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  1. I haven't been to that FB page until today. The link works both in Chrome and Edge and my Android phone. The newest post is dated December 5.
  2. FrensicPic

    Los Angeles

    How about "The Pantry" at 9th and Figueroa. A few blocks from the Metro Red/Purple Line 7th Street/Metro Center station. Owned by former LA mayor Richard Riordan. Depending on time of day, be prepared for a line out the door on the sidewalk. Bring a good appetite! https://www.yelp.com/biz/original-pantry-cafe-los-angeles
  3. Hmmm...that link takes me right to the Amtrak Crescent FB page! If you search for "Amtrak Crescent", the link is a bit down the list just before "Photos".
  4. Here is the URL for "Amtrak Crescent" on Facebook... https://www.facebook.com/groups/291263148362475/
  5. California Senators Feinstein and Harris have joined this cause with the 39 Congressional representatives.
  6. FrensicPic

    How early should I purchase an Amtrak Bedroom?

    Nearly 2 weeks ago I booked a bedroom on the Sunset Limited #1 NOL>LAX for a trip next October Wound up with Bedroom A !!!. Called right back to change it to something other than A and was told I got the last bedroom. Just checked AmSnag and indeed, that train shows sold out for bedrooms for that day in October 2019 - a little more than 10 months out! So, in answer to your question, "right now" may not be early enough depending on the train.
  7. I think "more reliable" would be a better pursuit!
  8. Just checked my wife's AGR account. A bunch of points posted today. The BofA Card points bonus definitely is in effect!
  9. FrensicPic

    Breakfast on SWC

    In October, returning to LA on the Chief, the "modified" breakfast consisted of a choice of one of the top three items on the breakfast menu: Scrambled Eggs, Continental Breakfast or Buttermilk Pancakes
  10. Good thing you caught it. Wonder how many more cards out there are not (mysteriously) registered!
  11. FrensicPic

    Pacific parlor car

    The two endpoints on the Coast Starlight are LAX and SEA and the only points for PV switching. SBA or SLO do not allow for this. To do LAX to SBA, the train would have to originate in LAX and the PV would have to remain in the consist until the train got to a station with a 30 minute or more stop. The way the train sets are set up, the return LA would be down to SAN and back to LAX (Pacific Surfliner). The dwell at LAX is only 20 minutes. A lot of extra (possibly non-revenue) movement for the PV. For LAX to SAN, there are only two (inconvenient times I believe) where PV switching is allowed and the train and PV would remain overnight in SAN. Remember, the station stop must now be at least 30 minutes. Perhaps someone will chime in with a better explanation but, that is how I understand it. Also, the state-supported Pacific Surfliners are governed by "LOSSAN" and I believe I heard that they are on the same page as Amtrak on this. I'll stand corrected if mistaken.
  12. It appears so. On November 24 I had 4 transactions posted to my AGR account where I normally have two transactions listed (base points plus the extra (second) points per dollar for my commuting expenses which are 2 points per dollar). When I have Amtrak charges, there is a third posting to my account (for the third point per dollar)
  13. My BofA statement from 23 Nov generated extra AGR points. Posted as usual to my AGR account (4 separate entries where I usually have two entries).
  14. FrensicPic

    CONO last night New Orleans-Chicago

    My wife and I rode #58 northbound in October. Nice trip with an on-time departure from NOL and arriving in CHI 24 minutes early. We traveled in a bedroom - our SCA did a good job. Overall, OK with the overnight journey. As for menu, we knew what we were getting into on the CONO and our thoughts echo those above. We, like a lot of you, are accomsted to the regular menu offerings on the long distance trains. Although not a vegetarian, I had the Vegetarian Rigatoni Pasta and was mildly surprised at the taste and was somewhat satisfied with my selection. I believe my wife had the Mediterranean Chicken and was OK with that. Breakfast...nothing to see here folks. The Marketplace Hot Breakfast Sandwich was pretty basic...right out of the microwave! It was an Egg McMuffin without the egg and on a biscuit. The "exciting" part was while traveling through Mississippi at 70+ MPH and having the air hose part. It came "uncoupled" between our sleeper and the transdorm immediately ahead of us. A "whoosh" of air and we rapidly came to a safe stop. The first words out of the engineer's mouth (over the scanner) was, "It wasn't me!". The crew walked the train, found the parted hose and reconnected it. After recovering air pressure and performing a standing air test we got underway, performed a running air test and continued to northbound without further incident. The CONO was simply a way to complete the middle section of a 5500 mile loop out of Los Angeles.
  15. FrensicPic

    Mattoon (IL) Amtrak Station (MAT)

    VERY interesting article...thanks for sharing.