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  1. I remember that until relatively recently on Amtraks website, you were able to look up the percentage that a train was running late and it even broke that percentage down to what was responsible for the delay and that window would also name the railroads that that particular train was running on. Do they still have that breakdown of a trains on time performance and what was the general category of delay? If so how do you get to that page, Since Amtrak had changed their website it doesn't seem like it's there anymore but I could be wrong. By the way I definitely preferred Amtraks old website format. This must be one of "Andersons" new changes for the worse.
  2. Sometimes if you make too many searches at a time, that site gets "confused" and claims that it is down for maintenance. You've usually just got to reload the page or put the stations and date in again. I will try getting it online again as I just tried getting on less then an hour ago once and it came back with the Maintenance sign. It's been behaving that way on me the last few nights however this is the first time in day time it has happened.
  3. For the last few nights I have been trying to get Amtrak on line however I am not able to get to their website. It is still true at this moment around noon time. The system usually tends to go down late at night however it was down yesterday (Wednesday 8/22/2018) earlier in the evening. It is also this morning at least on my computer. If you try the link from Google search a box appears that says "Down for maintenance". I can understand this happening late at night in the early moring but it has been happening the last few days and as of short while ago it was stlll "down for maintenance". Has anyone else been experiencing this?
  4. railpost

    Board Member Nominee: Rick Dearborn

    I agree with you on this. Maybe he has a soft spot for Trains. Dakota 400 do you go that far back as the Dakota 400. Did you live on it's route or ever ride the Dakota 400? I remember when it was the Rochester 400 and while I hadn't ridden it my parents had ridden it years ago to get to the Mayo Clinic in Rochester and I remember seeing it in my first Chicago and Northwestern Timetable which was obviously before January 1963 as in January 1963 I believe that both the Rochester 400 and the Twin Cities 400 were discontinued.
  5. railpost

    Capitol Limited delays

    Had I seen this column I might have posted on to this one but I will post it here as well. The Capitol Limited (29) is running about 1 hr 50 min late into Chicago this morning and it left DC at 26 minutes late and by the time that they hit Harpers Ferry they were running 1 hr 50 min late. So the real question now is, does the Capitol Limited ever run on time and how often is that?
  6. The Silver Meteor is about to arrive in Miami about 3 hours late. Last night it arrive Washington DC 1 minute early. What happened in between?
  7. railpost

    Transitdocs map frozen

    The Amtrak Status Maps site is working at the moment.
  8. railpost

    Transitdocs map frozen

    Yes I noticed the same thing this morning in fact the "transit docs" site now only has the trains in the Northeastern section of the USA on the Map. Yesterday 6/11/2018 the Capitol Limited (train 30) was delayed west of Conellsville Pa for about 2 hours yet well after they resumed travelling east the transit docs map as well as the official Amtrak map show the train stuck west of Conellsville all day long which was even true after the Capitol arrived in Washington DC about 3 1/2 hours late.
  9. Thanks for the information. I did notice that train was running about 4 hours behind near Rockville. When it reached Washington I was between 3 and a half and 3 hours 45 minutes late.
  10. That's a good question. Yesterday morning I was trying to find the most appropriate place for the topic and I probably would have put it there however since this is a trip I decided to file it under a trip report. However you are correct in my opinion and I was considering filing it under Amtrak rail discussion as well.
  11. Today's eastbound Capital Limited (Train 30) was delayed somewhere east of Connellsville Pennsylania due to a downed tree. The delay was about 2 hours as it left Pittsburgh 59 minutes late and left Connellsville 3 hours and 3 minutes late. Information confirmed by friends who are on that train.
  12. Yes you are correct I did mean the 448,thankyou.
  13. I'm talking about the Larry Elder show and he Targeted Amtrak the last (3rd) hour of his show. He was actually reading from two articles. The first article was called "Amtrak No Way to Run a Railroad" and it was written by Richard Rahn in 2015 and it was published in the Washington Times on May 19 2015 and it was sponsored by the Cato Institute of which the author Richard Rahn is a Senior Fellow. The second article that Larry Elder had read from an Article that is 6 years old but it was titled " Amtrak turns 40 called a Massive Failure by it's Founder". It was written by Mike Opeika and was aimed at using some quotes from Anthony Haswell was the founder of the NARP (the National Association of Railroad Passenger) in 1967 in Chicago. The writer was using from very critical quotes about Amtrak from Mr Haswell. He calls Anthony Haswellll the "founding father" of Amtrak and quotes Mr Haswell as calling Amtrak a "Massive Failure". Here are is link to Mr Elders website http://www.larryelder.com/mentioned-on-the-show/ Here is another link to his shows archives. His statement on Amtrak is during the last half of the third hour of the show from Wednesday August 9th. http://www.larryelder.com/show-archive/.
  14. How many of you have ever listened to the Beach Boys famous Pet Sounds Album? If you have ever listened to it then you would know that the very last cut on the Album features a recording of a railroad crossing bell with a fast train approaching and blowing it's Airhorn and you can hear the speeding diesel train go by. I was wondering how many of you were actually aware of that? I