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    Rail,Passenger Association member. Getting daily Sunset Limited service and better San Antonio Amtrak station.
  1. SanAntonioClyde

    22 Texas Eagle or 422 Texas Eagle? Quick answer?

    currently your plan to take dedicated Amtrak bus is best plan, since you would have up to 10 hour middle of night layover here in San Antonio. not the best. if a few years when high speed rail is completed then you will have another option.
  2. Eagle arrival in San Antonio has been 10+ hrs late at least three times since mid October. Various reason of course. Then again you can see a sunrise in Austin instead of a sunset.
  3. SanAntonioClyde

    Texas Eagle late leaving SAS (11/13)

    that would be Staybridge. holiday inn express is two blocks away. red roof about four; best western three blocks.
  4. SanAntonioClyde

    San Antonio Hotels

    there are plenty of hotels in downtown SA; as mentioned above prices can be competitive except during major events. understand you thought of wanting to be near station for early Sunset departure to Houston, but if you are Uber/Lyft user they are readily available downtown that time of day which can give you more hotel options. but if you do stay near station, Smokes BBQ is worth checking for food or evening drinks.
  5. Rail Passenger Association Board of Directors has announced a new specific campaign dealing with current critical Amtrak issues. This campaign is in response to Amtrak’s recent announcement to discontinue all trains where Positive Train Controls will not be operational by the end of this year and as well as the need for insuring continued funding by congress. The PTC policy applies to numerous trains across the country. What is being asked is for members and rail passengers (that would be you) to contact both our mayors and US congressmen and senators with three specific requests as outlined by RPA: Key points to emphasize are: 1) Maintain the levels of funding for passenger rail approved by the Senate and House transportation committees (H.R. 6147). 2) Keep the Moran/Udall amendment language as it is; do not let it get watered down in conference. 3) Require Amtrak to honor all Federal Railroad Administration Positive Train Control exemptions. Please: Stay on-message. Talk about these three things and these three things only. There are a lot of other important issues we all care about. Policy about Food service, PTC policy, station agents, frequency, new equipment, Private Varnish and special trains are all important. Many of us also are also concerned about Amtrak Board composition, Mr. Anderson’s leadership, background, decisions, qualifications, or even his tenureand continued employment. It is ok to care about each or all of these things, but please do not discuss anything during this campaign except our 3 key points or our message will not be heard by Congress! As an organization we will address each of these things during next year’s reauthorization fight, building upon the relationships we make now. But that must be later! Remember: If we lose the fight for the National Network nothing else matters! Focus on the on-message! If you are able to reach your mayor ask if they will sign this petition. WWW.RAILPASSENGERS.ORG/MAYORS
  6. SanAntonioClyde

    Conductor's Punchers

    Next time you ride Amtrak ask you conductor if he or she has a punch. If so ask if they would punch something for you.
  7. Check out the downtown name brand hotels for Friday and Saturday nights. in the past I've found some good deals. New light rails system is cheap way to see part of downtown.
  8. SanAntonioClyde

    All The Stations...

    That's an average of 22 station a day. did they ever get off the trains?
  9. SanAntonioClyde

    Recognizing great employees

    I've notice that the Amtrak website and safari really don't get along. works well with Chrome.
  10. SanAntonioClyde

    Problem with 22 today? 8/4

    on my last three rides on #21 into Austin we were held on siding while two to three northbound freights went by. if the siding at Austin station was up graded this could be eliminated.
  11. SanAntonioClyde

    Late night/early morning arrivals

    living close to major airports usually means early morning rides are easy to get at least here in San Antonio.
  12. SanAntonioClyde

    Texas Eagle to Alamo-a short walk

    Holiday Inn Express is one. Two blocks east on Commerce. The other is across from Holiday Inn; as I recall it's City View.
  13. SanAntonioClyde

    Texas Eagle to Alamo-a short walk

    I would also recommend Smokes for eats and drinks. Owner is well aware he is getting Amtrak passengers. Also the area across the track is experiencing improvements. Two new hotels have opened there in last two years.
  14. Coming home Monday on Texas Eagle I met two couples who live on the opposite side of the country, Vermont and Southern California. They asked about the possibility of walking over to the Alamo since their connection to Sunset on train #421 was still two hour away. Begin a good Texan I walked with them to the Alamo. I have walked this area at night before but only after a big event at Alamodome next door with hundreds of people. As expected the route was well lite which is a benefit of the recently expanded convention center which built right up to the interstate highway. The Amtrak station is only one block away on the other side of the freeway, though you do have to walk another block to reach Commerce st. which passes under freeway. Its about a 15-20 minute walk as I recall. Safe, well lighted and even had a late night taco stand on the way.
  15. SanAntonioClyde

    Wish we had a station...

    There is a push for new Amtrak service between Dallas-Ft. Worth and Meridian, MS. Please get involved and contract your congressional representatives and tell them how this service would be beneficial to your family.