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  1. Hi everyone. What is the cheapest way to get from Omaha to SLC? If bus is cheaper, please let me know. But it looks based on my findings that taking Amtrak would be cheaper. I could drive, but this is bad time of year to do that. It's also costly with gas plus hotels which may end up being the same as a train. I'm not sure. Thank you.
  2. nocTurnal

    Milwaukee or Chicago to West Bend, WI?

    Hi jebr. Thank you. That will help on the return (I think), but not getting there. I'm not in Wisconsin. I would be flying into either Milwaukee or Chicago depending on which destination is easier or cheaper to get to West Bend, WI. I'm also not sure which stop is West Bend on that graph to the left when clicking your link.
  3. Any of you experts out there today that can tell me the best way to get to West Bend, WI from either the Milwaukee or Chicago airports? Whichever city makes the most sense. I'm not seeing public bus transportation from Milwaukee airport to West Bend, WI. Would appreciate any info you may have. You guys are really good with this stuff.
  4. nocTurnal

    RI to Evansville, IN (Cheapest)

    Hey! Pretty good work there, KrazyKoala. Thanks for the route. Some of you guys really got your routes down pat. Amazing. Only problem I can see here is getting from Du Quoin to Evansville. Will have to figure that out. Swadian, the nature of my travels in most cases won't be three weeks in advance. So... that makes it tough getting the lowest fares. Although, that $189 airfare I posted in my original post was for Southwest flight departing next week. That certainly beats the American Airlines flight that jimhudson posted earlier. jim and traveler thanks also for the input. Yes, I did consider Louisville, KY. Looks more expensive for some reason to fly there.
  5. Anyone good at planning out trips? I want to get from here in Rhode Island to Evansville, IN. I want to save as much money as I can. Would appreciate any advice. I don't know when I'll be going, but I want to have it ready. It is $159 O/W on Greyhound from Providence to EVV compared to $189 by air into Indianapolis from PVD. Bus fare on Hoosier Ride! and Greyhound is $66 from IND to EVV. Doesn't look like a whole lot of buses go from IND to EVV. That means if I flew in later in day I would have to wait until next day. Tough place to get to it seems.
  6. nocTurnal

    Rhode Island To New Haven?

    Thanks fairviewroad. Wasn't aware of Shoreline East. It's $9 each way. So on R/T that is almost cost of car gas. Gas is $20 R/T from where I am here near Wickford, RI. So that's about $10 in gas R/T to New London. Making the total around $28. Not bad. it's the equivalent of one one-way Amtrak ticket. But the return trip may be a problem. Not too many trains going back. My gas cost estimate could be off. This calcuation was done on a simiar size/age vehicle back in November. (I filled up before I Ieft, and upon returning.) Gas prices I think are higher now than then. What would you guys personally do? Are you like me and not like driving long distances?
  7. Hi everyone. I want to go down to New Haven next week. I don't like driving for long distances on highways. Once I get to the one hour mark I'm done. I live about a 20 minute drive from the Kingston Amtrak Station. It costs me $28 each way ($56 total) to take the train compared to $20 in gas R/T by car. Do you guys know of any other way of getting down there? It's a shame Greyhound or MegaBus don't make a stop there on the way to NYC. Is there a way that I can drive part of the way and then take a bus for the rest of the way? I've done some google searching but can't find anything yet. Could I drive to Westerly or Mystic and catch a bus to New Haven? Any help would be appreciated. - nocTurnal
  8. nocTurnal

    From now until 2016

    Thanks for clarifying that to all of you who responded to me. That is too bad; it made big news when it was announced a few years ago. So with no actual plan to build, we're looking at the 2020s before we'd ever see construction... if they ever proceed. Wouldn't it at the very least create jobs? Isn't that a major part of the idea of rebuilding America's infrastructure? It looks like Britain will go forward with their High Speed Rail 2 plan. An interesting visual graphic can be found here: http://www.guardian....apped-animation
  9. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    Thanks. My hope is that I will get to go to Montreal and Quebec City. I hear the ride from New York up there is beautiful. Hopefully in the Spring I can do this if things go as planned... but they often don't.
  10. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    Hey there. Thanks for the tip. Didn't see your message until now. Well, I went on my first ever trip on Amtrak. I really enjoyed it. Quite a nice view going from Kingston to New Haven. Could see the ocean, bridges, a house on a cliff, people getting their boats out... really relaxing ride. Goes by so fast. That's too short of a trip! Now I think I caught the train-travel bug. It's unfortunate but based on the events on this trip I won't be traveling back to New Haven. Originally I had been scheduled to go back down there 3 times. But that's been cancelled now.
  11. nocTurnal

    From now until 2016

    What's the update on the $150 million new train system from Philadelphia-NYC-Boston? The one where the train will speed up to 210 mph. Are they building new tracks for it?
  12. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    Okay, thanks traveler. So no worry about not getting a spot either. I have an old car anyway, not too worried about anyone trying to break in.
  13. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    I agree; you can be late with any kind of transportation. Best bet is to get there the night before to be honest. But then that means paying a hotel bill. BTW, the_traveler, what is the parking there like at the Amtrak Kingston? Is it safe to leave your care there for a week? Oh wow. So even BOS to PVD there are still problems with the tracks... unless it was due to something entirely different. Unfortunately, there is no MBTA going that way. Amtrak is the only way from here. Unless I took Greyhound's 10 hour bus ride.
  14. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    Hello fellow Rhode Islander. Thanks for your reply. I'm aware that the service resumed, however, I wonder if it is risky right now as far as delays. It said "normal" service in Amtrak's NEC Twitter. That is a change from yesterday's "modified." So things are probably back to normal. I just can't be late. But I don't like driving on highways for more than 45 minutes. This is going to be my first Amtrak experience.
  15. nocTurnal

    KIN to NHV - Nov 4

    Do you guys think the restored train service between Boston and New Haven will be delayed this weekend? Or do you think problems may only arise for those who are traveling onward to NYC and points south? I need to be in New Haven this Sunday by 10 AM. I'll be traveling from Kingston, RI. The early morning Sunday train is scheduled to arrive in NHV at 9:09 AM. I guess there is no way to tell other than to monitor Saturday's arrivals and departures. What is the best source for that? Would greatly appreciate some ideas.