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  1. Sure. I'm a fan of rail travel rather than being a 'rail fan' in the conventional sense of the term. I don't understand too much of the technical detail and don't understand some of the terminology. To make matters worse I'm guessing that some terms are purely American, and as the technical aspect of rail isn't my main interest I am probably being lazy and not learning what it all means. Does that explain what was intended?
  2. Wednesday 30 January, but thanks for the thought.
  3. Well that was different although didn't understand all the terminology. The suspense felt real, I was almost out of breath by the time you got home again. Very enjoyable
  4. That's interesting, why would that be?
  5. Don't use a smart phone (yes I know a bit reactionary) but a good method for many I would think. As Ed says above tickets with a 60 day duration is perfect for our needs. jis We've decided on LIRR as it's the majority view and suits our purposes better, we're not big taxi users and have no apps for them anyway, but again a good idea for most I would think.
  6. Yes, another question. When we arrive in NYC from the UK we have a whole day and evening there. First we'll check a bag or two through to LA for the following day's train and so will be in Penn station. Can we pre-purchase our LIRR tickets (for when we return to NYC) 6 weeks early or are they only valid for the day of purchase? Thanks
  7. OK, great information again including from the previous thread, thank you AU. For us there were two main situations to consider. We are not travelling as light as we prefer to due to having extra clothes with, this is due to - (1a) the posh boat we are arriving in NYC on (1b) travelling through different climatic zones UK/winter - NYC/winter - Chicago/winter - LA/mild/winter - Denver/winter - Austin/? - Baja California/pleasant to warm (1c)Tackling stairs with 2 bags each is not fun at any time for either of us, now for Rosie it's harder than it used to be. From everything written here by people in the know the LIRR stands out as the best / most convenient and easy to handle with bags and we're happy to pay the premium for that convenience. (2) It will also be during the last 2 days of a 7 week journey and we will be travel weary, that's something we've learnt in the last 5 years and convenience will have floated to the top of the priority list by then. We have never ridden the LIRR and are interested to, there's a third reason. Made a similar enquiry about this NYP - JFK section of the trip 21 months ago, but never got to use the information as friends very kindly decided they wanted to drive us to the airport. If we get to meet them again this time (probably not enough time?) we have banned them for offering the same again. It's a lot of effort for them coming in, collecting us from central Manhattan then out to the airport when there is perfectly good public transport.
  8. Better memory than me, many thanks
  9. Probably asked here before but the search on this forum doesn't work too well for me. Which is best/easiest/least effort with bags from Penn to JFK? One of the subway lines to Jamaica Station or an LIRR? If it's an LIRR can we use our NYC Metro Cards on that system and also on the Airtrain? or do we have to buy different tickets? Thanks as always
  10. We want to check a large bag from LAX to WAS but have created an extra couple of stops with a multi-city ticket route. With the following route will we have to recover our bag at the individual transfers or will the bag go through to our final destination? LAX to Bloomington-Normal (BNL) 422 Texas Eagle - transfer to a Thruway bus from BNL to Indianapolis (IND) - transfer to the 50 Cardinal from IND to WAS We are a couple of days in Washington so if the bag were a day later than our arrival it's no problem, but is there a risk of us missing it? Many thanks
  11. Your photo under the text "Next day I drove to Amboy." is one of my favourite rail photos ever, just superb.
  12. Super, beautifully written
  13. v v

    India trip report now updated

    Waiting to read this too, interesting questions
  14. v v

    India trip report now updated

    Some questions for you Ed. What are you paying for an overnight 12-24? hour train journey in 2nd Class, and what is the comparable 1st Class cost and how does 1st Class differ from what you have shown us here?
  15. v v

    India trip report now updated

    This is brilliant Ed, you've captured it. Hope you travel India again, it's very enlightening, thank you