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    Employment with Amtrak - Coach Cleaner

    Some of the apps take months to go over and select one or however many persons for the task. My first one was in July got an email this month with the subject line of : Amtrak- Thank You- Interview There was no interview it was saying I wasn't the proper person for the job. But the title was VERY misleading. So don't get your hopes up right away. I did but I had broken glasses and it's very hard for me to see anything without them. My mom told me and I was confused. But the title will get your hopes up. The same thing happened to me. I received an email like that in January. It was not only misleading, it was very disappointing. I have been trying to get a job at Amtrak for over a year.
  2. Trainlady73

    Keystone Ridership

    I really enjoy riding on the Keystone Service Trains. The conductors are always so courteous and friendly. Whenever my mom goes to Philly with me, they are always so helpful to her. My mom is 63 years old. She sometimes has trouble with her legs and that affects her balance. This, in turn, makes it difficult for her to get up and down the steps on the train. The conductors are quick to assist her in making sure that she gets on and off safely. We usually ride #666, a.k.a. the "Triple Six". One of the gentlmen conductors on this train recently retired after 39 years of service.He was always courteous, friendly and helpful and always had a pleasant way of talking to the passengers. This is one of reasons ridership increases, every year.
  3. I live in Coatesville, Pennsylvania. Coatesville is a stop along the Harrisburg Line,a.k.a the Keystone Corridor. My house is approximately 100 feet from the railroad tracks. I can railfan from my backyard or my back porch. It's so cool being so close to the Keystone trains with their AEM-7's and the Pennsylvanians with their P42's. I ride the Keystone trains to Philadelphia every chance I get. I'm 39 years old and I am in the process of returning to school to pursue my Degree in Business Administration. It is mostly online so that I may also work full time. I am hoping to get a job at Amtrak as a ticket clerk or a train attendant. I would love to be an assistant conductor. On YouTube I'm known as Nethery73.