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  1. Thanks for keeping track. This is interesting.
  2. Swadian Hardcore

    Best route Minneapolis to Reno in winter

    Looks like the best option is for us to keep an eye on the weather, and determine the route as necessary. If the weather forecast is all-clear a few days before, I'm sure South Dakota will be fine. Otherwise, we can always do US 30 or I-80; however for operational reasons it would be much easier to go MN-60.
  3. Swadian Hardcore

    Best route Minneapolis to Reno in winter

    Yeah, since I'm well-known for hating new buses... Not sure. I'm going with a driver and he doesn't want to take too long. You're right, that's why we're trying to figure out our basic route right now, and keep track of the weather and make changes as necessary. Not interested in I-35, but maybe following the old CNW routing on MN 60 (it's a divided highway) to Sioux City, south to Omaha, and hitting I-80 or US 30 from there will be better. Another option would be US 14 to Pierre and Rapid City, then SD 79 / US 18 through Lusk to Douglas, I-25 to Casper, cut down to Rawlins, and I-80 from there. Google is recommending that route. Then of course there's the option of US 50, which has very little difference with I-80 in Nevada since both cut across flat desert, so it mostly comes down to I-80 vs I-70. Something to keep in mind is that the coach is geared for 60 mph. I can go 70 but any higher would be a waste of fuel anyway. I've heard that taking a more northerly route via Rapid City, Lusk, Casper, and Rawlins may be better. WY-220, which turns to US 287 at Muddy Gap, apparently has less gradient than I-80 over Sherman Hill. Thanks for the replies guys!
  4. Should be easier than self-driving cars. I say go for it.
  5. Me and a friend need to drive a bus from Minnesota and were wondering what might be a nice route to take home to Reno. Want a safe winter route, but wouldn't mind some scenery. Don't like staying on Interstate all the time. Got any ideas?
  6. Swadian Hardcore

    Stolen and crashed Horizon airliner

    Solution from Gun nuts,the NRA and Right Wing Politicians bought and paid for by them: If everyone working around Airports is armed, they can prevent this from happening again, just like arming teachers will stop School Shootings. What could possibly go wrong? I am a gun enthusiast and this is a false accusation and grave misrepresentation. Even if everyone had guns, this guy could have stolen the plane anyway since he did it covertly. If he hadn't done it covertly, he wouldn't have been able to steal it anyway. No one in the gun community is advocating for "everyone working around Airports" to be armed. They brought back most of them into service. Now AA has 40 E140 and 121 E145 in service, but the CR2 is getting gutted. Perhaps a totally different situation at DL or UA, but the E-Jets are generally pretty nice rides. The Skywest CR7 is terrible in comparison.
  7. Swadian Hardcore

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    Well this has gotten off-topic as usual. But my point on the MSP-ORD market is that NK pulling out means the market is smaller than people think, not bigger, and does not need additional entrants. The current airlines have enough competition; it's far from a monopoly. I thought NK is hated by most AUers anyway.
  8. Swadian Hardcore

    Another airline pulls out of MSP-ORD

    Exactly. People are jumping on this like it's a big deal but NK only had a fraction of the market and the Big Three were farming revenue from hub connections.
  9. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    That would depend on the rent for that large facility, and how well it would be utilized...I imagine some start up low cost carrier would try to follow the Megabus model, and try to eliminate all station expenses, by leaving from a nearby curbside, if they could get away with it...or some small agency type depot if not. According to a news report that I saw (I don't remember exactly where so I can't cite it), the Calgary building is owned by the City of Calgary, and would possibly be turned into a PABT-style terminal allowing any operator with the $$$ to enter.
  10. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    High ridership does not always equate to profitability. Indeed, you can sell every ticket for $0 and have high ridership and $0 revenue.
  11. Swadian Hardcore

    Greyhound Ending All Bus Routes in Western Canada

    Ridership on the routes wasn't all that bad. The Vancouver - Calgary has enough demand that Greyhound is running it 4x daily this summer. Last time I rode from Calgary to Moose Jaw on the TCH, it was packed to the last seat. The Calgary - Edmonton and Prince George - Kamloops are viable, too. Perhaps Greyhound will keep Vancouver - Calgary as they actually provided decent service on it. Not so much on the other routes.
  12. Swadian Hardcore

    Massive truck driver shortage?

    Surprised to hear this....If they ever advertised in my area, they'd have to screen thousand's of applicant's... Union Pacific is offering $25,000 sign-up bonuses for locomotive engineers. The airlines are also having difficulty finding pilots and the railcar manufacturers have extreme difficulty finding welders.
  13. Swadian Hardcore

    Denver to Glenwood Springs

    That's not an express bus, that's the New York City - Los Angeles Schedule 1683 (does not go via Chicago since Greyhound discontinued Omaha). I sort of knew the Denver - Green River driver on that one. If I were you, I'd just fly straight to ASE or EGE on AA via DFW.
  14. Swadian Hardcore

    Allegiant Air - CBS News "Tee Off"

    Well, you'd be better off on our Streamliner Lines motorcoach if you had to go between Reno, Las Vegas, and Phoenix. Sorry, I just had to put that in here.
  15. Yes, there was another incident during a landing at MSY (New Orleans) which failed and was aborted. The aircraft diverted. Airliners is perhaps the foremost airline fan site characterized by usual significant bickering between Airbus and Boeing fans and bickering between fans of various airlines. However, some of the members are knowledgeable pilots and engineers. Hopefully NTSB figures it out soon. Too many CFM56 engines around to risk.