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  1. New York City sells old subway equipment like tokens and signs. Here are some of the best vintage transit items you can buy https://www.businessinsider.com/nyc-vintage-subway-items-for-sale-tokens-seats-signs-and-more-2019-2
  2. FrensicPic

    Amtrak travel insurance

    You will find this discussion in cruise conversations as well. The general consensus is to not use the carrier's insurance offering (which is through a third party anyway) and seek out your own. There are online companies out here that, once you provide trip costs, etc., will provide a selection of several insurance companies with coverage and premiums. From that information you could make your own purchasing decision. Amtrak uses Allianz Global Assistance which you can go to them on your own and compare.
  3. FrensicPic

    Coast Starlight "hijacked" by Drunk Man

    According to the Siskiyou Sheriff press release, he was on the "back-up engine"...I take that to mean the second locomotive..
  4. FrensicPic

    EB 27/28 Meal Service

    On our #28 dinner experience the chicken and shrimp salads were pretty good and a serving size that was satisfying.
  5. FrensicPic

    Factor of Adhesion

    Related to this discussion... Getting a Grip on Friction Management https://www.rtands.com/track-maintenance/friction-management-railroad/
  6. FrensicPic

    Coast Starlight "hijacked" by Drunk Man

    Here is the news release from the Siskiyou County Sheriff's Department ... Sheriff’s Office Deputies Arrest Suspect for Obstructing Train Operation https://www.co.siskiyou.ca.us/sites/default/files/fileattachments/sheriff039s_office/page/14668/so-20190204_suspectarrestedforobstructingtrainoperation.pdf
  7. FrensicPic

    Coast Starlight "hijacked" by Drunk Man

    Looking at the times for 11(3) which arrived in LA 2:42 hours late last night, I'm guessing it was that train. It was 11 minutes late departing KFS and 1:41 late at DUN.
  8. Old Town just has open platforms for the trains (no shelter); the historic Santa Fe Depot you can get inside and coffee and other snacks should be available. I don't recall what (if any) food vendors are available at Old Town. Old Town does not have baggage storage, not sure about San Diego. At Los Angeles, since you are a sleeper passenger on the Chief, you will be able to make use of the Metropolitan Lounge. If you were to take an earlier Surfliner you would have more time to explore around LA Union Station if you'd like. You can leave you baggage in the Metropolitan Lounge. If you have not yet booked the trip, you could take the Surfliner to Fullerton and connect with the Chief there (that is the Chief's first stop out of LA). Doing that you would miss LA Union Station though.
  9. FrensicPic

    YouTube Channels

    Haven't kept up with the newer models since I got my Hero 3. Best to compare features of the different models and see what might be adequate for your needs. There are also now other similar offerings other than GoPro.
  10. Atlas Obscura and Chase Sapphire® took cardmembers on an exclusive trip aboard the MTA’s historic trains. https://www.atlasobscura.com/articles/new-york-through-time
  11. FrensicPic

    Crescent/CONO/Cardinal June Triangle Trip

    Last October, we were on the northbound CONO out of NOL. We were in bedroom E which was on the west side of the train. Lake P was on the east side. Nevertheless, I enjoyed the Louisiana and Mississippi scenery regardless of side of train. The following morning, I enjoyed the rural Illinois scenery...small towns separated by farmland.
  12. FrensicPic

    YouTube Channels

    Here's the camera set up...GoPro Hero 3+ Silver ...
  13. Its dated "0119" Capitol-Limited-Cafe-Menu-0119.pdf
  14. FrensicPic

    AGR Taxable Income Question

    This is all that I could find: F. Amtrak Guest Rewards Conditions 3. Earnings of points and redemption of Program Rewards may be subject to income or other taxes. Members are responsible for taxes, if any, due on points or Program Rewards. Pretty much puts it into your lap! https://www.amtrakguestrewards.com/info/terms
  15. The "0119" in the file name is the month and year, not the day 19. This follows Amtrak's convention for naming other menus. Capitol-Limited-Sleeping-Car-Menu-0119.pdf Where did the 19th of January come from? Just wondering...doesn't make a difference to me as my next trip on the LSL not until next fall.