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  1. Swadian Hardcore

    Stolen and crashed Horizon airliner

    Solution from Gun nuts,the NRA and Right Wing Politicians bought and paid for by them: If everyone working around Airports is armed, they can prevent this from happening again, just like arming teachers will stop School Shootings. What could possibly go wrong? I am a gun enthusiast and this is a false accusation and grave misrepresentation. Even if everyone had guns, this guy could have stolen the plane anyway since he did it covertly. If he hadn't done it covertly, he wouldn't have been able to steal it anyway. No one in the gun community is advocating for "everyone working around Airports" to be armed. They brought back most of them into service. Now AA has 40 E140 and 121 E145 in service, but the CR2 is getting gutted. Perhaps a totally different situation at DL or UA, but the E-Jets are generally pretty nice rides. The Skywest CR7 is terrible in comparison.
  2. Swadian Hardcore

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    Well this has gotten off-topic as usual. But my point on the MSP-ORD market is that NK pulling out means the market is smaller than people think, not bigger, and does not need additional entrants. The current airlines have enough competition; it's far from a monopoly. I thought NK is hated by most AUers anyway.
  3. Swadian Hardcore

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    Exactly. People are jumping on this like it's a big deal but NK only had a fraction of the market and the Big Three were farming revenue from hub connections.
  4. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    That would depend on the rent for that large facility, and how well it would be utilized...I imagine some start up low cost carrier would try to follow the Megabus model, and try to eliminate all station expenses, by leaving from a nearby curbside, if they could get away with it...or some small agency type depot if not. According to a news report that I saw (I don't remember exactly where so I can't cite it), the Calgary building is owned by the City of Calgary, and would possibly be turned into a PABT-style terminal allowing any operator with the $$$ to enter.
  5. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    High ridership does not always equate to profitability. Indeed, you can sell every ticket for $0 and have high ridership and $0 revenue.
  6. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    Ridership on the routes wasn't all that bad. The Vancouver - Calgary has enough demand that Greyhound is running it 4x daily this summer. Last time I rode from Calgary to Moose Jaw on the TCH, it was packed to the last seat. The Calgary - Edmonton and Prince George - Kamloops are viable, too. Perhaps Greyhound will keep Vancouver - Calgary as they actually provided decent service on it. Not so much on the other routes.
  7. Swadian Hardcore

    Massive truck driver shortage?

    Surprised to hear this....If they ever advertised in my area, they'd have to screen thousand's of applicant's... Union Pacific is offering $25,000 sign-up bonuses for locomotive engineers. The airlines are also having difficulty finding pilots and the railcar manufacturers have extreme difficulty finding welders.
  8. Swadian Hardcore

    Denver to Glenwood Springs

    That's not an express bus, that's the New York City - Los Angeles Schedule 1683 (does not go via Chicago since Greyhound discontinued Omaha). I sort of knew the Denver - Green River driver on that one. If I were you, I'd just fly straight to ASE or EGE on AA via DFW.
  9. Swadian Hardcore

    Allegiant Air - CBS News "Tee Off"

    Well, you'd be better off on our Streamliner Lines motorcoach if you had to go between Reno, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Sorry, I just had to put that in here.
  10. Yes, there was another incident during a landing at MSY (New Orleans) which failed and was aborted. The aircraft diverted. Airliners is perhaps the foremost airline fan site characterized by usual significant bickering between Airbus and Boeing fans and bickering between fans of various airlines. However, some of the members are knowledgeable pilots and engineers. Hopefully NTSB figures it out soon. Too many CFM56 engines around to risk.
  11. Swadian Hardcore

    Delta Airlines - Are They REALLY Better?

    Southwest has been flying internationally for a few years now. I flew them nonstop to Mexico last year without incident. Shaved at least three hours off the next fastest airline. They're mainly focused on Caribbean travel but Europe may be in the cards at some point. Alternatively they may simply resume international connections and/or code sharing with another foreign carrier some day. What points chasers hate about Delta is part of what I enjoy about them. Namely, that they appreciate my cold hard cash a lot more than a bunch of silly monkey points. Good for revenue travelers but bad for bargain hunting loyalists. My bad, by international I mean Asia. But I'm notorious for evading 737s as well. I'm not necessarily a points chaser but there's geographic reasons I fly AA as well. However, I still prefer motorcoach travel over air.
  12. Swadian Hardcore

    Delta Airlines - Are They REALLY Better?

    I exclusively fly AA due to my location (RNO/PHX/ILM) and preference for the A321. Plus, they have Premium Economy on international flights and a good Business Class from what I've heard. WN is no use because they don't fly international (and have no international rewards). UA doesn't have Premium Economy and their international Polaris campaign has been a debacle; new 787-9s still have the old seats. They're also not useful geographically at all. DL not really useful geographically and their rewards program is probably even worse. Also, the planes that they'll have with Premium Economy won't have Economy+ (or whatever they call it) and wouldn't let mid-tier elites choose complimentary because Premium Economy is a separate class. So overall I'm going to stick with AA and their A321s.
  13. I've experienced mood lighting only once on a refurbished AA 777-200ER (and possibly on a AA A321T as well?). Because it was a daytime flight, all of the window shades were up and there was no noticeable effect. I must say that I did enjoy flying on the 10-abreat 777-200ER only because I had the last window seat at the back. Yes, Qatar's 777-200LR on Doha-Auckland is still the longest flight but it's quite impressive to see the 787-9 doing this. The aircraft has been on a roll with Hawaiian's order, a big order from Turkish, and possibly a big top-up order from AA. Now we're just waiting on IST-SYD though I guess TK may use the A350-900ULR on it.
  14. Swadian Hardcore

    Reno-Las Vegas-Phoenix

    Just sold our first ticket. If you guys want to come for a ride we have a lot of promotion running right now.
  15. Swadian Hardcore

    Review of Various Premium Economy Options in the US

    Yes, they use an A330-200 on the PHL-SFO. They also use a 787-8 on ORD-LAX and a lot of widebodies go on JFK-MIA, DFW-MIA, and DFW-LAX. Sometimes there's A330s on PHL/CLT-PHX as well and sometimes they use 767-300ER on ORD-MIA. That seems to be about it. All AA Domestic widebody schedules can be found here: https://www.aacargo.com/downloads/schedule/WB_Mar1-Apr30_2018_US_Domestic.pdf. All of the widebodies will soon have PE. They're working on finishing the 777s right now. I actually do prefer AA's strategy of price-dumping Basic Economy to compete with LCCs and offering both MCE and PE. All widebodies but the A330-300's. Those former US aircraft are to be removed from service over the next year or so and will not have PE installed. Yeah, I forgot about those as well as the 767-300ER which is also getting retired.