new hudson tunnels allow for more NJ Transit Rush Hour Trains to operate into and out of Manhattan, even without Block 780? If the 7 Train to NJ gets built, at least 2 stations should be built between Secaucus Junction and Hudson Yards.
  10. If it was up to you in building Gateway Phase 2, do you think it would be necessary to include the Bergen Loop, or it would it make Secaucus Junction a white elephant?
  11. The 7 Train to Secaucus could stop in North Hoboken on the way to Secaucus.
  12. I thought Block 780 would get built and the plan is for some NJ Transit trains to use The Bergen Loop to access Manhattan and terminate at Block 780. Do you think 7 Train to Secaucus should stop near or at Hoboken Terminal, and how likely is 7 to NJ to actually get built?
  13. I think Gateway will get built before 7 Train to NJ happens. I hope that some type of Block 780 Expansion gets built to enable more Rush Hour NJ Trains to operate into Manhattan. What would happen to Secaucus Junction if the Bergen Loop gets built?
  14. I just can't picture Block 780 being demolished to build Penn Station South. When East Side Access opens, maybe NJ Transit could gain an island platform at Penn Station, which could add 6 Rush Hour trains?
  15. But if the proposed Block 780 Station does not get built, than NJ Transit can not add any peak hour trains into and out of Midtown Manhattan. Is the proposed 7 Train to NJ better than building ARC to 34th Street?