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  1. Danial Tijuana


    I totally agree is it bad to have your back to the window.
  2. Swadian Hardcore yeah busses are just NOT trains. You know there is that one train in Mexico Chihuahua & Pacifico ("ChePe") -- the Copper Canyon train. It is like riding through a Chinese painting full of Mexican Indians. Towering mountain peaks and whispers of drug murders. I hope to work in another ride on it next June.
  3. Danial Tijuana

    What happened to the Zephyr (9/2)?

    I must confess that as a poet, and a train fan, I find the word "bustitution" both horrible and delicious at the same time. I think, as a newbie here, I am going to like you all very very much.
  4. 1st : Yours truly is/am/are going north on Saturday 14 Sept. Coast Starlight with two larail.com PVs (Tioga Pass and Silver Splendor) which are grabbing ahold of train #14 specifically for the Tehachapi loop detour. We will be returning Monday via the regular coastal route. Or so we are told (um, yeah...) Round trip price is 500 (food included), one-way northbound 300, southbound 200. ANYONE WHO WANTS TO GO JUST GO TO larail.com and read the info etc. So much looking forward to this trip!!! 2nd : Responding to bus comments, yes, generally agree that the train, whether Amtrak or attached PV tour, is preferable to a bus. Have had to use Amtrak busses when service was interrupted and did not like it. HOWEVER I am a bus rider, and often enjoy them, even prefer them to airplanes. Especially have gone long distance in Mexico, where 1st class and Luxury service is (usually) better than Greyhound or Amtrak bus.
  5. Danial Tijuana

    why do they blow the horn so much

    Yeah ain't it the truth. Just glad I'm making my next night run from LA to Arizona. Lots of empty space out in the desert with only a few horns until we come back by the highways. Onboard the Texas Eagle four years ago it was howling horns through all the little towns around Texarkana. We were right up front near the engine, too. People who love trains as much as we do here tend to try and forget the ugly stuff like hard-to-walk shaking back-and-forth rough rails, and the blasting of horns at night, and the smell of diesel in the morning or anytime you finally get to step out for "a breath of fresh air" Oh well, asi es la vida de un "foamer" yo creo ?o no?