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  1. The eastbound California Zephyr that's supposed to arrive in Chicago today is currently running over ten hours late in Nebraska. Amtrak says it's had mechanical issues, signal problems, and weather related delays. Mike Jensen 80701 filmed this Amtrak #6 this morning at the Fort Morgan, Colorado station with UP 8920 leading. AMTK 94 is stated to be "dead."
  2. Agent

    AEM7 Retirement

    What train would they take from Chicago (if that's definitive and publicly releasable information)?
  3. I caught the eastbound California Zephyr that's due into Chicago later today at Agency, Iowa with the Horizon dinette CDTX 53509 Pacific Horizon as the first car. This Horizon is usually on a single-level set of the San Joaquins.
  4. Thank you for that elaboration. Here's the video I filmed of your train as it went through Agency, Iowa seven hours and forty-nine minutes late.
  5. The eastbound California Zephyr that's supposed to arrive in Chicago later today was stopped near Holdrege, Nebraska for several hours for "mechanical issues." This #6 is now running with Dash 9 BNSF 5132 leading. Trains of Nebraska filmed this train in eastern Nebraska.
  6. The eastbound California Zephyr that is supposed to arrive in Chicago later today has a BNSF locomotive leading it. It's been reported that the train had mechanical issues after leaving Denver last night. Looks like that resulted in the lead unit, AMTK 136, getting replaced by the BNSF 6107. #6 was seven hours and fourteen minutes late when I caught it at Agency, Iowa. Earlier, the dispatcher warned that there was a train ahead that had suffered a broken knuckle coupler, and he didn't have a path for #6 by there yet.
  7. #6(26) ended up losing about eight hours across Nebraska. Here it is running thirteen hours and twenty-one minutes late out of Ottumwa, Iowa last night. It lost another hour at the station there. It sounded like that delay was a PTC issue.
  8. Agent

    Amtrak #5(23) Set Out an Engine

    The engine that was set out, AMTK 11, was picked up this morning at Albia, Iowa by Amtrak #6(25). I caught this eastbound Zephyr at Agency, Iowa with 11 riding on the end. I believe "dead-in-train" is the term for this.
  9. The westbound California Zephyr took a big delay in Iowa last night. The report is that an engine had to be set out at Albia, Iowa due to a snowplow issue. Because of this, Amtrak #6(22) left its lead unit, AMTK 160, in Denver so #5 could use it through the Rocky Mountains. Here's a video by Mike Jensen 80701 of #5 with just AMTK 97 leading arriving at the Fort Morgan, Colorado station over eight hours late. I caught the eastbound Zephyr with its one remaining locomotive at Agency, Iowa running just under three and a half hours late.
  10. A Union Pacific engine is leading the eastbound California Zephyr that will arrive in Chicago later today. I originally posted about this in this thread before I found out the actually reason is that #6(19) encountered a car on the tracks near Reno, and the original lead unit, AMTK 193, got flat spots on its wheels from the emergency stop. I caught this train running just under five and a half hours late at Agency, Iowa.
  11. I don't know if it's the result of the weather, but in case it is, I'll put this here. Amtrak #6(19) has a Union Pacific engine leading it. It was filmed this morning near Lincoln, Nebraska by Midwest Trains.
  12. Agent

    2019 Winter Park Ski Train

    Here's a couple more local news video reports on the return of the ski train.
  13. Agent

    2019 Winter Park Ski Train

    Video from yesterday by Michael DeMarco showing the first Winter Park Express of the year departing the resort on time and entering the Moffat Tunnel.
  14. Agent

    2019 Winter Park Ski Train

    Here's a video by Mike Jensen 80701 of the train at the Fort Morgan, Colorado station this morning. At the end, there's radio chatter from the crew discussing what they'll do the the ski train at Denver. Apparently there was a derailment at Denver, but the report is that it would be clear by the time #5 got there.